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Othello Day 3 English 12. Welcome Grab a card as you come in. A’s and 2’s are the groups of three desks in the middle.

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1 Othello Day 3 English 12

2 Welcome Grab a card as you come in. A’s and 2’s are the groups of three desks in the middle.

3 Quiz!  Describe Michael Cassio. How many times is the word “Moor” used in act 1 scene 1

4 Activites Activities  Some stuff you wanted to know  Why I love it  Recap: Discuss act 1 scene 1  Character Hats  Act 2 Scenes assigned Goals  Get to clearer picture of the characters Iago, Roderigo and Brabantio

5 Some stuff you wanted to know:  Sources/inspiration for his plays mostly stories or histories that would be familiar to his time  Shakespeare used the as inspiration, but did not care about historical accuracy  Othello is from an Italian book of stories called Hecatommithi by Giovanni Battista Giraldi.  SP makes sex more prominent  More emphasis on race  Spicier in emotion  He cared about making it interesting, adding psychology of characters

6 Why it is important to me…  The language  Poetry  Puns  The drama  The Characters  Wonderfully flawed  Interesting psychology  Study ‘the classics’ to develop better writing skills

7 Why should it be important to you?  If you can read or understand Shakespeare…you can read or understand anything!  Think about college next year or any difficult/complex text!  Do you aspire to be a writer, an actor, a director, anyone is the entertainment or film industry?  You have to know and understand Shakespeare.  Think of all the plays and films that are adaptations  10 Things I Hate About You…The Taming of the Shrew  Kiss Me, Kate…The Taming of the Shrew  Romeo Must Die…Romeo and Juliet  West Side Story…Romeo and Juliet  O…Othello  Lion King…Hamlet  Shakespeare in Love…Romeo and Juliet and Twelfth Night or What You Will

8 Why should it be important to you?  Do you want to sound smart when you are out of high school?  Character recognition  You will have a much greater understanding of human nature.  Anything else?

9 I’m asking you to:  Open your mind  Try your best  Have fun

10 Discussion Act 1 scene 1  Why do Iago, Roderigo, and Brabantio hate the man they are discussing?  What reasons does Iago give for continuing to follow his master?  What kind of person do you expect the man they discuss to be? How do you imagine him?

11 Summarize   In your groups, summarize these lines. 2. Consider:  What happens in these lines: Who is Cassio? Why does Iago dislike him?  How has Brabantio’s attitude toward Roderigo changed by the end of the scene. Consider the line “o, would you had had her!”

12 The Hat Trick In your groups: For each character pick a hat or other prop from the front of the room for Roderigo, Iago and Brabantio. Be sure to have a reason for the choice Individually: In your journals, describe the hat you chose and explain how it reflects aspects of that character.

13 Four short scenes  A, 2:  3,4:  5,6:  7,8:

14 In your groups 1. Read round robin to hear the words, stopping at periods, question marks, semicolons, colons or exclamation marks 2. Paraphrase in your journals and look up any words you don’t know. Determine what is happening 3. Cast parts and read the scene again, this time in parts 4. If needed, cut some lines, but only to make the scene clearer. Double up parts if you’d like or split the character in two if needed 5. Get on your feet and add movement 6. Rehearse until you can communicate the scene to an audience

15 Homework  Bring Othello to class tomorrow

16 Works cited Jamieson, Lee. "Common Phrases Invented by Shakespeare." - Shakespeare 24 Feb Kemmer, Suzanne. "Shakespeare's Legacy." Shakespeare's Legacy Rice University. 24 Feb Mabillard, Amanda. Othello Sources Shakespeare Online. 20 Aug February 8,

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