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The Whole Farm Review Scheme 2015 21 January 2015.

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1 The Whole Farm Review Scheme 2015 21 January 2015

2 1. WFR Business; 2. The Present Picture; 3. The Year Ahead & Beyond. (2)Today I would like to touch on the following issues:

3 (3) The Good News: The Cabinet Secretary has agreed to continue funding LANTRA This will be a two year arrangement covering 2015-16 & 2016-17 ; The WFRS has secured funding for 2015 with a change of grant rates ; Plus, I'll touch on the future of the Scheme a little later on...

4 In total 3,579 applications have received approval; 283 farm businesses took part in the pilot scheme (2003); 1,215 farm businesses approved into the main scheme (2004-08); and the 2008-2014 scheme attracted 2,071 approvals (end Dec 2014). (4)The Present Picture:




8 Don’t miss this opportunity! The Scottish Government is offering grant support for a 3-stage review of your business with new grant rates from 1 January 2015. Additional specialist advice is also available, e.g. on environmental and climate change issues. Stage 1 - Whole Farm Review - 80% up to £1,200 Stage 2 - Action Plan Review - 100% up to £300 Stage 3 - Additional Specialist Advice - 80% to £1,000 Due to EU Regulation – 1500 Euros per advice max. SG had to reduce 1 st Stage & to compensate increased Stage 3 Good News is Scheme open to everyone (2 nd time rule does not apply) (8) Whole Farm Review Scheme 2015

9 SG - INDEPENDENT EVALUATION in May 2014 Farmers feedback on reviews: 1.How would you rate the advisors working practices? Excellent (55%) Good (43%) 2.How would you rate the quality of the final report? Excellent (50%) Good (48%) 3.How helpful was it to have the action plan reviewed with the advisor? Very helpful (58%) helpful (42%) not helpful (0%) (9) IN LIGHT OF THE NEW SRDP (2014-2020)



12 (12) Administration So – evaluation confirms Quality of WFR reports are getting better (spot checking by Lantra & SG); Feedback on Advisors from farm businesses highly satisfactory; This is Testament to advisors skills and Lantra’s running of FBAASS. however…

13 (13)The Year Ahead & Beyond: Statistics are all good & well but… Nothing finalised at this stage, yet 2015/16 remains likely to be final year of WFRS – at least in its current guise From 2016 the WFRS looks likely to form part of a wider procured Advisory Services under SRDP.

14 (14)The Future Proposals Main discussions re Integrated Land Management Plans; Delivering WFR’s through a Rural Advisory Service Hub; and Proposals for transition with FBAASS; Whatever guise WFRS takes – it will hopefully be here for a long time to come!

15 (15) And Finally… Thank you & Good luck for the future – challenging times ahead ● I can be contacted by emailing: or ● All up to date information & statistics can be found on the scheme website.

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