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Poem: Fairer than thee English, 9th Grade.

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1 Poem: Fairer than thee English, 9th Grade

2 About the Poem In this poem a comparison is drawn between the material beauty and spiritual or sublime beauty. Every object we see around us, looks beautiful. It allures us, but it has a physical appeal. Truth and purity of heart are invisible beauties. They have a spiritual appeal. They are such virtues that add grace to one’s being and make one more acceptable and lovable. Author: Unknown

3 The Poem Fairer than thee, beloved. Fairer than thee, There is one thing, beloved, Fairer than thee. Not the glad sun, beloved, Bright though it beams; Not the green Earth, beloved, Silver with streams;

4 The Poem Continued… Not the gay birds, beloved, Happy and free; Yet there’s one thing, beloved Fairer than thee. Not the clear day, beloved, Glowing with light; Not (fairer still, beloved) Star-crowned night.

5 The Poem Continued… Truth in her might, beloved, Grand in her sway; Truth with her eyes, beloved, Clearer than day. Holy and pure, beloved, Spotless and free; Is the one thing, beloved, Fairer than thee.

6 The Poem Continued… Guard well thy soul, beloved; Truth, dwelling there, Shall shadow forth, beloved, Her image rare. Then shall I deem, beloved, That thou art she; And there’ll be naught, beloved, Fairer than thee.

7 Glossary Beloved : dearly loved Dwelling : place used for living
Naught : nothing Sway : movement, swing Thee (poetic) : you Thou art (poetic) : you are

8 Exercise How does the sun appear to the poet?
The sun appears bright and it beams. How do the birds appear? Birds appear happy and free. What is clearer than day? Truth in poet’s beloved eyes. What is fairer than the poet’s beloved? The truth and purity of heart is fairer than the poet’s beloved. What advice does the poet give to his beloved? He advices to protect the truth and purity of her heart. When would the poet’s beloved be fairer? Truth in the beloved’s heart is fairer than her physical beauty

9 Appreciation Make a list of rhyming words in the poem
beams, streams free , thee light , night sway , day there , rare she , thee What qualities make one fairer and why? Being truthful and honest makes one fairer. It is the true beauty of a person.

10 Appreciation The poet describes ‘Sun’ as ‘Glad sun’. Why?
The sun is very bright and beautiful . It shines with its golden beams . The sun is called glad sun , because it brings out the happiness in everyone when the weather is warm.

11 Further Activity Make a list of other such objects of nature and say how they are described by the poet.

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