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Preliminary examination process infomation for all doctoral candidates Aalto CHEM Monday 5 th March 2012 Sirje Liukko.

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1 Preliminary examination process infomation for all doctoral candidates Aalto CHEM Monday 5 th March 2012 Sirje Liukko

2 Programme Opening words by chairman of Doctoral Programme Committee – prof. Kari Laasonen Aalto University’s requirements for doctoral dissertations Aalto CHEM’s instructions for the dissertation Preliminary examination process Defence of doctoral dissertation Graduation General information of student services for doctoral students

3 Aalto University A total of 6 schools – of which 5 can grant D.Sc. (Tech.) degrees -> Aalto University’s general requirements for doctoral dissertations Strategy Aalto University: academic research ethics and handling of violations Aalto CHEM’s strategy and targets

4 Aalto University’s quality requirements for doctoral dissertations Väitöskirjan tulee sisältää edustamaltaan alalta uutta tieteellistä tietoa. Taideteollisella alalla väitöskirja voi myös sisältää uusia taiteellisen toteuttamisen menetelmiä tai korkeat taiteelliset vaatimukset täyttäviä tuotteita tai suoritteita. Väitöskirjassa uudet tulokset on esitettävä selkeästi ja tieteelliset vaatimukset täyttävästi. Oman työn osuus tutkimuksessa tai taiteellisessa produktiossa on riittävä ja selvästi osoitettavissa. Tutkimusmenetelmien tulee olla sellaisia, että ne täyttävät tieteelliselle tai taidelähtöiselle tutkimukselle asetettavat vaatimukset. Väitöskirjan tulee noudattaa hyvää tieteellistä käytäntöä ja eettisesti kestäviä periaatteita.

5 Instructions for the article-based and monograph dissertation at School of Chemical Technology (Aalto CHEM) dissertations See link emo+Instructions_dissertation+final_2011.pdf?version=1 &modificationDate=1310134841000 emo+Instructions_dissertation+final_2011.pdf?version=1 &modificationDate=1310134841000

6 GET TOGETHER Prof. Kari Laasonen (KE) - chairman Prof. Sami Franssila (MT) – deputy chairman Prof. Liisa Halonen (Aalto ELEC) Prof. Simo Laakso (BK) Prof. Janne Laine (P) Prof. Herbert Sixta (P) Prof. Pekka Taskinen (MT) – deputy member Secretary Sirje Liukko Members of Doctoral Programme Committee at Aalto CHEM

7 Instructions for the pre-examination See link r+pre_examination_CHEM_AALTO_version_2012.doc?version= 1&modificationDate=1327336019000 r+pre_examination_CHEM_AALTO_version_2012.doc?version= 1&modificationDate=1327336019000 1. A dissertation must contain new scientific findings in its area of research. 2. Methods, experimental setups, measurements, and the data presented in a dissertation should withstand the scrutiny appropriate for scientific research. 3. The author is to present his/her achievements and assertions clearly and scientifically.

8 Open this flowchart d/attachments/3218379/V %C3%A4it%C3%B6skirjat y%C3%B6n+esitarkastus %28ver2%29.pdf?version= 1&modificationDate=13313 09016032 d/attachments/3218379/V %C3%A4it%C3%B6skirjat y%C3%B6n+esitarkastus %28ver2%29.pdf?version= 1&modificationDate=13313 09016032 Doctoral Programme Committee’s meetings See schedule ctoralchem/Doctoral+Programm e+in+Chemical+Technology ctoralchem/Doctoral+Programm e+in+Chemical+Technology For more information play/endoctoralchem/ Pre- examination+process +for+doctoral+thesis

9 Evaluation of the pre-examination statements at DPC Levels from 5 to 1 Level 5: not even minor corrections needed Level 4: only very minor/technical comments and corrections - > response report (short) Level 3: minor comments -> reponse report (detailed) Level 2: major comments -> rewriting needed -> report of corrections and new manuscript + other steps Level 1: not acceptable in the present form

10 An example of the average pre- examination process For an average case (i.e. only minor corrections) a total of 3 Doctoral Progr. Committee meetings and 1 decision by Committee’s chairman are needed before the defence 1st meeting for the acceptance of the two pre-examiners (this starts the pre-examination process) The next 7-8 weeks are reserved for the pre-examination 2nd meeting for evaluation of the pre-examination statements. Decision: how much revision of manuscript is needed. 3rd meeting for the evaluation of the response report (corrections and comments). Decision: permission to publish the dissertation (the end of the pre-examination process). Chairman’s decision of defence (date, opponent(s), custos and language) - –No fixed schedule for this decision –At latest 5-6 weeks before the defence day Schedule for the Committee’s meetings Chemical+Technology

11 Open this flowchart ments/3218777/defence+_doc_deg ree_CHEM.pdf?version=1&modific ationDate=1331310105472 ments/3218777/defence+_doc_deg ree_CHEM.pdf?version=1&modific ationDate=1331310105472 nd+diploma For more information Doctoral Programme Committee’s meetings See schedule display/endoctoral chem/Doctoral+Pr ogramme+in+Che mical+Technology display/endoctoral chem/Doctoral+Pr ogramme+in+Che mical+Technology

12 Preparations for the defence Printing of the dissertation Electronic dissertation Place and audience Defence release, other material for the media use Lectio Praecursoria Instructions for the defence nt nt Meeting with the opponent(s) Post-doctoral party

13 Steps for the graduation After the defence, 1 Doctoral Progr. Committee meeting and 1 Dean’s decision are needed before the graduation 1 Doctoral Progr. Committee meeting for the acceptance of the doctoral dissertation and grade (pass or pass with distinction). Dean’s decision for graduation. Graduation day appr. once per month Total time needed for graduation after defence is typically 4-8 weeks The Dean of the School of Science presents the diploma (degree certificate) at a ceremonious graduation ceremony. Schedule for the Committee’s meetings and graduation Chemical+Technology

14 Aalto University’s incentive scholarships One of the scholarships: 1,000 euro scholarship for an approved doctoral dissertation, or 2,000 euro scholarship for completing the doctoral degree, provided the degree was earned within nine full semesters after completing the Master’s degree, or 3,000 euro scholarship for completing the doctoral degree, provided the degree was earned by the end of the calendar year the doctoral candidate turns 30. The time spent on maternity and parental leave as well as national military or non-military service completed (documents required) may be excluded from the calculated duration of study. However, if the scholarship is age related no deduction is granted.ccc

15 Other scholarships and grants Some Finnish foundations have incentive scholarships for new doctors Post-doc funding, such as the Foundations' Post Doc Pool Best dissertation of the year xxxx

16 Student Services for Doctoral Students Kati Sumu (Study Secretary) tel.+358 9 470 22513 Sirje Liukko (Planning Officer) tel.+358 50 577 3736 Tekniikantie 3, 3rd floor, rooms 318-319 Opening hours: Mon, Wed., Thu, Fri. 9-11 am and 12-15 pm E-mail Heli Järvelä (Grad. School Coordinator; Papsat,CHEMSEM and Advanced Materials) Vuorimiehentie 1, Puu1 E-mail

17 Academic appeals Section 35 Grade appeals Students dissatisfied with the grade of their doctoral dissertation, licentiate thesis or master’s thesis may appeal against the grade to the Degree Committee within 14 days of receiving notification of the decision. Students dissatisfied with the grading of a study attainment other than those mentioned in subsection 1, may appeal against it either orally or in writing to the teacher in charge of the evaluation. The appeal against a grade of a study attainment shall be filed within 14 days of the date on which the student has been offered the opportunity to see the results and the evaluation criteria applied to their study attainment. The teacher in charge of the evaluation must give the decision regarding the appeal in writing. Students who are dissatisfied with the decision of the teacher regarding the appeal may appeal the matter to the Degree Committee within 14 days of receiving notification of the decision. The Aalto University Academic Affairs Committee will issue orders the regarding the procedures followed by the Degree Committee. MASTER’S THESIS, LICENTIATE THESIS, DOCTORAL THESIS A student dissatisfied with the grading of a thesis may apply for a rectification of the decision in written from Aalto University Degree Committee (Aalto-yliopiston tutkintolautakunta) within 14 days of receiving the notification of the decision. The appeal letter must be received by the Aalto University Registry.

18 Ceremonial Conferment (fin: Promootio) This event is for doctors graduated between 1st July 2010 – 30th June 2012 The next conferment will be on 2014.

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