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Chapter 20 Enterprise and industrial policy Creative Industries.

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1 Chapter 20 Enterprise and industrial policy Creative Industries

2 Value of the Iceland’s creative economy 20% of the just over 7,000 companies and self-employed individuals in creative industries accounted for more than 95% of the sector’s total turnover. The creative industries’ export revenues amounted to approximately ISK 24 billion, or about 3% of Iceland’s total export earnings. The sector’s fastest-growing segment has been video game sales, a trend also seen overseas. The state and municipal share in creative industries’ total turnover is about 12.5%.

3 Value of the Iceland’s creative economy The creative industries’ turnover has remained fairly constant despite the general economic downturn. Government turnover in cultural and media activities has remained virtually flat, while government revenue from such activities has risen in relative terms. Figures reflect Iceland’s economic collapse in 2008 Reports from other Nordic countries and Europe have pointed out that the creative industries are the fastest growing sector.

4 Mapping of the economic impact of Creative industries in 2010 Section I – Definition and value of Creative Industries – Divisionin of cultural domains/sexcors – Export values – International comparison Section II – Data for each cultural domain/sexctor is analysed plus other user- friendly data.

5 International comparison Export of Creative industries as a percentage of total export. – 4,1% of Total exports in United Kingdom 2008. – 3.34% of Total exports in Iceland 2008 Workforce in Creative Industries as a percentage of total workforce. – Iceland 5,2% (2009) – United Kingdom 7% – New Zealand 5,7% – Australia 5,2%

6 UNESCO framework for cultural statistic domains 285 m.ISK. 1,7 m. EUR 8.349 m.ISK. 51 m. EUR 4.440 m.ISK. 27 m. EUR 69.658 m.ISK. 425 m. EUR 42.693 m.ISK. 260 m. EUR 14.178 m.ISK 86,5 m. EUR. 17.869 m.ISK. 109 m. EUR 921 m.ISK. 5,6 m. EUR 73 m.ISK. 445 thousand EUR 838 m.ISK. 5 m. EUR 6.125 m.ISK. 37 m. EUR

7 Total value of Creative Industries VAT taxable CI sectors State turnover in Cultural matters Turnover Regional turnover in Cultural matters 1 billion EUR 1,2 billion EUR

8 Export revenues 2010 price levels Price levels by year

9 Export revenues comapirson Marine products Steel and related products Creative Industries Agricultural products

10 Specialised design Film and video production Retail of clothing in small stores Other printed matter Music recording and production Book publishing Movie theaters Computer games Advertising agencies Other software production Turnover by cultural domains

11 Next steps in research in the field of Creative Industries An assessment of the creative industries’ support system will be carried out in the next few months The assessment will give a clearer picture of the operating conditions of companies and self-employed individuals in the sector. The value added of the creative industries needs to be studied because value added figures provide a far clearer picture than turnover of the creative industries’ contribution to society. Report is due in the end of October 2011

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