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1 Slide title :40-47pt Slide subtitle :26-30pt Color::white Corporate Font : FrutigerNext LT Medium Font to be used by customers and partners : Arial

2 Huawei EnterprisePage 2 The Data Center is Where Information Lives Servers Storage Network Management

3 Huawei EnterprisePage 3 Changes are Driving Evolution in the Data Center Advanced Analytics & BI Big Data Analysis Server Virtualization Hybrid Cloud ComputingBYOD Multi-Tiered Applications Desktop Virtualization Private Cloud Computing Video Flexibility Agility Reliability Lifecycle Scalability

4 Huawei EnterprisePage 4 Evolution has Stalled for the last 4-5 years 3 Main Contributors 1. Economic Climate -> Global Recession 2. Maturity of next generation Data Center Technologies 3. Lack of Clarity & Understanding in Evolutionary Benefits

5 Huawei EnterprisePage 5 We are at a Point of Inflection The Economy has stabilized and is recovering Technologies have matured, new technologies are emerging Messaging around evolutionary benefits are becoming clearer End users are beginning to feel some pain points

6 Huawei EnterprisePage 6 The Data Center Vendor Landscape (According to Gartner) Only a handful of vendors are capable of providing comprehensive data center solutions: Cisco HP IBM Huawei Dell

7 Huawei EnterprisePage 7 The Data Center Offers a Number of Opportunites Network Fabrics Encapsulated Virtualization Software Defined Networks 10GE/40GE/100GE Servers High-Density Blades More Sockets, More Cores Converged Systems HyperScale Systems ARM 10GE LOM Storage Ultra-High Performance SAN iSCSI NAS Tiered Storage Object & Distributed Storage Management Orchestration Resource Abstraction SDN Controllers Advanced Open Interfaces

8 Huawei EnterprisePage 8 Success In the Data Center With Our Partners Huawei offers a comprehensive product portfolio & wide ranging open technology choices. We need partners to be:  the trusted advisor for the end-user to help them navigate the options. TRILL? VXLAN? NVGRE? CSS? VS? 40GE? 100GE?  The ICT partner that understands their environment to help them make the right DC design choices. MLAG? ECMP? 2 Spine/4 Spine? Multicast? IPv6?  the first line of support and value to answer their questions

9 Huawei EnterprisePage 9 Cloud Apps CE12800 vFabric SDN Controller Cloud Fabric, builds a cloud-oriented data center network. Efficient and agile adapting to a long-term cloud-service development. Elastic FabricVirtualized FabricOpen Fabric Cloud Fabric FusionSphere vCenter Huawei Cloud Fabric Architecture

10 Huawei EnterprisePage 10 Huawei’s Data Center Switching Portfolio Scalable Fabric  High speed line cards: 48x10GE; 12x100GE; 24x40GE/96x10GE – 64Tbps system capacity, 2T/4Tbps slot bandwidth – Up to 360 Tbps non-blocking – Support four generations of servers for a 10 year lifecycle Virtualized Fabric  Network virtualization: 1:8 VS and 4:1 CSS reduce investment  TRILL: Large L2 network for VMs migration  nCenter for rapid batch VMs migration High-quality Fabric  All system components hot backup  Five non-blocking architecture features  Data Center Bridging (DCB)  3us low latency Core Switches CE12812 CE12808CE12804 TOR Switches CE6850-48T4Q-EICE5850-48T4S2Q-EI CE6850-48S4Q-EI CE12816

11 Huawei EnterprisePage 11 Huawei’s CloudEngine Is Playing a Key Role In the Data Center Since launched @ Interop in May 2012, the CE12800 has shipped more than 250+ units Not including NA. GA oderability in NA market was April 2013. 33% of shipments outside of China The State Administration Of Radio, Film And Television CE12800 switches British Birmingham Specialist Computer Center CE12812, CE6800, CE5800, S5700 Agricultural Bank of China, Data Center CE12800 switches Industry CE Series Customer list Government Heilongjiang Social Security Bureau, Guiyang Labor and Social Security Bureau, Shandong Seismological Bureau, Shanghai Institutes for Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Xi’an Microelectronic Technology Institute, Bangladesh Info-saker, Ghana e-health, Nigeria National Monitoring, Laos NDC Finance Agricultural Bank of China, Ancheng Insurance, Philippines EWB Bank ISPAlibaba,Baidu, Yandex Education Xi’an Jiaotong University, Southeast University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Beijing Business Management School, Guizhou University of Finance and Economics Enterprise Pacific Textiles Holdings Limited,SCC Birmingham (UK), NxtGen (India), Nestor (India) Power Tanzania Mining Industry Data Center,Guangdong Yedean Group Broadcast & TV Wuxi Broadcast and TV Group, The State Administration Of Radio Firm And Television Carrier China Mobile Liaoning Branch, China Mobile Shanxi Branch, China United Network Communication Group Jiangxi Branch, China Telecom Hunan Branch Data Center Switching Market Introduction

12 Huawei EnterprisePage 12 Customer-oriented R&D Customer driven requirements “Customer input” development models Massive Global R&D Investments 10% of income invested in R&D annually 8,000+ R&D Staff; over 80,000 engineers Globally Distributed R&D Facilities: U.S., Canada, China, India, Europe, New Zealand Standards & Patents 35,773 patent applications Active contributor in 91 international standards organizations A Focus on Customers, Industry Contribution, and R&D

13 Copyright © Huawei Enterprise USA, Inc. 2013. All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written consent of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Thank You

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