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Welcome Back To School Palmyra Elementary School.

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1 Welcome Back To School Palmyra Elementary School

2 TONIGHT’S PURPOSE Introductions Education is Changing Encourage Continued Parent Involvement


4 MISSOURI LEARNING STANDARDS Missouri Learning Standards ◦Also known as the Common Core ◦A transition from state-created Standards to most of the U.S. using the same Standards ◦Pockets of groups with concerns regarding these Standards ◦See handout

5 I CAN STATEMENTS I CAN Read and Understand Fiction I CAN Read Fluently, Accurately and With Expression. I CAN Make My Writing Better I CAN Use Research to Help My Writing I CAN Use Multiplication and Division to Help Me Understand Math

6 GRADING POLICY Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade are and will continue to use STANDARDS-BASED GRADING. Third and Fourth Grade will look to move to Standards-Based Grading STANDARDS-BASED GRADING is an agreed upon standard (Missouri Learning Standard) that a student should know and be able to do.

7 EXAMPLES OF STANDARDS I can count to 100 by ones and tens. (Kdg) I can use strategies to solve addition word problems. I can multiply a fraction by a whole number.

8 MARKING SYSTEM (M) Mastery—made adequate progress toward independently demonstrating mastery of standard. (P) Progressing Toward Mastery—This is an area of concern. **--Introduced But Not Assessed X—Indicates Modified Curriculum Not Marked—Standard was neither taught or assessed

9 STANDARDS-BASED GRADING A focus on mastering content STANDARDS instead of a grade. The grade card will focus on what students will be and are able to do. Evidence is not based on just one sample of student work. However teachers will use mounting evidence to determine if the child understands that skill. Teacher use record keeping that informs instruction

10 STANDARDS-BASED GRADING This system encourages student reflection and responsibility for learning. The greatest advantage is that the focus is on student achievement Averages and percentage scores can be misleading The feedback for SBG is clearer than if you use letters, percentages, or numbers.

11 THIRD AND FOURTH GRADE CHALLENGES One of the challenges with this is the amount of content expected to be covered with these grade levels. As the student becomes more independent, the expectation grows.

12 MASTERY FOR ALL STUDENTS? Palmyra Elementary believes that all students can learn. Our system of instruction has changed to provide support for all students to learn at high levels. THIS IS A TEAM EFFORT. No longer do teachers teach in one room school houses.




16 OUR WORK IS A TEAM APPROACH General Education teacher In addition a Title teacher or a Special Education teacher will be the classroom for the day or will come in for a portion of the day. All teachers work with all students.

17 OUR WORK IS A TEAM APPROACH Students will not change classes for reading. However, if students need additional support, all teachers work together to work with students in small group. This intervention will be based on students and their mastering of the Standards.




21 REMEMBER WE MENTIONED STANDARDS-BASED GRADING? So how do teachers determine who they work with when? ◦Keeping STANDARDS in mind, they work with students based on that child’s progress in learning those STANDARDS. ◦One or two STANDARDS AT A TIME.

22 PES IS A TITLE I BUILDING Title schools are those that have a high percentage of students living in poverty, PES has 42% of their students participate in the free or reduced meal program. This percentage then allows us to serve all students in the building who need academic support.


24 PAWS IS AN ACRONYM FOR OUR CORE VALUES Practice Safety Accept Responsibility Welcome Kindness Show Respect

25 WE BELIEVE Students today may not have had the opportunity to learn acceptable behavior. We must not assume students know the behaviors and social skills that lead to success at school and in life. Behavior is learned, therefore, responsible behavior can be taught

26 WE BELIEVE Before behavior change can occur, we must use positive approaches that strengthen teacher-student relationships. Student discipline is a sharing responsibility and requires a combined effort by all staff.

27 WE SUPPORT OUR PAWS BY... Using PAWS in our language with students. Teaching lessons to students in all settings of the building. Reinforce positive behavior through rewards and incentives.

28 WE SUPPORT OUR PAWS BY.. Discouraging Undesired Behavior through reteaching, redirecting, providing choices, conferencing, proximity, nonverbal cues, and ignoring/attending/praising. Using Consistency Not using threats and sarcasm

29 WHAT IS MY ROLE AS A PARENT? School-Parent Compact Parent Involvement Policy Sight Words Use our PBS Language Understand our need for teacher collaboration time. Teach appropriate behavior. Don’t assume they know.

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