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Advanced Placement Program

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1 Advanced Placement Program

2 What is advanced placement?
Enhanced/Enriched high school curricula Post-Secondary level courses taught in high schools by high school teachers. AP Course Descriptions reflect courses taught in colleges and universities throughout the country. The development of good academic habits: analytical reasoning skills disciplined study. Possible exemption from introductory courses in college and university.

3 Sample Advanced Accreditation Policies
UBC AP IB UofA AP IB University of Western Ontario AP IB McGill university AP IB Dalhousie AP and IB

4 Benefits of taking AP You’ll study a subject in greater depth
An A.P. course will provide an additional challenge. You may get a clearer idea of what you want to do next. A.P. prepares you for university-level work Taking A.P. classes can open doors for you (Ivy League, specialty programs).

5 Benefits of taking AP By taking an A.P. exam you will be investing in yourself and your future. $92/exam fee vs. $700+/university course Gaining credit in university can give you time for other interests. Earning credit in A.P. classes may lead to your having the time to take a double major in university or complete your undergraduate degree in less time.

6 Is AP right for me? Additional Challenges Have like minded peers
Benefits of taking Advanced Placement Possible issues of taking Advanced Placement Additional Challenges Have like minded peers Discover and pursue passions Better prepared for university May find the challenge too hard May fall behind due to the acceleration of course work. Excessive stress Missing out in other opportunities

7 AP and IB similarities Both provide excellent enrichment opportunities
Both are accepted by most major universities and colleges throughout the world

8 AP vs. IB AP IB every course taught may lead to university credit
only courses taught at the “higher level” designation are university credit courses

9 AP vs. IB AP IB very flexible as students may take one course or more
no additional requirements other than the completion of course work I.B. students take a minimum of two courses. Some I.B. students may choose to complete a full I.B. Program; however, there are many additional requirements to this program

10 What about a student’s school mark?
AP students’ work is benchmarked to the Alberta Education Programs of Studies Common Final Exams written by all students, regardless of program

11 How did our students do?

12 Enriched and AP program at CHHS
10 Level enriched Min. 80% 20 Level enriched Min. 80% 30/35 Level AP course 10 Level Enriched course – one semester 20 Level Enriched course – one semester 30/35 Level Advanced Placement course - full year 8 credits AP exam in May Diploma in June

13 AP® at Crescent Heights
English Literature European History Calculus (AB) Biology Chemistry Physics Art Chinese (Mandarin) French Spanish German

14 Questions, Queries, and Quandaries

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