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BIOMOD 2015 Febuary 3 rd, 2015 – Competition Overview and Tips.

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1 BIOMOD 2015 Febuary 3 rd, 2015 – Competition Overview and Tips

2 Review of what is BIOMOD BIOMOD – Biomolecular Design Competition hosted by Wyss Institute at Harvard University and organized by Shawn Douglas Competitors typically make us of DNA/RNA structures to create novel technologies, i.e. DNA nanotechnology and DNA origami

3 2014 Winners 1 st – Team EchiDNA 2 nd – Dresden DNAmic

4 2013 Winners 1 st – Team LMU 2 nd – Team Dresden

5 Judging Criteria Relevance: Has the team made a strong case that their project idea is scientifically and/or technologically interesting? (5 points) Specification: Are the project goals well-defined? (i.e. Does the team explicitly state what criteria need to be met in order to consider the project a success?) (5 points) Feasibility: Was the proposed solution feasible? (i.e. Was it reasonable to expect that the solution could be implemented by a BIOMOD team in one summer?) (5 points) Merit: Is the proposed solution a good one? Is it particularly elegant or innovative? (5 points)

6 Rough-Timeline January–March: Team organizers should recruit team members: post flyers and email announcements, interview interested students, and send notifications early while everyone is still finalizing their summer plans. April–May: Register your team. Students should begin independent background reading to start learning about topics that may interest them. Organize brainstorming meetings to determine project topic. June–August: Do the project! Also, start planning the YouTube video as early as possible. Book travel arrangements and apply for Visas if necessary September–October: Complete project wiki, video, and presentation. Register for Jamboree.

7 Good Project!! What?? How??

8 Project Deliverables Wiki Video Presentation

9 Wiki

10 Video! Clear idea Comic Software RENDERING!!

11 Presentation Should not follow the IDEAL pattern

12 How to finance your project? Materials vs. Money: Contact companies by phone. Most companies give specific materials for free/discount. Ask your supervisor/group leader if they have contacts. Most institutes let you use their instruments for free. Cash money is more difficult but possible. Institutional sponsors in Dresden: Biotec, Cfaed, DIGS-BB, CRTD, GFF, (Stura), ((Forschungspool)) -> present in group leader meeting (start of every month), be prepared..

13 TU Dresden Accounts You need a PSP-Element account for donations! Contact Biotec Administration early! (Experience, PSP account available). Ask for donations not for sponsoring (includes taxation, contracts). You need to fill out TU Dresden forms in German. Make sure you use the money in agreement with TU Dresden rules. Keep all receits (eg. Boarding passes) + Bank transfer statements. Reimbursement is slow! The clearer your documents, the faster!

14 People who know about Biomod accounts Biotec: Juliane Hoth and Andrea Dünnebier Cfaed: Susann Gierth and Tatjana Sereda TU Dresden: Kati Almai

15 How to choose your team? Unfortunately this year restriction to 8 students. Less students -> better coordination -> less travel costs Suggestion: Define positions and find the most motivated people for it. (Eg. 3 Experimentals, 1 Modeller, 1 Designer, 1 Organisator Exclusion criterion: Available in summer holidays.., responsibility.., time..

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