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 Holy Family Commission Survey Results June 2013 1.

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1  Holy Family Commission Survey Results June 2013 1

2 Purpose of Survey  Take the pulse of the lay leadership: volunteer and professionals in regards to current Commission leadership model  Identify strengths and opportunities of the current Commission structure  Use this input as the basis for constructive discussions on moving forward with a vision for lay leadership 2

3 Survey Participants 28 respondents Almost 65% of respondents are Commission chairs/members 3

4 Why do parishoners serve? Almost 90% accept because there is a desire to serve Keep the Parish alive and active 4

5 How satisfied with the current experience? No one is highly satisfied Equal % of respondents are somewhat satisfied to neutral/somewhat unsatisfied 5

6 Comments on Satisfaction  Comments frequently relate to the untapped potential of the Commissions  “Envisioned we would accomplish more”  “Better, but effectiveness still seems marginal”  “We have a sense we can do more”  “Missing a great opportunity to develop lay leadership; Commissions could be so much more” 6

7 Satisfaction Aspects  Results are comparable with general ratings of satisfaction  Consensus /cluster around somewhat satisfied to neutral  Highest levels of satisfaction with:  Meeting with the Commission members  Staff/Commission members planning and coordination  Coordination with ministry leaders  Least satisfaction with other Parish leadership 7

8 Comments  Lack of interaction with other Commissions  Improving coordination with ministry leaders  Variability across Commissions about attendance and planning and coordination with staff  Opportunity for better communication and interaction with other Parish leadership  Mixed reviews about Pastoral Plan and engagement around it 8

9 Value of the Commissions 9 Rankings of value somewhat higher than satisfaction Over 60% rate the Commissions as somewhat valuable

10 Value of the Commissions  Great potential  Clearer roles, functions  Mixed results across Commissions  “Potential is great for the individual volunteers to contribute is great……….but I’m not sure the road to success is clear or even identified”  Suggestion - “Unified body of consultants or advisers working together” 10

11 Successful Experiences  Interaction/connection with ministry leaders  Specific tasks, e.g. Roman Missal, setting up CPR training, blood drive, helping with Confirmation  “Visioning process in contributing to the Holy Family Pastoral Plan” 11

12 Preparation for Role on Commissions 12 32% reported – somewhat prepared Approximately 20% well or very well prepared Range of responses from “no idea” to “good understanding”

13 What Works Best?  “Task-driven meetings”  “Focus on one major area of parish life”  “Community building and sharing of information”  “Helping the staff in areas of expertise”; “Advisory role”  “Visioning – evaluation – recommendation process” 13

14 What should change?  “Interact with the ministries in a more direct fashion….being resource and liaison to Pastoral Council and/or staff members”  “Clearer on-going relationship to the Pastoral Council and Parish Life Director”  Commission co-chairs to support transition  Better communication with Pastoral Council, across Commissions, within Commissions  Better planning 14

15 What do you hope to get resolved today?  Clearly defined roles  “Better understanding of the direction of the Commission and how they fit the overall leadership structure at HFS”  “Energy”  “Unified focus for all the Commissions”  “Best way to achieve accountability within the present or modified or eliminated Commission structure” 15

16 Final Comments  “Get more of our goals accomplished”  “I’m afraid we’ll spend a lot of time on this and essentially everything will stay the same”  Balance the membership of visioning with the implementation  “Participating in the visioning creates a sense of commitment to what is visioned” 16

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