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E-government mapping in Brazil Brazilian Court of Audit Cláudia Dias - August 2004.

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1 E-government mapping in Brazil Brazilian Court of Audit Cláudia Dias - August 2004

2 2 Contents n E-gov definition n Information society status n Public policies n E-gov mapping n Data analysis n Conclusions n Future audit tasks Brazilian Court of Audit

3 3 E-government definition u Transformation of internal and external public-sector relationships through Internet- enabled operations, information and communication technology to optimize government service delivery, constituency participation, and internal government processes. Gartner Group, 2002. Brazilian Court of Audit

4 4 Information society status n 8.547.403,5 Km2 n 178 million inhabitants Brazilian Court of Audit

5 5 Information society status u 20.5 million internet users - high socioeconomic classes (pop. 178 million inhabitants). u barriers - illiteracy, high prices, insecurity. u enterprises - e-mail, videoconference, on-line banking, telework, e-commerce. u E-gov examples - receitanet, comprasnet, elections. u infrastructure - PCs, TVs, telephone lines (39.2 million - fix phone lines/ 46.4 million - cell phones). u low percentage of sites in Portuguese. Brazilian Court of Audit

6 6 Public policies n Information society (2000-2007) F Scientific and technological information dissemination F E-learning F Digital libraries F Telemedicine F E-commerce F E-government F E-citizenship F E-education Brazilian Court of Audit

7 7 Public policies n Digital inclusion (2004-2007) F software exportation (from US$ 100 million to US$ 1 billion) F 6.000 community telecenters F number of Internet users (from 22,4 to 37 million users) Brazilian Court of Audit

8 8 Public policies n E-gov proposal (since 2000) F Free software F Digital inclusion F Systems integration F Legacy systems and software licensing F Web services management F Network infrastructure F G2G (Government to Government) F Knowledge management and strategic information Brazilian Court of Audit

9 9 E-gov mapping n First phase - e-gov diagnosis n Collect data about e-gov information services n Support future audit tasks n No intention of judging visual presentation, content or quality of the information services - efficiency, effectiveness, efficacy. Brazilian Court of Audit

10 10 Method and materials n Approach: web visits. n Universe: more than a thousand sites. n Sample: 45 homepages of the highest ranking agencies of the Judiciary, Executive, and Legislative Branches. n Tools: Internet explorer, accessibility evaluator, Lynx viewer (text browser). Brazilian Court of Audit

11 11 Method and materials n Parameters: u communication - institutional information, "contact us", and privacy and security policy; u information access - search tool, site map, accessibility; u news, diversity of services and information, highlighted areas. Brazilian Court of Audit

12 12 Data analysis Brazilian Court of Audit

13 13 Data analysis u Most homepages (95%) - e-gov communication - institutional information, "contact us", and news; u 70% - information access - search tool, site map; u 2.583 links to information services; Brazilian Court of Audit

14 14 Data analysis u 4% are concerned about web accessibility; u 4% inform their privacy and security policies; u 62% - highlights - News. Brazilian Court of Audit

15 15 Conclusions n The Brazilian citizens can use the Internet to register in Social Security, file income tax returns, monitor Court cases in which they are involved, access government news, report violations against public properties, send letters and telegrams, search lists of generic medicines, phone fees, fares, fuel prices, and other services and information. Brazilian Court of Audit

16 16 Conclusions n Brazilian e-gov main challenges: n to gain populations trust in electronic services by publicizing its privacy and security policy; n to entirely understand web accessibility, implementing as many accessible elements as possible; and n to point out, more precisely, what kind of services and information are considered priorities by Brazilian citizens. Brazilian Court of Audit

17 17 Future audit tasks n Develop a method to audit e-gov programs - program evaluation, information security, information access and social control (2004); n Select a sample of e-gov programs to be audited, based on predefined criteria (2004); n Apply the audit method in this sample (2005); n Validate this audit method (2005); n Train other auditors to apply this method in other e-gov programs (2006). Brazilian Court of Audit

18 18 Contact information n E-mail: n Telephone: (55 61) 316-5253 Brazilian Court of Audit

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