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Testing Anti-fog Solutions What is the most effective anti-fog solution? Silas Whitlock.

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1 Testing Anti-fog Solutions What is the most effective anti-fog solution? Silas Whitlock

2 Background-I wear sports glasses but they fog up and I can’t see enough to play in them. I am going to test different anti-fog solutions from household items and store-bought solutions for swim googles, ski googles, or diving masks to see which one works best. Predictions: I predict the store bought solutions will work better than home-made type of solutions Once I find the best solution I’m going to see if I put those on my sports glasses and go play basketball, Ultimate and Futsal if they keep my glasses from fogging up.

3 Solutions I tested- I tested both store bought and non-store bought solutions that I researched online. Pictured from left to right- Quick Spit Sea Gold Anti-fog gel Foggle-anti-fog wipes Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipe Bio-True Contact lens solution Real spit from me (not pictured) Distilled white vinegar Canola oil

4 procedures First test: Finding out which anti-fog solutions work best? I placed different anti-fog solutions on different parts of a bathroom mirror separated by blue tape. I labeled the blue tape so I could remember where I put each solution. The changed variables were the different solutions. The controlled variable was the shower time, same mirror, same environment. I then turned the shower on which created fog. I tested for different time periods. I observed which parts of the mirror stayed the clearest longest. I turned the shower off. I then turned the vent on and observed which one was the fastest at de- fogging. Brand/solution 1 minut e 2 minut es 4 minut es 5 minut es* 10 minute s 12 minut es 15 minutes vinegarfoggyFoggyfoggy FoggyfoggyUnfogged wet Canola oilfoggy Unfogged wet Contact lens cleaner (Bio-true) Not foggy Part- foggy foggy Unfogg ed-wet Unfogged wet Real spitfoggy Unfog ged- wet Sea Gold Not foggy foggy Unfogg ed-wet Unfogged-dry Quick Spit Not foggy foggy Unfogg ed-wet Foggle (wipes) Not foggy not- foggy Part- foggy Unfogg ed-wet Untreated mirrorfogg y Unfog ged- wet Unfo gged- dry

5 Results: The Foggle Wipe and the Sea Gold Gel worked the best -highlighted in yellow on graph- at keeping the mirror from fogging up. The next best was the BioTrue but it did not work as long and it left the mirror wet for longer.

6 Further testing of the best two solutions-real sports play I put Sea Gold on my left sports glasses lens and Foggle wipe on my right sports glasses lens and played several sports. I played over a two week period. Basketball and Futsal indoor. I played Ultimate outdoor. I predict the Sea Gold will work the best as I can get more of the stuff on the lenses and because the mirror seems a little clearer. RESULTS: Both worked equally well. I could not tell any difference. My glasses did not fog up.

7 Does Sea Gold or Foggle work better? I tested both products in real sports action and they both worked. I can’t see a difference. Can I come up with another test to see if one works better ? Procedure:. I cleaned the bathroom mirror and put Sea Gold on the whole left side and Foggle on the whole right side I had my brother take a long hot shower. Results: The Sea Gold kept the mirror from fogging up longer than Foggle. And the mirror was clearer.

8 Last Test-wearing sports glasses in a steamy bathroom. I predict the Sea Gold will work the best from the results of my last mirror/shower test. Procedure: I sat in the bathroom wearing my sports glasses and turn the hot shower on for 15 minutes. Results: The Sea Gold kept the left lens clearer longer.

9 Conclusion For my science experiment I tested several store bought anti fog solutions and home remedies for how well they kept a bathroom mirror from fogging up. I then tested the two best solutions for how well they keep my sports glasses from fogging up. The best results were from Foggle wipes and Sea Gold. On my glasses both Foggle and Sea Gold worked the same. I tested the two solutions one more time on the bathroom mirror during a 15 minute shower. I found that the Foggle side was blurry but not foggy unlike the Sea Gold side of the mirror which was perfectly clear and not wet. In conclusion, Sea Gold is the best at keeping a mirror from fogging up. Foggle and Sea Gold both work the same on my sports glasses during sports activities.

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