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Jaringan Komputer Lanjut Ethernet dan IEEE 802.3 LAN Standard -Aurelio Rahmadian-

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1 Jaringan Komputer Lanjut Ethernet dan IEEE 802.3 LAN Standard -Aurelio Rahmadian-

2 Pemodelan Lapisan Jaringan

3 Physical Layer

4 Media is the actual physical environment through which data travels as it moves from one component to another, and it connects network devices. The most common types of net-work media are twisted-pair cable, coaxial cable, fiber- optic cable, and wireless. Each media type has specific capabilities and serves specific purposes. Understanding the types of connections that can be used within a network provides a better understanding of how networks function in transmitting data from one point to another.

5 Physical Layer

6 Jenis-jenis Media




10 TypeMax Segment Length SpeedCostAdvantagesDisadvantages UTP100 m10 Mbps 100 Mbps Least expensive Easy to install, widely available, widely used Susceptible to interference; can cover only a limited distance STP100 m10-100 Mbps More expensive than UTP Reduced crosstalk, less susceptible to EMI than UTP or Thinnet Difficult to work with; can cover only a limited distance Coaxial500 meters (Thicknet) 185 meters (Thinnet) 10-100 Mbps Relatively inexpensive but more costly than UTP Less susceptible to EMI than other types of copper media Difficult to work with (Thicknet); limited bandwidth; limited application (Thinnet); damage to cable can bring down entire network

11 TypeMax Segment Length SpeedCostAdvantagesDisadvantages FO3 km and further (singlemode) 2 km and further (multimode) 10-1000 Mbps (singlemode) 100 Mbps-9.92 Gbps (multimode) ExpensiveCannot be tapped easily; great distances; not susceptible to EMI; higher data rate Difficult to terminate Wireless 50 km - global 1-54 MbpsExpensiveDoes not require installation of media Susceptible to atmospheric conditions


13 Ethernet

14 Logical Link Control (LLC) Makes the connection with the upper layers. Frames the Network layer packet. Identifies the Network layer protocol. Remains relatively independent of the physical equipment. Uses IEEE 802.2 standard.

15 Media Access Control (MAC) Data Encapsulation: Includes frame assembly before transmission, frame parsing upon reception of a frame, data link layer MAC addressing, and error detection. Media Access Control: Because Ethernet is a shared media and all devices can transmit at any time, media access is controlled by a method called Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD).

16 Alasan Penggunaan Ethernet Simplicity and ease of maintenance Ability to incorporate new technologies Reliability Low cost of installation and upgrade

17 Sejarah Ethernet Coaxial -10BASE5 (Thicknet) -10BASE2 (Thinnet)

18 Sejarah Ethernet UTP -10BASE-T -Half-duplex communication

19 Sejarah Ethernet UTP -100BASE-TX -Full-duplex communication

20 Struktur Frame Ethernet

21 Header ◦ Preamble ◦ Start of Frame Delimiter ◦ Address ◦ Length Data (Packet) Trailer

22 Struktur Frame Ethernet Preamble ◦ 7 octet of 10101010 Start of Frame Delimiter ◦ 1 octet of 10101011 Address ◦ Source MAC Address ◦ Destination MAC Address Length/Ethertype Data (Packet-Segment-Data) Frame Check Sequence ◦ Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) Interframe Gap ◦ 12 octet of idle-line state

23 MAC Address


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