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A New Organization for Democrats in Exile Proposal for Formation K. Haas September 18, 2008.

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1 A New Organization for Democrats in Exile Proposal for Formation K. Haas September 18, 2008

2 Why do we need a new organization? Since the debacle in Denver, many Democrats feel alienated from their party There is a prevailing sense of dread and powerlessness Several stop gap solutions have been initiated but the current trend is towards degeneracy To be an effective force, we need to reduce chaos and disorganization We need to define our goals to make sure we know what we stand for and don’t duplicate effort. Hillary told us to “keep going”.

3 What went wrong with JustSayNoDeal? JSND was created as stop-gap coalition to promote Hillary Clinton’s legitimacy at the convention It was virtual in nature and not all groups had the same goals It had no infrastructure other than a series of web pages and PACs Self-appointed media spokespersons prevented other members from presenting a stronger or clearer message Infiltration by racist and anti-semitic groups gave PUMAs a bad reputation by extension JSND has strongly allied itself with the McCain campaign and have decided to not assist downticket Democrats. Some coalition members have focused too strongly on retaliation and other negativity, like questionable opposition research. We need to think about getting even intelligently, not simply by lashing out.

4 We need to organize a new group This group should have a common set of goals This group should have a robust infrastructure Our goals keep us together, our structure keeps us efficient Both are needed to make us a working mechanism

5 Goals- What is our political nature? We need to define our political philosophy We are Democrats We are progressives My definition: Liberal with moderating tendencies We are long term thinkers, rational We develop our policies based on our core values We are inclusive

6 Goals: Long term- broadly We need to reform the party We need to eliminate corruption We need to prevent election fraud Work towards a 30% Solution- 30% females in political office We need to strengthen the social safety net in a global economy

7 Goals- Short term We need to protect the Democratic majority in Congress in 2008 Add more progressives Add more women Get rid of Howard Dean, Donna Brazile, Chicago operation Support challengers to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid Promote Hillary Clinton as Senate Majority Leader We need to maintain a visible and growing presence Advertisements Media Community service Campaign activities Lobbying

8 Infrastructure First question: What kind of group are we? Advocacy group Watchdog group Political action committee Think tank All of the above? What is the legal identity under which we operate?

9 Infrastructure continued How are we structured? School board style (Hey, it’s what I know) Executive Chairman Chief operating officer Expertise supervisors Accountant (may be included with COO) Secretary/Archivist Committee memberships

10 Infrastructure continued Committees Finance Policy Think tank Operating policies Election reform Community outreach Media Technology Legal Lobbying Candidates Vetting Endorsing Running

11 Infrastructure continued Some of this will cost money Proposed funding mechanisms Big money donors? Subscriptions have some advantages Long term commitments More stable source of funding Advertising Do we need paid positions to handle everyday work? Bill in Portland Maine model

12 Infrastructure: More money Finance committee should be set up in early stages to keep track of funds To keep it legal To pay taxes if necessary To audit for public inspection To analyze where money is most productive To plan for expansion

13 Rules of operation How are executive, administrative and committee positions determined? Election Appointment What is the term of service? Term limits Disciplinary actions Checks and balances

14 Rules of operation Meeting schedule Whole body Committee Robert’s rules for formal meetings? (blech!) Documentation Recording of meetings Position papers Archiving Structure of archive Accessibility and security Public communications

15 Rules of operation Interaction with the public Taking public input Liaison with various groups, ie PUMAs Soliciting participation and ideas through ad-hoc committees

16 First Steps Creation of google site Allows for collaboration Writing the charter Position papers Policy on infrastructure, rules of order, etc Committee formation and collaboration Accessible to new members by invitation Repository for documents Calendar

17 First steps continued Online conference Skype, WebEx or Second Life Project planning Mind mapping GANT charts Appointment/election of officers and committees Commissioning the committees Selection of organization name Building web presence/acquiring domain names Preparation of press releases

18 Shoot me now! It’s a lot of work but we will be able to work more productively once we have laid the groundwork This is just a proposal. Do not shoot the messenger. The floor is open.



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