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2 Autumn 2002 project start (plan and strategy) Spring 2003 lessons start: first group of students September 2003 lessons start: second group of students Summer 2004 end of the project DATES

3 The project involved 2 different groups of students in different periods, totally 45 pupils. Two teachers worked together and with the same groups of students. ICT experts had been involved too PEOPLE

4 Internet connection Theory and lessons plan from Eudoxos web site Kefallonia telescopes Computers (one for each student) and software Internet videoconference Meetings and suggestions with partner schools Questionnaire of the students RESOURCES

5 Explanation of theory by traditional lesson in the classroom. Design of the experiment (e.g. focus on the parameters to be set for the photographs) Use of PC and internet to submit and to receive the request of the pictures from Eudoxos web page Work with different software to develop the data and make calculus Data analysis from students (workgroup) Prepare a report about the subject of the experiment Structure of the lessons

6 Give students theoretical details they need to manage their experiment Let students elaborate and deepen the theory Help them to use the software programs that they need Help and give advices about the experiment design and the use of application program to carry out the data analysis. Collect and evaluate the reports of the students HOW TEACHERS WORKED

7 Comparison between prior students knowledge Quality of answer provided by students on the reports Students participation: attention and direct involvement in each phase of activity Number and quality of students’ questions, students feeling Quality of reports provided by students Evaluation keys

8 Each student was asked to provide the worksheet used for the data analysis and the report. Some students had difficulties in using software application programs and often in mathematics: their report was poor (around 20%) Around 10% of worksheets and reports were excellent WORKSHEET

9 Almost all students could follow the teacher’s explanations and a majority of them was able use the software that they need. Workgroups have been well accepted from the students A good part of the class have been punctual to present the reports. Some student put good questions related to the experience. PARTECIPATION

10 25% failed (no interest, difficulties in mathematics and in PC use, poor report) 65% almost all achieved minimum results 10% more than expected (report in English, deep research at home on the web and/or on books...) Evaluation Results

11 From Athens meeting we have guidelines suggestions and lesson planes very well designed. To work on a real research telescope and to do a research activity gave us a special opportunity Science can provide interesting examples of mathematical application To combine a lot of different disciplines can be more interesting for students attention and let them to understand how to work in group WHAT TEACHERS LEARNED

12 Positive reaction: they usually don’t use them at school very much. Interest in how an IT network works and in remote control of the telescope. Students could made a clearer idea of the great opportunities offered by the web and by a PC network world: web can be used for scientifically proposes (not only for amusing with music games or films downloads) REACTION TO E-TOOLS (STUDENTS)

13 Mostly satisfied: we enjoyed the lessons, the possibility to make new experiences and renew students curricula. It is positive for a teacher to find new ways in teaching science (and physics in particular). REACTION TO E-TOOLS (THEACHERS)

14 Improve their use of general purpose application programs They understand that working together is useful in a research activity: often teamwork given better results (and the job market asks for it) CONCLUSION Finally we can say that the students:

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