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Topic 1 What’s the strongest animal on the farm? 莆田第三中学 林美琼.

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2 Topic 1 What’s the strongest animal on the farm? 莆田第三中学 林美琼

3 Studying aims (学习目标) 1.To learn some new words and useful sentences.( 学习新单词和句型) 2.To learn the adjective comparative and superlative change rules and usage.( 学 习形容词比较级和最高级变化规则及用法 )

4 自学(一) Read by yourselves loudly.( 大声自己读 ) 单词 音标 汉语 /skai/ n. 天,天空 2.river /'r ɪ vәr / n. 河,江 3.clear /kliә/ adj. 清澈的,晴朗的 v. 移走,清除 4. beauty /'bju:ti/ n. 美丽,美人 5.nature /neit ʃ ә/ n. 自然,性质

5 单词 音标 汉语 /h ɔ :s/ n. 马 7.sheep / ʃ i ː p/ n. 绵羊 8.hen /hen/ n. 母鸡 9..cow /kau/ n. 母牛,奶牛 10.thin / θ ɪ n/ adj. 薄的,瘦的, 稀的

6 Having a competition Recite the new words correctly. (正确背诵新单词 ) 比一比, 看谁对?

7 《麦当劳大叔有个农场》

8 Presentation countryside

9 nature


11 countryside The air is fresh. The sky is blue. The trees are green. The river is clear. It’s quiet in the countryside.



14 The air is dirty. The river is dirty. city The buildings are tall. The roads are wide. The traffic is busy. It’s noisy in the city.

15 Watch the picture of 1a, and guess the main idea.

16 Task1 Listen to 1a 1.check the words you hear. _____ fresher _____ busier _____ bluer _____ taller _____ bigger _____ clearer _____ nicer _____ quieter _____ noisier Does Wang Wei like the life in the countryside? 2.Answer the question: Yes,he does. 录音 1a-P81

17 Wang Wei likes the countryside very much because he thinks the air is _________, the sky is _______ and the rivers are ________ there. What about Michael? Michael thinks the countryside is much ________ than the city, too, so people can enjoy the beauties of nature. Wang Wei goes to the countryside every year for his summer holiday. fresher bluer clearer quieter Task2 ( 1 ).Listen again and fill in the blanks. ( 2 ). listen and repeat.( 听,跟读) How does Wang Wei think of the countryside? 录音 1a-P81

18 Task 3 Try to fill in the blanks Michael: Hey, Wang Wei, what are you___ ___? Wang Wei: Oh, I'm thinking about life in the. Michael: Do you like the countryside? Wang Wei: Yes, I like it very much___the air is fresher,the sky is and the rivers are clearer there. Michael: I think the countryside is quieter the city too.People can enjoy the beauty of there. Wang Wei:My grandma in the countryside and I go there for my summer holidays every year. Michael: That must be fun! 看谁背的快!

19 The air in the countryside is ______ The sky in the countryside is ______ The river in the countryside is ______ The trees in the countryside are _______ than those in the city. in the city. It’s ________ in the countryside than in the city. than that in the city. greener quieter fresher bluer clearer Task4 Look at the pictures and say something about the countryside and the city. 看看这些单词有什么特点?



22 small big The mice are smaller than the hens. The hens are smaller than the geese. The mice are the smallest of all. <<

23 > > The hens are bigger than the mice. The geese are bigger than the hens. The geese are the biggest of all. small big

24 Adjectivestrongtallnicebrave Comparativestrongernicer Superlativestrongestnicest Adjectivebigfatthinlazyugly Comparativebiggerlazier Superlativebiggestlaziest taller tallest braver bravest fatter fattest thinner thinnest uglier ugliest Task5 Study the rules carefully and complete the table.

25 自学(二) 讨论并归纳形容词比较级( - er )和最高级( - est )的规则变化。 1. 一般在词尾直接加 : tall—taller—tallest 2. 以字母 e 结尾的单词在词尾直接加 或 : wide—wider—widest 3. 以辅音字母 +y 结尾的单词,把 y 改成, 再加 er/est : busy—busier—busiest 4. 重读闭音节,末尾只有一个辅音字母, 这个辅音 字母,再加 er/est : big—bigger—biggest, (fat, thin, red, hot) er/e st i 双写 str 你一定行的!

26 用所给词的适当形式填空。 1.The horse is (heavy) than the dog. 2.Judy runs much (fast ) than the others. 3.He is (fat)than his brother. 4.Han Mei is than Li Ying, she is girl in our class.(tall) 5.The pen is (long)of the three. heavier faster fatter taller the longest the tallest Task 6

27 1. The comparative and superlative degrees of adjective. 形容词比较级、最高级的规则变化 及用法。( -er/est ) 2. Talking about animals and describing nature.

28 Homework 1.Review the adjective comparative and superlative change rules and usage. ( 复习形容词比较级和最高级变化规则 及用法) 2.Recite 1a. (背诵 1a ) 3.Preview 2a and 3. (预习 2a )

29 Thank you !

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