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Dana Dukic KJS Library.

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1 Dana Dukic KJS Library

2 nonfiction books Text Pictures Contents Glossary Index Types of print
Photographs Maps Paragraphs Close-Ups Diagrams Cutaways Comparisons

3 Types of print Paragraphs Help the reader by signaling,
“Look at me! I’m important!” A part of printed text dealing with a particular idea

4 3 types of print

5 4 types of print

6 Labels Help the reader identify a picture or photograph and/or its parts. Captions Help the reader better understand a picture or photograph.

7 Photographs Help the reader understand exactly what something looks like.

8 Maps Help the reader understand where things are in the world.

9 Cutaways Help the reader understand something by looking at it from the inside.

10 Close-Ups Help the reader see details in something small.

11 Diagrams Diagrams are drawings, sketches, plans, or charts that make something clearer or easier to understand.

12 Diagrams on this book page help us to learn about waves.

13 A food web diagram shows who eats who.

14 Graphs Show us relationships between quantities.

15 Comparisons Help the reader understand the size of one thing by comparing it to the size of something familiar.

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