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Director of Marketing & Communications

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1 Director of Marketing & Communications
WestJet Richard Bartrem Director of Marketing & Communications

2 WestJet Outdoor Advertising – An Evolution
OMAC Canada October 18, 2006

3 Fun Facts About WestJet
Total # of Employees: 5,000+ Front-line Employees: 4,300 Total Resumes received per week: 1,000 ESP Participation: 87% 2005 average salary contribution: 12% Primary reason WestJetters join WestJet: People & the Culture Guest Feedback is primarily about: Our people & the experience vs. functional attributes Source: 2006 WestJet Internal figures

4 Fun Facts About WestJet
Total Sponsorship Requests: 100 / week Total Donations Requests: 60 / week Coldest day for TAC agents: degrees Fastest aircraft turn time (112 guests) 6 minutes Average weight of bags carried / day 434,800 lbs Number of marriage proposals on-board: 432 Source: 2006 WestJet Internal figures

5 WestJet Snapshot 10th year anniversary February 2006
Over 300 flights departing everyday Almost ¼ million passengers every week 1996 revenues of $37 million 2005 revenues of $1.395 billion 62 aircraft flying to 32 destinations not including charters North America’s newest fleet of aircraft Average age 2.3 years





10 The Challenge in Advertising WestJet
A careful blend of brand and retail advertising is required in the airline industry WestJet needs increased awareness in the East but needs to sell seats at the same time Every time the aircraft door closes inventory expires and can not be resold This happens 300 times a day Revenue, load factor and yield to budget is tracked every 8 minutes The pricing changes several times a day, seven days a week All within the context of an industry with a 97% failure rate The only airline in Canada not to have been in receivership or bankrupt Target is 25-54 Over 65% of bookings – business and leisure – are made by women

11 Advertising WestJet WestJet is consistent with low-cost carriers around the world Marketing spend ~2% of revenue Mix of brand and retail messaging Retail messaging is the bread and butter that puts “bums in seats” Always looking to determine how traditional brand media can be made more “retail” Internet TV Radio Outdoor Can these mediums that are typically brand or longer lead be adapted to our short-term retail needs?

12 Owners Brand Campaign

13 Objective Fall Brand Campaign: Overview
Owners Campaign launched September 2005 One of 2 creative directions that were available as a brand Second wave ran in Spring 2006 Fall 2006 campaign started September 12 for 8 weeks Key objective was greater integration of messages across media Clearer connection of Owners messaging to all aspects of the campaign Stronger retail integration to Owners TV, radio, outdoor, ENN, cinema Introduction of “Because Owners Care” as campaign tagline Currently over 470 OOH boards up across the country

14 Outdoor Works for WestJet
On a per dollar basis there is no better media for looking big Helps give campaigns a “bigger feel” through increased reach With outdoor, the consumer perception of the size of campaign is greater than the spend Works particularly well in the East where our awareness is lower Legitimacy to the airline In smaller towns, outdoor helps us feel connected at the local level

15 Outdoor Works for WestJet
Outdoor has been an important component of the Owners campaign since launch Message integration has been the key deliverable for this fall Market Specific Outdoor Increase in production costs Are there new cost saving measures available to continue doing this? On the hunt for variable or flexible messaging opportunities Digital video boards, ENN Outdoor has been more tightly integrated with retail message in other media

16 Fall Campaign Examples
WestJet Outdoor Fall Campaign Examples















31 Future of Outdoor for WestJet

32 Future of Outdoor for WestJet
Our media strategy is working Load factors are increasing as we increase capacity Outdoor advertising has helped contribute against our stated campaign objectives Delivers the required reach and frequency Key for WestJet is integration of retail messaging Pricing can change hourly Any opportunity that allows us to combine the reach and frequency in outdoor together with a retail call to action will help us win the day

33 Our Outdoor Wish List Even better integration opportunities
Mix of brand and retail works well for our industry As a low cost operator, any opportunity to save on production costs as we customize messages is beneficial

34 Book Now! 1-888-WestJet


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