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Transforming the Instructional Landscape Scott Delinger.

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1 Transforming the Instructional Landscape Scott Delinger

2 IT Strategic Initiatives Officer Office of the AVP and Vice-Provost (Information Technology) Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) BLUF: moving to Moodle Transition from Blackboard Vista to Moodle 2.0

3 LMS use at UAlberta Process & Reasons for Choosing Moodle Results of Our Moodle 2.0 Pilot (Winter Term 2011) Migration Process from Vista to Moodle 2.0 Migration Process from ‘mini-Moodles’ to Moodle 2.0 Outcomes (Needs Arising, Next Steps) Transition from Blackboard Vista to Moodle 2.0

4 WebCT centrally supported since 1998 15,000 course sections in Vista since 2007 AB School of Business: Blackboard since 2004 Moodles since 2005 Moodles: Campus St Jean, CS, English, History, Augustana, Humanities Computing, Physics, Philosophy, Psychology, Engineering, Education Static Websites Publishers’ Websites LMS at UAlberta

5 LMS Review in 2009 Support for Bb Vista to end in January 2013 VPIT: arm's-length research, report Research: LMSes available, in use. Features. Reasons: o Local experience o Existing Moodles o Flexibility o AB School Districts o Other PSE Institutions o Respect the Students (an aside) Process & Reasons for Choosing Moodle

6 LMS @ University of Alberta First Year Student Experience Victoria Smart

7 Biological Sciences - First Year Fall 2010 Winter 2011 Course Online Content Biology Chemistry Math EAS English CourseOnline Content Biology Statistics EAS English

8 Systems Accessed O EAS O Department Site O eClass O Chemistry O Department Site O eClass O Math O Publisher Site O eClass O Biology O Department Site 1 st Term

9 A closer look……………. Systems Accessed O EAS O eClass eClass O Stats O eClass O Department Site Department Site O Publisher Site Publisher Site O Biology O Department Site Department Site O English O Moodle Moodle 2 nd Term

10 Advantages Disadvantages O Accessibility of content O Electronic copy of content O Examples of correct work O Multiple IDs and passwords O Trying to remember where different content is located O Many systems to learn O Have to print most things LMS @ U of A

11 Wish List O More organized content O Not so many places to login O Clearer instructions O Practice exams that we can take online O No moving of content during term O More help for instructors who don’t understand the tools

12 Steps: o Choose a platform that instructors would embrace o Easy to use o Pre-populate required material o Grade book o Maintain consistent yet not slavish design layout o Provide training materials and workshops for instructors o Encourage tool use Addressing Student Concerns

13 Pilot parameters: o Must be positive experience allowing for transformation o Must represent wide variety of class types o Must inform our design of production environment o Must help us develop training resources o Must reveal Vista to Moodle translation needs o Must offer all Vista tools and more Project Team: o Ownership o Project Manager o CTL Tech team, AICT Managed Services o CSJ Moodle Dev o Communications o Training o Oversight cmte Moodle 2.0 Pilot, Winter Term 2011

14 Very positive feedback* Concerns: o Forums o File management o ‘Linearity’ or scrolling o Elluminate (oops) Next Steps: Spring Term 2011, project plan o Plan includes work packages, comm plan, training plan Results of Moodle 2.0 Pilot

15 Migration from Bb Vista to Moodle 2.0 Look at course complexity o How many are simple courses? o How many will be manual conversions? o How well do commercial migration tools work? o A number of instructors prefer starting from “scratch”. o How many Moodle instances will be used? Faculties may want admin rights. o Will unit(s) move as programs or individual courses?

16 Migration from mini-Moodles (Moodle 1.x) to Moodle 2.0 Many Faculties have their own instances of Moodle ranging from 1.5 -> 1.9 that need to be migrated to Moodle 2.x o Any third-party plugins must be converted first o How many use third-party plugins? o What Moodle version do Faculties run? May imply many steps. o Migration process document provided by CSJ. o New Moodle 1.9 -> Moodle 2.x conversion tools o Help from CTL/CSJ provided to all Faculties

17 Communicate, Communicate, Communicate University communications challenges o Five campuses, other outlying sites o Decentralized structure o 18 faculties, 78 departments, many non-academic units o Email not universally read o Google Apps project o 8,400 faculty, librarians, grad assts, other academic staff o 6,500+ support staff o 37,600 undergrad, grad students; 14,300 extension students

18 Outcomes: Needs Arising o Themes - Default and Faculty-specific o Forum management o Grade book modifications - allowing 10ths* o E-portfolios - Mahara o Google integration - groups, sites etc. o Peoplesoft o IMS and SSO o Elluminate Live web conferencing o Lecture capture

19 Outcomes: Next Steps o Spring Term and Summer Term o Set up production hardware environment o Automate data conversion o Invite instructors to transition courses for Fall Term o Continue to develop training materials, workshops o Celebrate stellar adoption and uses in Festival of Teaching

20 Questions? Thanks to Victoria Smart, UAlberta student


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