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 Copyright NICE srl, 2008 Workshop finale dei Progetti Grid del PON "Ricerca" 2000-2006 Beppe Ugolotti, CEO

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1  Copyright NICE srl, 2008 Workshop finale dei Progetti Grid del PON "Ricerca" Beppe Ugolotti, CEO

2  Copyright NICE srl, 2008 NICE Background Expertise in HPC / Grid & Cloud deployment –12 years experience with enterprise Grid solutions throughout all industries –Strong relationship with Research and Academia –Pioneers in Cloud and Grid Portal Gateway Core business: Access to Grid / HPC solutions –Products development (EnginFrame, GENIUS Grid Portal...) –Projects with industries and research –Partnership and Integrations with global ISVs Other relevant competencies –Server-based computing –Grid Intelligence –SaaS –Mash-Up Applications

3  Copyright NICE srl, 2007 Grids & Clouds Gateway Application Services, Flows Grid / Compute Farm Virtual Machines Internal users Batch & Interactive Applications Storage and Data Online users Managers Partners Standard protocols Licenses Enterprise Portals HPC SaaS

4  Copyright NICE srl, 2007 NICE Customers Automotive & Industrial Equipment Audi, ARRK, Bridgestone, Bosch, Delphi, Elasis/CRF, Ferrari, GDX Automotive, Honda, Jaguar-LandRover, Lear, Magneti Marelli, McLaren, P+Z, Swagelok, Suzuki, Toyota, TRW Life Sciences LitBio project, DEISA project, Biolab, Swiss Institute for Bioinformatics, Partners Healthcare, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Energy & Utilities Addax Petroleum, AECL, Amerada Hess, British Gas, CC of Water Resources, Chevron, Conoco-Phillips, DSC-Libya, ENI/Agip, GazPromNeft, Marathon Oil, Nexen, Rosneft, Schlumberger, Shengli Oil, Sibneft, Slavneft, Sonatrach, StatoilHydro, Talisman Energy, Telecom Italia, TNK-BP, TNNC, TOTAL, TyumenNIIGaz, VNIIGaz, Xinjiang Oil Research & Education ASSC, CCLRC, CERN, CILEA, CINECA, CNR, CNRS/IN2P3, ENEA, FzU, ICI, IFAE, INFN, ITEP, JSC G.G.M., KU Leuven, SSC- Russia, SDSC, Ferrara Uni, ITU, Messina Uni, T.U.Dresden, Trinity College Dublin, Salerno Uni, Huazhong Normal Uni, Harvard Uni, Georgia Uni. High Tech STMicroelectronics, Accent, Samsung SDI, SensorDynamics, Motorola Aerospace & Manufacturing AIRBUS, Air Products and Chemicals, Procter&Gamble, Galileo Avionica, Hamilton Sunstrand, Kimberly Clark, Magellan Aerospace, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Simpson Strong-Tie

5  Copyright NICE srl, Remote 3D visualization of bioimages

6  Copyright NICE srl, 2007 ENI / IBM Market –Oil & Gas Value proposition –Advanced graphic workstation remotization for G&G interpretation studies –Exporting technology for full 3D advanced seismic interpretation from visualization rooms to desks “Advanced 3D interpretation has often be confused with the concept of Visualization Centers. Statistics reported more than 100 centers for 64 oil companies. Our center in Eni E&P HQ is composed by three Viz rooms (Nirvana, Ariel, Umbriel). The hw cost is nowadays affordable in order to take high- tech 3D viz software out of Viz rooms and spread it on interpreters desks”

7  Copyright NICE srl, 2007 Distributed Computational Resources Distributed and Heterogeneous Data Distributed Virtualization Layer VM... Workload Distribution System Data Virtualization Layer Platform Services Auth. AccountingStorage... App 1 App 2 App n... Jobs Mng. Applications / Saas / Mashups Grid/Cloud Software Environment Advanced Grid Software Infrastructure VM EnginFrame will evolve to become a full-fledged platform to develop applications to be supplied as services (SaaS)

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