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Date 00.00.001 Network Rail Transparency Challenge Panel First Meeting.

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1 Date 00.00.001 Network Rail Transparency Challenge Panel First Meeting

2 Agenda 15.00Welcome & Introductions 15.10Background to transparency at Network Rail 15.30Panel terms of reference 15.45Our transparency programme so far 16.00Perceptions of Network Rail’s transparency 16.15Challenging our transparency strategy 16.55Next meeting & any other business

3 Panel members Chaired by Mark Farrow - Head of Transparency, Ethics & Data Protection, Network Rail Suzanne Wise - Group General Counsel and Company Secretary, Network Rail Sim Harris – Managing Editor, Rail News Nick Illsley – CEO, Transport Direct, Department for Transport Oliver Morgans – Transparency Lead, Financial Conduct Authority David Sidebottom – Passenger Team Director, Passenger Focus represented by Sharon Hedges - Passenger Issues Manager Rory Sutherland – Executive Creative Director and Vice Chairman, Ogilvy One London Emma Thwaites – Communications Associate, Open Data Institute Peter van Veen – Director of Business Integrity, Transparency International Apologies Richard Thomas – member of the Committee on Standards in Public Life and former Information Commissioner Heidi Mottram – CEO, Northumbrian Water and former MD, Northern Rail

4 Background to transparency

5 Panel terms of reference Section number to go here

6 Proposed panel terms of reference To challenge Network Rail’s transparency proposals and plans and our progress in delivering them To improve links between our transparency programme and related initiatives elsewhere To identify and share best practice in transparency and other areas to help us improve our programme and take advantage of new opportunities To help us identify and track key transparency benefits and success factors

7 Our programme so far

8 Our transparency vision “To be a company respected for our openness, honesty and accessibility.”

9 Totemic?

10 What does “transparency” mean?

11 Other considerations Activity elsewhere – public & corporate sectors Prevailing Network Rail culture and appetite for doing different External demand Availability of key information & data internally Compliance or proactivity?

12 Proactive publication

13 Open data

14 The wider industry

15 Key future challenges Keeping our proactive publication relevant & interesting Broadening our open data offering Actively engaging with those who choose to contact us Defining & embedding a transparent culture Joined up industry transparency Measuring success

16 Perceptions of our transparency

17 Perceptions of Network Rail’s transparency How can we have an impact on the general public’s view of us? And how can we actively engage them? How do we give the communication teams at Network Rail the substance they need to enable clearer/better communications our stakeholders want? How can we demonstrate now the long term benefits of being transparent to the company?

18 Challenging our strategy

19 Key questions Is the focus of the strategy right? Have we missed anything? How best can we “embed” transparency in Network Rail? How can we maximise impact and benefits outside the company? To what extent would you expect the rail industry to join up its various transparency initiatives?

20 Any other business

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