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Winner: Red Herring Top 100 Award for Asia-Pacific.

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1 Winner: Red Herring Top 100 Award for Asia-Pacific

2 Augen Software Group: Software Innovation Experts Born in Vietnam, Made in NZ: Ethnic Experiences in Establishing and Growing Businesses Mitchell Pham General Manager – Business Development International Development Director

3 Business background (What? - Who? - How? - Why?) Personal migrant history Setting up business in New Zealand Growing and expanding in New Zealand Expanding overseas – interests, capabilities and profiles Diversity – migrants at Augen Vision: new horizons for New Zealand Lessons learned for ethnic migrants Q & A AGENDA

4 End-to-end software development and related services: Business requirements analysis & technical software review Software project scoping & solution design Software prototyping & full-scale development Software testing & quality control Software implementation & integration Data integration & migration Documentation & user training Software maintenance & support Software project management Augen: What do we do?

5 Software innovators – who need to develop: Ideas/expertise/knowhow into software products Existing software products in new technologies for going forward Other technology innovators – who need to develop: Commercial software interface to make their innovation useful to their customers, for business operations, decision making, etc. Medium to large business organisations – who need to develop: Software applications to improve communication, delivery, efficiency, scalability, etc. Augen: Whom do we serve?

6 Legal Case Management On-Line Survey Retail Process Management Sales Quotation Staff Payroll Time Tracking & Billing Customer Relationship Management Enterprise Resource Planning Financial Planning Funds Management Healthcare Service Management Human Resource Management Office Automation Intranet / Extranet Augen: Some of our customers and their projects

7 Part of the ecosystem for software innovation for NZ companies Support their in-house teams, or engage as their end-to-end capability Insourcing: perfected the hybrid NZ + off-shore resourcing model, with off-shore fully owned by on-shore Fully integrate NZ and Vietnam into one seamless business operation Align, attach, engage, manage & grow this capability for NZ companies High-end services in NZ – locally accessible, close to source of innovation, keeping expertise developed with new IP in NZ Provide expert advice, bring wider range of expertise and experience to help companies on their innovation journey Augen: How do we work?

8 Scale seamlessly between $20k ↔ $3m projects Engage between short-term ↔ on-going (15+ years) Provide platform for life-time partnerships – totally outsourcing Assist NZ companies with necessary philosophical change in thinking / cultural shift for rapid innovation & business growth Use various disciplines to control outcomes – “Do it Right” from the start Ensure that companies retain full: involvement, visibility, control, and speed-to-market… Augen: How do we work? (Cont.)

9 CUSTOMER Business/Product Management Technology ManagementUATLead DevelopmentTestingProject ManagementBusiness AnalysisTechnical Lead/Architect Requirements Functionality OUTSOURCE SERVICE PROVIDER How: Traditional Outsourcing Model

10 Business/Product Management Technology ManagementUATLead DevelopmentTestingProject ManagementBusiness AnalysisTechnical Lead/Architect Requirements Functionality INSOURCING CUSTOMER How: Augen’s Award Winning INSOURCING Model

11 Our part in ecosystem for software innovation for NZ companies: Additional capabilities for speed-to-market and capacity for some innovative businesses to ‘punch above their weight’ with software. Access to world-class end-to-end software capabilities Accelerated development/re-engineering benefits Reduced risk, cost and/or delivery time Free up companies’ resources for other more critical purposes: focus on their Core and Insource the Non-Core activities Full involvement, visibility & control over Insourced activities Access to cost savings and gain in speed-to-market Making outsourcing work for NZ companies through ‘Insourcing’ Enable companies to fully execute their software strategies Augen: Why do we do it?

12 Born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Failed escape attempts – prison terms Successful escape – boat journey & ordeal at sea Refugee camps – difficulties of life in limbo New Zealand – new life, new challenges Education – new means, new direction Businesses – new opportunities, new horizons Other NZ activities – Asia:NZ Foundation’s Action Asia Advisory Group; Asia Business Club; South East Asian Business Community Group; Vietnamese Diaspora Business Network; Auckland Refugee Family Trust; Foundation for Social Responsibility in NZ (FOStR-NZ); Refugee Services Aotearoa NZ Other international activities – Business Association of Overseas Vietnamese (BAOOV); Strategic Alliance Vietnamese Ventures International (SAVVi); Asia Society’s Asia 21 Network & Fellowship; World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders Network Personal Refugee/Migrant History

13 First company: August 1993 University of Auckland Company registration Capital contribution Working premises Tools of trade First 3 years Expansion plans Setting Up Business in New Zealand

14 First employee: 1998 External financial, HR, advisors & support services Infrastructure growth – using external experts Specialisation of focus Extending network of connections Business partners – referring customers Technology partners – international relationships International customers: Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, UK, etc. Business growth experts – “from good to great” development Growing and Expanding in New Zealand

15 Restructure: Management – Governance – Ownership Developing own products: Healthcare software New IP companies Return to education: AUT New joint-venture partnership: Fitness software Other JV’s: Online identity protection software & financial transaction management software Expansion to Asia – more capacity for NZ companies Working with Maori organisations Global recession and new growth in New Zealand Growing and Expanding in New Zealand (Cont.)

16 ASEAN: Population = 0.6 billion / GDP = $2.7 trillion USD. China: Population = 1.3 billion / Economy = $5.9 trillion USD. Ho Chi Minh City & Hanoi: Ease of access to ASEAN, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southern & Eastern China. Short flight distances. Small time zone difference. Relatively low cost telecommunication and high internet connectivity. Expanding Overseas – Regional Interests/Capabilities

17 Peter Vile Co-founder/Director, CEO MNZCS ITCP 25 years experience in software services Also financial & operations management Mitchell Pham Co-founder/Director, GM Business Development 19 years experience in software services Also operations management, sales & marketing Young Global Leader – World Economic Forum Asia 21 Fellow & Associate Fellow – Asia Society Strong Profile in New Zealand and Overseas

18 Original Board Members: - 20% Kiwi, 20% US, 20% Europe, 40% Asia. - 80% first-generation immigrants to NZ. Management and Staff: - Fluctuate between 75% and 85% first-generation immigrants to NZ. Countries of Origin – Past & Present: Australia Belgium China El Salvador Fiji Islands Germany Hong Kong India Indonesia Korea Malaysia Namibia New Zealand Singapore South Africa Sri Lanka Taiwan United Arab Emirates United Kingdom Vietnam Zambia History of Diversity – Migrants at Augen

19 The World’s Challenges = NZ’s Opportunities! Clean Air, Water, Food and Energy Clean Shelter & Environment Healthcare & Education Safety & Security Climate Change & Natural Disasters Opportunity: Understanding of problems & connecting to solutions Enabler: Innovation Objective: Speed-to-market Strategy: Collaboration Vehicles: Partnerships Vision: New Horizons for New Zealand

20 Vision: New Horizons for New Zealand (Cont.)

21 Presence + Engagement = RELEVANCE Relevance leads to success! Engage in NZ’s diverse range of growth & development issues Participate in local Kiwi (including Maori & Pacific) communities Establish and grow businesses with local partners Connect with other ethnic communities Focus on adding value to New Zealand Recognise natural advantages that we brought with us Utilise international connections back to our countries of origin Build our shared future with everyone else – we are not alone! Lessons Learned for Ethnic Migrants

22 Questions & Answers

23 Thank You!

24 New Zealand T: +64 9 307 1460 F: +64 9 307 1461 Vietnam T: +84 8 5437 1219 F: +84 8 5437 0122 Web Site

25 Winner: Red Herring Top 100 Award for Asia-Pacific

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