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Providing clarity. releasing potential Recognition of International Qualifications - UK NARIC 10 years on Dr Cloud Bai-Yun 6 th November 2007.

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1 providing clarity. releasing potential Recognition of International Qualifications - UK NARIC 10 years on Dr Cloud Bai-Yun 6 th November 2007

2 Where is UK NARIC now?


4 UK NARIC Members Currently UK NARIC serves over 1000 member organisations in the UK and internationally providing information and advice on international qualifications and skills supporting institutions’ decision-making processes. UK HE208 UK FE226 UK Gov. Depts (incl. 41 British Council offices overseas)75 UK careers services (incl. 441UfI services)517 UK business & industry157 All International227 Total1410 Table 1- Members Sector breakdown

5 Services to the public There has been a continued increase in the number of individuals using UK NARIC services over the last 10 years, enabling progression towards further studies, up-skilling and/or employment

6 2005 In-coming Top 20 countries: (75.02% of 68,652)

7 2006 In-coming Top 20 countries: ( 75.58% of 78,326)

8 2007 (to-date) In-coming Top 20 countries: (77.08% of 71,471)

9 Developing expertise through shared partnership Bulgaria: VQS upgrading: Agriculture, Chemistry, IT, Tourism, Production Zimbabwe : ZIMSEC A Levels Yemen: HE reform and accreditation system Singapore: benchmarking standards and workforce development China: mutual recognition of degrees and NVQs UK: developing sectoral model linking international qualifications to industrial standards: Construction, Childcare, Engineering, Financial Services, Teaching

10 Making the system work - contributions of UK NARIC ‘The UK NARIC is clearly instrumental… without the groundwork which is provided by NARIC, the opportunities for… mobility would not exist. The internationalisation of education and an increasingly mobile workforce mean that the work around recognition plays a vital role in ensuring not only the acceptance of achievement but also, more importantly, the standards of achievement.’ Bill Rammel Minister for Lifelong Learning, Further and Higher Education

11 The formation and the progress of UK NARIC …10 years ago we ‘embarked on a long journey within the realm of international qualifications…’ [Nov 1997]  Vision  Core values  Capability  People

12 Turning into a reality  Methodology  Data and information system  Marketing and dissemination strategy Over the years continued efforts have been made to develop a service model focusing on main building blocks to meet the needs of wide ranging institutions and the public Key focus areas

13 Methodology: an integrated model for recognition Finance and Accountancy Chartered (4) Certificate (3) Accountant (2) AC Technician (1) Competencies and Experience Formal Qualifications Vietnam Cao Dong Singapore Polytechnic Diploma Tanzania Advanced Cert of Secondary Education Nigeria WASSCE India 8 yrs exp as Senior Accountant Italy 3 yrs Accounts Administrator Latvia Trainee Accountant UK NARIC levels of attainment centred on Learning outcomes, competencies expressed using qualifying measures e.g. credits, exams, assessments etc

14 Data and information management System In the context of recognition of international qualifications, the Information Management process is itself comprised of two elements, which are award-specific information and comprehensive system information, or system-specific data. An individual award may conform to the established, generic comparability statements accorded to a type and range of qualifications. Equally, it may challenge the established recommendations and therefore generate the need for revision of information. Once the information is collected, it will in turn supplement and support individual evaluations The need to identify: Scope of information development Structure of information management Use and verification of data

15 Marketing and dissemination strategy To clearly identify service users: –The public, i.e. individuals wishing to progress towards further studies and/or employment in the UK –Institutions / commercial organisations wishing to admit individuals with international educational –Sectoral / professional bodies –Government departments To communicate effectively on: –Value –Processes –Validity –Benefits Unique approach to information provision: a centre piece of NARIC

16 A range of databases, tools, calculators, converters and training are offered to varied client groups on international qualifications How does NARIC serve UK institutions?

17 How does NARIC serve the public? Services to the public: Personalised Individual Award Assessments Institution Assessments UK Descriptors Service Verification Service Fast Track Service Career Path Report Public enquiry service

18 What’s next? Migration Source: Office for National Statistics, International Migration, 2005  Overall, nearly half of all citizens migrating to the UK gave work- related reasons.  'Formal study' is another important reason for people migrating to the UK accounting for almost a quarter of all immigration in 2005

19 1.… serving target audience: a) Education providers and authorities, including vocational education; b) Employers, recruitment agencies, career advisors; c) Immigration Agencies and refugee/ asylum advisors; d) Teachers and Teacher Recruitment Agencies; e) Students; f) Local Authorities; g) Research Bodies; h) Nurseries, i) Overseas Ministries of Education… 2. … specific objectives shall be: a. Provide the tools (database, publications and information sources) to provide full guidance on… the status of international qualifications in relation to the UK Comparisons of level of achievements between any countries in the EU Benchmarking overseas vocational qualifications Detailed guidance on the training systems and regulatory frameworks Guidance on identification of genuine and fraudulent educational documents Detail on the availability of tests on English as a second language Information on Immigration issues in connection to qualifications, work and migration Increased obligations

20 ◦ Standards verification: a logical progression ◦ Partnerships: developing and testing professionalism ◦ A vision centred on business delivery and social benefit Our destiny… To serve qualifications, work and managed migration agenda internationally To consolidate and to pursue disciplined development

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