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ETSI STF 333 Stephen Furner Chair ETSI Technical Committee Human Factors.

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1 ETSI STF 333 Stephen Furner Chair ETSI Technical Committee Human Factors


3 Welcome to the world of ETSI We produce globally applicable standards for Information & Communications Technologies including fixed, mobile, radio, broadcast, internet and several other areas.

4 TC HF Terms of Reference ETSI Technical Committee for Human Factors (TC HF) is the committee responsible for standards and guidelines dealing with: –ease of use and accessibility of telecommunication equipment and services, –including the requirements of older and disabled people. Human Factors is the scientific application of knowledge about the capacities and limitations of users to the task of engineering the interaction between people and machines.

5 Standards- starting with the user experience!

6 Structure Plenary level Meets 3 times a year Chair – Stephen Furner (BT plc) Vice Chair – Lutz Groh (Siemens) Vice Chair – Bruno Von Niman (Swedish Standards Board) ETSI Technical Officer – Ted Laverack Participation in the plenary meetings from major industrial players such as BT, Siemens, and Telenor, technical representation from consumer groups via ANEC, and also regulatory bodies. Technical experts participate by invitation to present on specialist issues. STF leaders, or participating STF experts, report on progress and get feedback on drafts Active participation in STFs, and STF reference groups, by major industrials such as Nokia, Sony Ericcson, Motorola, Telefonica, AOL and Orange

7 ETSI has established an STF to produce: An inventory of ICT products and services.Functional accessibility requirements for these ICT products and services Gaps will be identified where no accessibility requirements exist A listing of existing national, European and international standards and technical specifications A proposal for a standardization work programme to fill any gaps found

8 STF333 Team Members Bruno von Niman – STF Team Leader Edward Sean Hayes Gunnar Hellstrom Nikolaos Floratos Richard Hodgkinson Walter Mellors

9 Nikolaos Floratos, Richard Hodgkinson, Bruno von Niman, Gunnar Hellstrom, Walter Mellors, Edward Sean Hayes



12 STF home pages on ETSI www site

13 The STF welcomes your requirements, input and comments. The preferred means to contact us is by e-mail to the STF leader Alternatively, we can · Voice calls: +46 733 66 12 82, · Text calls (v.21): +46 8 556 002 05 and · Total conversation (SIP only; speech, text and sign language supported):

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