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TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML1 TOIMIALAVERKOT (TOVE) Communications Platform Project Group Vesa-Matti Puro.

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1 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML1 TOIMIALAVERKOT (TOVE) Communications Platform Project Group Vesa-Matti Puro

2 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML2 TOVE Project Group Professor Olli Martikainen Vesa-Matti Puro, project management Jari Katajavuori: PF and UNI, 1997-1998 Timo Kokkonen, CODERS and DEBUG, 1998 Petteri Koponen: VE, 1996 Pasi Nummisalo: CC, DCF, INGW, Java SCP, and PF, 1996-1998 Timo Pärnänen: GUI, ILMI, MTP3, PF, SCCP, SWITCH and TCAP, 1996-1998 Sami Raatikainen: BISUP and PF, 1998 Pasi Rautiainen Juhana Räsänen: SSCOP, SF and NNI-SSCF, 1996 Harri Sunila: GSMP and TRS, 1997-1998 Jussi Turunen, SSCOP and testing, 1998 Samu Uimonen: CODERS Saku Vaittinen: CODERS

3 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML3 TOIMIALAVERKOT (TOVE) Communications Platform Introduction Vesa-Matti Puro

4 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML4 TOVE Project Helsinki University of Technology, Telecommunications Software and Multimedia Laboratory (TML) Professor Olli Martikainen, Network Architectures A three years long research project (communications platform part of the project) to develop open and standard based infrastructure for future broadband networks Create a platform for developing and testing distributed call and connection control model in B-ISDN networks VTT provides FSR switching hardware to the project Funded by TEKES and industry partners: HPY, Nixu, Nokia, OES, Sonera, Tecnomen, Telia and X-Net.

5 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML5 Goal 1996 The aim for 1996 is to build a working ITU-T BISDN signalling stack on top of VTT’s FSR switch CPCS / SAR SSCOP UNI SSCFNNI SSCF Q.2931 MTP-3 BISUP Call Control API Switching hardware Switch control “UNI” side of the protocols is for User-to-Network Interface “NNI” side is the interface between network elements Call Control manages all active connections in the switch

6 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML6 ATM Switch Control Nodes ATM Switch Controller ATM Switch

7 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML7 Control Abstractions Fabric Control Agent FSR Service Control Call Control (INAP, CORBA, IDL, Java) Connection Control Node Control Switch Control Fabric Control (GSMP, etc.) (switch/port config., port mgmt, conn. mgmt, statistics, event messages) Access : Q.2931 Internal : BISUP

8 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML8 Results 1996 Results were distributed march 97 (release 97/1) ATM virtual switch software consisting –call control (CC) –Q.2931 –SSCOP –UNI-SSCF –NNI-SSCF –FSR Virtual Exchange (VE) –BISUP is missing from 97/1 release CPCS / SAR SSCOP UNI SSCFNNI SSCF Q.2931 MTP-3 BISUP Call Control API Switching hardware Switch control

9 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML9 Demonstration 1996 FSR Switching Fabric controlled using FSR API VAT (in Linux PC) with TOVE Linux Q.2931 VAT (in PC) Switch Controller VAT = Audio Conferencing tool (

10 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML10 Goal 1997 Major goals are IN-Gateway and UNI Framework IN-Gateway includes: IN triggers, modifications of Call Control, INAP translations, TCAP, SCCP and MTP3 UNI Framework consists of UNI 3.1 and Q.2931 Other goals: further development of OVOPS++, integration of CORBA OmniBroker ORB to OVOPS++ GSMP (General Switch Management Protocol)

11 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML11 TOVE IN Interface Controller PC Call Control ATM connection to the FSR cluster CORBA interface Service workstations Control requests Triggers

12 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML12 Demonstration 1997 FSR Switching Fabric controlled using open GSMP VIC (in PC) with Linux ATM 0.34 VIC (in PC) Switch Controller SCP

13 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML13 Goal 1998 New features to old modules: switch framework and error handling Finishing, reviews, commenting Testing: interfaces and corrections New modules: INGW, routing and management Pilot applications and services

14 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML14 TOVE Switch Architecture MAIN = CAC + MIB + CC + protocols GUI: configuration LOG: OMG log not implemented RT: routing IN: INGW ILMI/SNMP: management FCF: fabric control NS/ES: CORBA Services

15 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML15 Modules Implemented PF, framework for network programming GUI, graphical user interface for switch configuration SWITCH, implements the structure of the switch (ports / links) and encapsulates the switching fabric details (NB / BB) TRS, hierarchical routing following PNNI model ILMI, management interface, address registration CC, call control containing triggers and IN interface DCF & SCP & INGW, hierarchical component based user interface, excecution environment for IN services and CORBA-to-INAP -gateway

16 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML16 TOVE Protocols Linux ATM API + ATM Card (CPCS / SAR) SSCOP UNI-SSCFNNI-SSCF UNI 3.1 (Q.2931/ UNI 4.0) MTP-3 BISUP TOVE Call Control GSMP FCF TCAP INGW ATM Switching hardware GSMP SCCP OVOPS++ with CORBA

17 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML17 Protocols Implemented SSCOP, ITU-T Q.2110, full, working, tested UNI-SSCF, ITU-T Q.2130, full, working, tested UNI 3.1, ATM Forum UNI 3.1, partial, working with Linux and ForeRunnerLE 100 -switch MTP3, partial NNI-SSCF, full BISUP, partial SCCP/TCAP, partial GSMP, partial

18 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML18 TOVE Project 1997-1999 First year –Q.2931 signaling, CC, FSR API fabric control –works with project’s own Linux signalling Second year –UNI 3.1 signaling, GSMP fabric control, Java SCP –works with Linux atm 0.31 UNI 3.1 signaling Third year –UNI 3.1 p-mp, BISUP prototype, Switch FW, Interworking CC prototype, ILMI, routing, GUI, DCF, INGW, Java SCP –works with Linux atm 0.47 UNI 3.1 signaling and Fore

19 TOVE19 Summary Gained considerable experience of O-O, Frameworks, network programming and B-ISDN TOVE switch provides a prototype of standard based ATM signalling software with open switching fabric (GSMP) and service control (INAP) The IN Gateway is one of the first implementations of CORBA to IN adapters using generic ROSE translation

20 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML20 TOIMIALAVERKOT (TOVE) Communications Platform Methods, tools and environment Vesa-Matti Puro

21 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML21 Methods Object-oriented Modeling Design Patterns Technical Reviews C++ Programming Language Java Programming Language CORBA Object Request Broker

22 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML22 Tools OVOPS++ pf/sf Frameworks (Protocol Framework/Scheduling Framework) ORBacus 3.0.1 C++ and Java ORBs ( and JTC-1.0.3 egcs 1.0.2 C++ Compiler STL (Standard Template Library) part of egcs SUN JDK 1.1.6 (Java Development Kit) Borland JBuilder 2 SUN Swing 1.0.3 ObjectStore PSE Pro 2.0 (

23 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML23 Methods and Tools in Concert C++ –RTTI, Exceptions,... STL –Data structures –Algorithms Design Patterns –Reusable designs CORBA integration –CORBA Services UNI Framework PF SF Switch Framework Design Patterns Protocol e.g. DSS2, UNI 3.1, UNI 4.0 STL ORB Services Drivers

24 TOVE24 OVOPS++ OVOPS ++ (Object Virtual OPerating System ++) frameworks –consists of pf (Protocol Framework) and sf (Scheduling Framework) –based on Conduits+ by University of Illinois –Conduits+ was used by ASCOM Tech AG –contains general reusable protocol components

25 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML25 OVOPS++ Main Components A A F P PP P M M S Adapter: Connects OVOPS++ world to the “outer world” Protocol: Context of the protocol (state variables, parameters etc.) State: Functionality of the protocol Mux: Multiplexes connections by session keys extracted from the message Factory: Creates new Conduit instances Transporters: Travels through conduit graph Messengers: Carries data Timers: Provides timeouts Scheduler: Gives runtime TS T M

26 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML26 Development of OVOPS++ Conduits CVOPS OVOPS OVOPS++ JVOPS Design Patterns Conduits+ DUITS

27 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML27 Environment HP PCs w/75Mhz Pentium to 450Mhz PII Linux RedHat 5.2 and kernel 2.1.117 (for SSP / C++) ATM on Linux 0.47 NT Server/Workstation 4.0 (for SCP / Java) VTT FST 4 x 155 Mbit/s STM-1 MMF ForeRunnerLE 155 155 4 x MMF 8 x UTP

28 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML28 TOIMIALAVERKOT (TOVE) Communications Platform Software and protocol architecture Timo Pärnänen Harri Sunila


30 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML30 Protocols Linux ATM API + ATM Card (CPCS / SAR) SSCOP UNI-SSCFNNI-SSCF UNI 3.1 (Q.2931/ UNI 4.0) MTP-3 BISUP TOVE Call Control GSMP FCF TCAP INGW ATM Switching hardware GSMP SCCP CPCS adapter

31 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML31 SWITCH

32 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML32 GUI

33 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML33 FCF The Fabric Control Functions (FCF) is used to hide switching functions (fabric) from call procedures ATM FCF uses GSMP to control fabric Call Control SWITCH ATM FCF NB FCF GSMP APIAPI TimeSlot E1 Connect VPI/VCI

34 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML34 Integrated (Interim) Local Management Interface (ILMI) Provides status and configuration information using the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and an ATM Interface Management Information Base (MIB) Virtual Path/Channel Connections Address registration ILMI / SNMP NMS ILMI SNMP

35 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML35 ILMI / SNMP

36 TOVE36 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML TOVE Route Service Based on –ATM Forum PNNI 1.0 Specification Management of routing information

37 TOVE37 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML Services Provided Routing information management Hierarchical routing Route information for Call control Routing information exchanging (not implemented)

38 TOVE38 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML Services Used Distribution of routing databases with CORBA PSE Pro object database for network topology information

39 TOVE39 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML Implementation Structure TOVE Route Server Call control Management client Routing client swSwitch

40 TOVE40 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML Implemented features Hierarchical routing –Peer groups –Distribution of routing servers Static routing information

41 TOVE41 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML GSMP Overview Based on –RFC 1987 Controlling of the switching fabric –connection establishment and teardown –configuration management –statistics information

42 TOVE42 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML Services Provided for FCF Connection establishment, teardown and modifying Switching fabric configuration information Switching fabric configuration setup Switching fabric statistics information Notifications of asynchronous events

43 TOVE43 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML Services Used Provided by CPCS DATA request/indication

44 TOVE44 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML Implementation Structure Adjacency protocol GSMP Configuration management Connection management Factory Event management CPCS FCF

45 TOVE45 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML Implemented features Adjacency protocol –RFC 1987 –Synchronization error in specification fixed GSMP –RFC 1987 –Connection management –Configuration management –Events

46 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML46 TOIMIALAVERKOT (TOVE) Communications Platform Protocol implementations Sami Raatikainen Project Group

47 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML47 Protocol Presentations UNI 3.1 BISUP MTP-3 TCAP SCCPSSCOP UNI-SSCFNNI-SSCF CPCS Jari KatajavuoriSami Raatikainen Timo Pärnänen Jussi Turunen

48 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML48 PROTOCOL (n-1) Protocol Stack IFACE (n-1) PROTOCOL (n) Protocols - Interfaces UNI 3.1 SIGIF CALL CONTROL UAALIF UNI-SSCF AAIF SSCOP CPCSIF CPCS downPrimitives (request/response) upPrimitives (indication/confirm)

49 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML49 SAAL SAAL (Signalling ATM Adaptation Layer, specified in Q.2100) used by signalling applications USSCF/NSSCF, SSCOP, CPCS, AAL5 Service Specific Part and Common Part The purpose of SAAL is to convey information across UNI and NNI


51 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML51 CPCS Common Part Convergence Sub-layer (specified in I.363) Doesn’t vary with the type of traffic being sent Uses AAL5 service provided by Linux ATM Uses Linux ATM API to access NIC

52 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML52 SSCOP Service Specific Connection-Oriented Protocol (specified in Q.2110) Data-link layer protocol Offers both assured and unassured data transfer service for upper layer Can be used with different SSCFs

53 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML53 SSCOP Service Provides: –Sequence Integrity –Error Correction –Flow Control –Keep Alive –Local Data Retrieval –Connection Control –Status Reporting

54 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML54 UNI-SSCF Service Specific Coordination Function at UNI (specified in Q.2130) Performs a coordination function between the service required by Layer 3 signalling function and the service provided by SSCOP Used by UNI and Q.2931

55 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML55 UNI-SSCF Service Unacknowledged transfer of data Assured transfer of data Transparency of transferred information Establishment and release of SAAL Connections

56 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML56 NNI-SSCF Service Specific Coordination Function at NNI (specified in Q.2140) Performs a coordination function between the service required by Layer 3 signalling function and the service provided by SSCOP Used by MTP-3

57 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML57 NNI-SSCF Service Assured transfer of data Transparency of transferred information Establishment and release of SAAL Connections SDU retrieval Signalling link error monitoring Flow control

58 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML58 UNI Overview Based on –The ATM-Forum UNI 3.1 Specification –ITU-T Q.2931 Recommendation OSI layer 3 Functionality

59 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML59 Services Provided for CC Point-to-point Call Setup / Clearing Point-to-multipoint Call Setup / Clearing / Party control SAAL connection control Error control Reset (not implemented)

60 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML60 Services Used Provided by SAAL UNI-SSCF DATA request/indication ESTABLISH request/indication/confirm RELEASE request/indication/confirm

61 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML61 Implementation Structure COORD MUX RSN RRN UNI


63 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML63 BISUP Broadband ISDN User Part ITU-T Q.2761 Functional Description ITU-T Q.2762 General functions of messages and signals ITU-T Q.2763 Formats and codes ITU-T Q.2764 Basic call procedures Public Network Public Network

64 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML64 BISUP SS7 User Part for B-ISDN call control and bearer service control Uses services from MTP-3 Provides services for Application Part (Call Control) Application TCAP SCCP MTP-3 SAAL ATM Layer Physical Layer BISUP SS7 Stack BISUP SIGIF CALL CONTROL MTPIF MTP-3 TOVE modules

65 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML65 BISUP


67 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML67 BISUP ATM Forum’s solutions for NNI: IISP (Interim Interswitch Signaling Protocol) Version 1.0, af-pnni-0026.000, Dec 1994 Provides minimum level of interoperability for multivendor private ATM networks B-ICI (Broadband Intercarrier Interface) B-ICI 2.1, af-bici-0068.000, Nov 1996 Defines the protocol used between carrier networks PNNI (Private Network-to-Network Interface) P-NNI V1.0, af-pnni-0055.000, Mar 1996 Signaling and routing

68 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML68 SS7 Signaling System Number 7

69 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML69 MTP3 ITU-T Recommendation Q.704, Signaling System No.7 - Signaling network functions and messages ITU-T Recommendation Q.2210, Message transfer part level 3 functions and messages using the services of ITU-T Recommendation Q.2140 (SSCF at NNI) Signaling message handling Message discrimination Message distribution Message routing User parts (SCCP and BISUP) and AAL connections

70 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML70 MTP3

71 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML71 MTP3 UserMux AALMux NNI-SSCF BISUPSCCP User Parts AAL Connections MTP3 NNI-SSCF

72 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML72 SCCP ITU-T Recommendations Q.711-Q.714, Signaling System No.7 - Signaling Connection Control Part Connectionless control (Basic connectionless service) Segmenting and reassembling not supported Message discarded when error occurs Routing control Address translation

73 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML73 SCCP

74 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML74 TCAP ITU-T Recommendations Q.771-774, Signaling System No.7 - Transaction Capabilities Application Part Connectionless remote procedure call Operation class 1, structured dialogue and normal end Interworking between CORBA and TC systems (TcSignaling)

75 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML75 TCAP

76 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML76 TCAP

77 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML77 TOIMIALAVERKOT (TOVE) Communications Platform Testing Jussi Turunen Jari Katajavuori

78 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML78 Protocol conformance testing The purpose of testing is to find bugs Communication software needs to be tested for interoperability with other vendors software Conformance testing is the process of verifying that an implementation performs in accordance with a particular standard.

79 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML79 Protocol conformance testing Conformance testing is a formal method of testing Specified in ISO IS 9646 The testing is done according to particular protocol conformance test suites Test suites are provided by standardization bodies or manufacturers

80 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML80 SSCOP testing environment Tester N-1 stack SSCOP N-1 stack UNI-SSCF Impl.send 155 Mbit/s Operatios

81 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML81 Testing SSCOP Test suite from ATM-Forum –317 test cases Testing software by OES and TOVE Components: –tester: provided by OES, executes the test suite –IUT: implementation under test, TOVE SSCOP protocol

82 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML82 Testing SSCOP –N-1 stack: encodes data from tester to a form understood by IUT and vice versa –operation server: executes the test suite defined operations for which a separate server was written

83 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML83 Test runs Tests were run one state at a time The execution of the whole suite lasted hours  faster this way One-state-at-a-time -testing allowed also fast debugging and concentration on state- specific bugs Only some test cases were run separately

84 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML84 Testing SSCOP - experiences The distribution of binaries was a working solution Testing, finding and fixing errors separate tasks with some conflicts Original SSCOP was working with Linux and Fore, still errors were found –END PDU retransmission, size constraints Also the test suite contained errors

85 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML85 UNI Testing Test Adapter Java Tester Plug The ATM Forum Abstract Test Suite for UNI 3.1 ATM Signaling for Network Side –661 test cases –160 test runs so far Components: –2 x N-1 stack –IUT

86 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML86 UNI testing environment Tester N-1 stack 155 Mbit/s UNI 3.1 N-1 stack CC UNI 3.1 N-1 stack CC N-1 stack

87 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML87 TOIMIALAVERKOT (TOVE) Communications Platform Intelligent Network Pasi Nummisalo

88 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML88 IN architecture

89 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML89 Interaction CCF SSME FEAM SCF FEAM INAP SSF FSM state SSF SCME SLEE SCF FSM SLPI CCFCCAF SLPL DP PIC DP BCSM PIC Trigger table Trigger 1 - Trigger 2 x Trigger 3 - SIB 1SIB 2 POIPOR 2POR 1 SIB 3 SIB 4 BCP SIB chains

90 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML90 Messages EventReportBCSM (EDP-N) CCService Null Origination Attempt InitialDP (TDP-R) RequestReportBCSMEvent, Continue AnswerNo AnswerBusy Send Call Active AnswerNo AnswerBusy Setup calls = calls + 1

91 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML91 TOVE IN SCPSSP INGW SS#7 TOVE SLEE DCFresponder factory Deploy

92 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML92 DCF

93 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML93 IN implementation

94 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML94 GUI

95 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML95 Hierarchy

96 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML96 INGW ORB TC-user Object CORBA Domain TC-CORBA Gateway Traditional SS7 Domain Proxy Object TC PDU Interfaces TC/SS7 Stack TC/SS7 Stack Traditional TC-User e.g SSP (initiator) e.g SCP (responder) (Optional)

97 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML97 Interaction GatewayCORBA-domainIN Domain Legacy SSPTCFactory Finder TCUserFactory TcPduUser, SSP Proxy begin_ind(destGT,…) resolve(destGT) createResponder(own ref) TCUser (SCP) create IDL operation for oper 1 ( possible result) invoke_ind(dId,…) decode IDL operation for oper 2 invoke_req(dId,…) continue_req(dId,…) encode end_association end_req(dId,…)

98 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML98 IDL interfaces IDL: interface Initiator:TcSignaling::TcUser { void connect(…); void releaseCall(…); } interface Responder:TcSignaling::TcUser { void initialDP(…); void eventReportBCSM(…); }; interface TcUserFactory:TcSignaling::TcUserGenericFactory { void Initiator create Initiator(); void Responder create Responder( Initiator, …); }; // e.g. name = CoreINAP_CS1_SSF_to_SCF_AC

99 TOVE 3.2.1999HUT/TML99 INAP-IDL

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