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Moshito ’04 Report Report back to Moshito ’05 Delegates 22 July 2005.

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1 Moshito ’04 Report Report back to Moshito ’05 Delegates 22 July 2005


3 DAC INITIATIVES 1995: DAC released White Paper on Arts, Culture & Heritage. Two critical developments arose from the White Paper: –Cultural Industries Growth Strategy (CIGS) in 1998, –Music Industry Task Team (MITT) in 2000. One of the key MITT recommendations was the establishment of the Music Market.

4 SAMICI INITIATIVES SAMICI identified challenges around which the industry could work together: –Music piracy –Development of markets for SA music (local & international); –Musician’s social welfare (health, education & social security) MOSHITO conference was planned for July 2004, as step-one in responding to the three challenges. MOSHITO conference would be an annual event, with its content evolving each year.

5 COMBINED EVENTS DAC & SAMICI decided to combine the SA Music Market & MOSHITO events. MOSHITO Music Conference & Exhibition registered as host of the event. MOSHITO ’04 was to be limited to the conference. MOSHITO ’05 would include both the conference & the music market.

6 The Role of Moshito in Implementation Platform organiser Discussions and feedback facilitator Not an implementing body A project of SAMICI – probably the implementing body

7 Moshito – the concept

8 VisionVision “Our vision is to maximise the potential of the sector for economic growth, job creation and international trade resulting in poverty alleviation and socio-cultural development”

9 Guiding Principles Inclusiveness Quality Action oriented

10 ObjectivesObjectives To seek broad consensus on how specific issues or themes that have an impact on the industry can be pursued with the support and participation of the whole industry; To provide an annual platform for public and private sector strategic interaction as well as an opportunity to form trading linkages with the industry To forge linkages with complementary sectors and industries such as tourism, film, the media and others; To provide music business information and knowledge to music industry stakeholders in order to develop and capacitate them for competitiveness in the global environment; To position the SA music for significant growth

11 Desired Outcomes Recognition and enhancement of economic contribution made by the music industry to, primarily, South Africa and then the rest of the continent. Consistent reduction in the level of music piracy; Increasing usage and profitable exploitation of SA music both within the local and the global markets; Improvement in the quality of life of musicians;

12 MOSHITO ‘04

13 MOSHITO ’04 STRUCTURE MOSHITO ‘04 took place over 3 days. Day 1: Plenary sessions Day 2: Break-away panel discussions –debating issues highlighted in day 1. –produce recommendations to guide future plans of action around specific matters. Day 3: Report-back on recommendations.

14 08h00 – 09h00Registration 09h00 – 09h30 Welcome AddressN. Motsatse MOSHITO ’04 09h30 – 10h00 Plenary 1 The Role of Media in the Dev. of the SA Music Industry Councilor L. Mtimde ICASA 10h00 – 10h30 Plenary 2 Converging TechnologiesJ. Fabinyi CISAC 10h30 – 11h00Tea 11h00 – 11h20 Plenary 3 It’s Harvest time for South African music: A view from the inside K. Mabalane Kwaito artist 11h20 – 11h45 Plenary 4 Growth of the French Music Industry through exports... a case study J.F. Michel Euro Music Office; French Music Export 11h45 – 12h30 Plenary 5 The Constitution and All that JazzJustice A. Sachs Constitutional Court Day 1: Plenary

15 12h30 – 13h30Lunch 13h30 – 14h45 Plenary 6 Radical InnovationW. Grulke CEO, Future World 14h45 – 15h15Tea 15h15 – 16h00 Plenary 7 Industry Updates: The African Perspective The SA music industry R. Hooijer,SAMRO L. Sedibe, EMI SA 16h00 – 17h00 Keynote AddressDr Z. P. Jordan. DAC Minister 17h00Cocktails DAY 1: Plenary continued

16 DAY 2: Panel Discussions: The panels had +- 6 panelists Each panel had a Chairperson, who led the discussions. Each panel had a Rapporteur, who was to report-back to the conference on the recommendations.

17 09H00 – 10H30 Session 1: Dev. Markets: The SA music industry in the international market – A phenomenon in the making Dev. Markets: Digital exploitation of music in a globalizing environment 11H00 – 12H30 Session 2: Music Piracy: Combating music piracy…everybody jump! Social Welfare: Social security, substance abuse & other pressing issues facing SA musicians DAY 2: Panel Discussions, continued

18 13H30 – 15H00 Session 3: Educ. & Training: Capacity building in the SA music industry Dev. Markets: The role of jazz appreciation societies in the development of SA jazz 15H30 – 17H00 Session 4: Dev. Markets: The media’s role in strengthening, extending & nurturing the homegrown music industry Dev. Markets: The role of live music in the dev. of the SA music industry DAY 2: Panel Discussions continued


20 DEVELOPMENT OF MARKETS (International) Lobby government to support national pavilions at international events Establish an export council to promote SA music in foreign markets Build stronger partnerships between industry (private), government departments and ministries (public) as well as statutory bodies including parastatals to encourage the growth of SA music exports

21 DEVELOPMENT OF MARKETS (digital) Commission a survey to understand the nature of digital consumption and the potential download market Explore the option of a rights holder based server of music files for exploitation by various business users on- line Disseminate information to the broader industry about recent progress and the latest technology available world-wide

22 SOCIAL WELFARE Lobby government to redefine the terminology surrounding the employment of creative workers in legislation Create public/ private partnerships in the establishment of a social welfare trust for creative workers, and to look at tax rebates as a possible mechanism for funding the trust Increase access by creative workers to education and training programmes for their collective empowerment

23 MUSIC PIRACY Support the existing anti-piracy work and add to it with time, money and ideas Lobby government to update the constitution and legislation Get industry-wide support for the introduction of a blank copying medium levy Request DAC to actively facilitate interaction with other government departments

24 GENERAL ITEMS Encourage SMME growth in the music industry Lobby government to ensure that BEE is phased to all aspects of the music industry

25 The Process of Facilitating Implementation

26 The Working Session Took place on 15 March 2005 in Pretoria Sponsored by the DAC Facilitated by Karl Gostner – YFM, NAB Attended by: –Moshito Board –DAC representatives –Panel Rapporteurs and Chairpersons –Service providers Focus on: –Prioritising recommendations –Identifying projects to carry out the recommendations –Identifying implementation agents

27 ProjectsProjects

28 Priority Project 1 Establish the SA Pavilion at MIDEM as a funded annual activity Lobby government to support national pavilions at international events MIDEM Working Committee Recommendations ProjectImplementing Agent Progress? Dave

29 Priority Project 2 Recommendations ProjectImplementing Agent Progress? Dave Establish an export council to promote SA music in foreign markets Launch Export Council before end 2005 Moshito / MIDEM Working Committee

30 Priority Project 3 Recommendations ProjectImplementing Agent Progress? Alan Explore the option of a rights holder based server of music files for exploitation by various business users on-line Investigate and pilot Afrofile / Artspages SAMRO

31 Priority Project 4 Recommendations ProjectImplementing Agent Progress? Nick Encourage industry, Government and statutory bodies collaboration Formalise SAMICIMoshito

32 Priority Project 5 Recommendations ProjectImplementing Agent Progress? Mbongeni Social Security of Musicians Pilot Funeral Benefit Scheme MUSA

33 Institutional Capacity Projects

34 Association of Independent Record Labels and Producers Working group formed Benchmark research commissioned Full day independent record labels and producers’ seminar –15 June 2005 –Sunnyside Hotel, Parktown –Steering Committee elected Musa Nhlapo (Chairman) Percy Sithatho Ray Phiri Don Laka “Beat-Maker” Motlokoa-Mphahlele Harvey Roberts National Roadshow, with Artspages, planned from 28 July 2005

35 Composers Association of South Africa (CASA) Exploratory seminar –Early 2004 –Steering Committee established Colin Shapiro (Chairman) Herman Holthausen (Secretary) Ron Brettel (Treasurer) Concord Nkabinde Dennis East Helena Hettema Musa Manzini (Co-opted) Percy Sithatho (Co-opted) Zwai Bala (Co-opted) Constitution and registration finalised Website completed – Plans for the first AGM underway

36 Progress Monitoring

37 To track progress on any of the projects and to read reports from research and benchmark studies register and logon

38 Other Reports The following reports available on Moshito website – –Moshito ’04 report –MIDEM report 1 –Implementation workshop report –Newsclips and media releases Special thanks to Tumi Mokgoro for having authored the three reports.


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