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INF5761/INF9761 Health Management Information Systems - Health Information Systems Strengthening.

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1 INF5761/INF9761 Health Management Information Systems - Health Information Systems Strengthening

2 3 Informatics + Public Health => INF5761 Health Information Systems require understanding of multiple domains Complementary skills [group work]

3 Health Information Systems (HIS) 4 “produce relevant information that health system stakeholders can use for making transparent and evidence-based decisions for health system interventions” - Health Metrics Network

4 HIS has multiple meanings For the health managers, it means aggregate data; Health Management Information System (HMIS) For the nurses and doctors, it means data related to patients; (electronic) medical records (EMR) For the lab technicians, it means data related to blood samples and test results; laboratory information system Similarly, for human resources, logistics, finance, etc 5 Organization Management HIS Public Health Service Delivery Technology HIS is a broader term which encompasses various information systems and meanings

5 Health Management Information System (HMIS) Collection and use of information in order to make decisions regarding the effective and efficient allocation of resources Emphasis is on routine (service) aggregate data and analysis over time and across geographical space 6

6 7 INF5761/INF9761 Course Format Plenary Sessions (3 hours) 2/3Presentations 1/3Discussions Data Lab (2-3 hours)

7 8 Course Schedule & Curriculum All reading material as PDFs on the course webcourse web Key concepts are highlighted in lecture slides Slides will be put on web prior to lecture Handouts?

8 9 DHIS2 Lab  Training in use of DHIS2, for group work  First week  Exercises related to DHIS2 Using mainly the first hour of lab sessions  Work on group assignment the rest of the time, but teachers will be present to assist

9 10 Group Assignment Assignment Will be presented during lab sessions on Friday the first week Four – five students per group Group composition: Informatics / health ratio? statistics background ? Familiarity with DHIS2? Analysis of data from Sierra Leone using DHIS2 & Pivot Tables (excel) Topics to be covered include data quality, assessment of health status and indicators, setting goals and targets and discussing possible M&E strategies and health interventions Group presentation at end of course: –Not all need to present, but all have to contribute their fair share –Followed by plenary discussion

10 11 Exam  Group work needs to pass (presentation)  Exam Form: Home assignment  Handed out after course end in March  Approx 2 months to complete?!  Individual  Builds on lectures and readings  Builds on group assignment during course Similar analysis, but more informed by literature

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