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Home Gateway Trends October 2011 Duncan Bees, HGI CTO/CBO “CONNECTING HOMES – ENABLING SERVICES”

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1 Home Gateway Trends October 2011 Duncan Bees, HGI CTO/CBO “CONNECTING HOMES – ENABLING SERVICES”

2 HGI: Connecting Homes, Enabling Services 2 NEC

3 Broadband Services Environment 2011  Convergence of wireless and broadband (access, services)  Increasing presence of smart phone & tablet in the home  More “over the top” video alternatives  Interconnection of home area network, devices, sensors  Strong focus on energy management as leading service Broadband service providers offering more integrated and interesting services 3

4 4/27/2015 4 HG – QoS Gateway to the Home Home Gateway plays key role in interconnecting the home, providing QoS, and supporting applications and media

5 HG S/W Modularity as a Service Enabler Framework for application support on HG providing : reliability, life cycle management, remote management, module dependencies… Smart Energy E-health …

6 APIs to the Home Area Network 6 HN (devices IP based) HANydevices (Non-IP based) IP Gateway(GW/EM) HANxdevices (Non-IP based) Device/Interface Abstraction API HEM Application in the HG Remote (cloud-based) Application Internet HG with “standardised” APIs to native IP and non-IP devices First application: Home Energy management

7 HEM Use Cases Clusters 1. Visualization of current energy and power data 2. Visualization of historical data 3. Alarm in different events 4. Home Domain Overload management 5. Optimize energy cost 6. Demand response 7. End User Control 8. Consumer/Prosumer tariffs simulator Others under consideration (in-home energy production, electric vehicle, etc.) 7

8 Increasing Speeds & Feeds WAN side Fibre and high-speed xDSL LAN side Multiple Wi-Fi channels Gigabit ethernet USB 3.0 or eSATA Data over powerline, coax and phone Home Area Networking IPv6 Peer-peer traffic 8 Performance and interface requirements are increasing.

9 “Standardized” HG Testing HGI test plan for home gateways Industry test event (Nov/Dec 2011) Currently 14 home gateway and technology vendors participating TRaC laboratory in Hull, England Testing is audited by the HGI service providers 9 QoS Performance IPv6 Software Modularity Multi-session handling Content Sharing Energy efficiency Diagnostics

10 HGI Work at a Glance 10 R1 2006 R2 2008R3 2009-11R4 2012-13 Initial HG Residential Profile Updated HG Residential Profile Remote access guidelines IMS enabled HG HG-NT interworking SW Execution Envrnmnt Common Power Supply HG Multiple session Test 2009, 2010 (w logo) QoS Whitepaper HG test & logo 2011HG test& logo 2012, 13 HG performance metrics NGA (ALA) NT spec Energy Efficient HG Parental control guidelines CAT-iq profile (w DECT F) HNID QoS and Multicast HEM Use cases/archtctrHEM HG Requirements Home Net power mngmnt Home Net Diagnostics IP-PBX QoS in IPv6 context NG-Communications Home & Cloud storage service Home Network KPIs Architecture work on the HG and Home Network HG Testing NGA Green/Eco initiatives Services IN PROGRESSPUBLISHED HNID Mngmnt/ Diagnostics PLANNED HG procurement test

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