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Berlin 2003. INS Summer Meeting 2003 Berlin, 16th-20th July Hendrik Niemann, Chairman of the organizing committee.

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1 Berlin 2003

2 INS Summer Meeting 2003 Berlin, 16th-20th July Hendrik Niemann, Chairman of the organizing committee

3 Registration


5 Continuing education 1 (of 9): Allen Heinemann Evaluation of therapy effectiveness and rehabilitation outcomes

6 Symposium 2 (of 18): Emotional processing of faces Organized by Katja Werheid

7 Reiner Sprengelmeyer: On fear and disgust recognition

8 Emotional hexagon

9 Symposium 4: Vision training after brain damage. Organized by Bernhard A. Sabel Erich Kasten: Improvements of visual function in patients with visual field defects Iris Müller: Identifying training potential in patients with visual field defects Laura Julkunen: Rehabilitation of chronic visual field defect with computer-assisted training Petra Störig: Learning blindsight Reinhardt Werth: recovery of visual functions in cerebrally blind children Bernhard A. Sabel: Neurobiological mechanisms of visual training after brain damage

10 Bernhard Sabel & Petra Störig At the Nova Vision exhibition during Wednesday evening Welcome reception

11 Welcome reception

12 Ritva and Seppo Laaksonen & Harry van der Vlugt

13 Thursday morning; Opening ceremony With more than 800 participants, some 380 paper submissions, and multiple parallel sessions, this year’s INS summer meeting was the largest yet. INS summer meetings declined in size and content during the 90’s. The reversal of this trend began with the successful meeting in 2002 in Stockholm, and with this excellent meeting organized by the GNP the future looks brighter again. (See you in Dublin in 2005!)

14 Siegfried Gauggel, Chairman of the program committee …… and his movie

15 Karin Schof Thams, GNP chairman; and Elisabeth Warrington, president of the INS

16 Plenary session 1. Richard Frackowiak: Imaging structure and function of the human brain

17 Plenary session 2. Dorret I. Boomsma: Genetics of anxiety and depression in children and adults

18 Plenary 3. Argye Beth Hillis : Language representation in the brain: Insights from acute aphasia

19 Coffee break and poster viewing; Sandra Giuó & Tania Fernandes

20 … and poster presentations: Thomas Benke

21 George Prigatano & Anne Lise Christensen

22 Michael Kopelman organized symposium 5: Memory, hippocampus, and brain metabolism / perfusion with Jonathan Foster, Paul Fletcher, & S. Sünram-Lea

23 Here Mike is hard at work trying to find his file ….

24 Jonathan Foster

25 Michael Kopelman, Jonathan Foster, S. Sünram-Lea, Paul Fletcher

26 Paul Fletcher

27 Another record for the European INS meetings: No less than 19 book and other companies exhibited

28 … including Benmark GmbH with their Vibraneck for neglect rehabilitation

29 Award ceremony Lisa Bartha, Austria; Nelson Butters award Paula Alhoa, Finland; Laird S. Cermak award Katya Rascovsky, USA; Phillip M. Rennick award Claudia Grubich, Bremen; GNP award Sonja Fischer, Munich Vera Ritter, Trier

30 Claudia Grubich, GNP Förderpreis recipient

31 Friday morning Plenary 4 Ian Robertson: Cognitive neuroscience and brain rehabilitation: A promise kept Anke Bouma & Barbara Wilson

32 Ian Robertson

33 Andrew Kertesz & Klaus Willmes

34 Bruno Preilowski

35 Plenary 5 Carlo Semenza: The neuro- psychology of noun classes

36 Bob Bornstein & Sureyya Dikmen

37 Paper session 11: Neuropsychology of memory Christina Ilse, Anna Ingram, Anne Botzung, Esther Fujiwara, Hama Watanabe Auckland, NZ; Melbourne, Aust.; Strasbourg, Fr.; Bielefeld, Germany; Tokyo, Japan

38 Vicki Anderson Organized Symposium 12: Advances in the assessment of attention and executive function in children Tom Manly & Veronika Dobler: Developmental Unilateral neglect

39 Marit Korkman : Comparison of attention and executive function test scores of children with ADHD, reading disorder, and autism

40 Vicki Anderson

41 Tom Manly

42 Marit Korkman & Bruno Preilowski

43 Dinner cruise on river Spree Dressed for the occasion: AnnMarie, Randi, Catherine, Henriette

44 Catherine Mateer Bob Bornstein and daughter Marissa

45 Sureyya Dikmen

46 Henriette Svendsen & AnnMarie Low

47 Nils Landrø & Mette Underberg

48 Donald Ruff & Hendrik Niemann

49 Local organizing team

50 Symposium 15 Executive function in clinical neuropsychology: A critical analysis James Reed: Executive functions: A review Gerald Goldstein: Executive dysfunction in high functioning autism Daniel Allen: Executive dysfunction in schizophrenia Gerald Goldstein Dan Allen James Reed

51 Paper session 19 Neuropsychology II Bruce Hermann & Michael Westerveld

52 Tytti Riita & R. Huhta-Hirvonen: Late cognitive deficits after leukemia

53 Edward de Haan : The physiological basis of visual hallucinations after damage to the primary visual cortex

54 Edwards presentation was the last at the conference … Here we’ll also close

55 Photography and layout: Anders Gade End of show

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