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Surgical Palliative Care Workgroup February 2002 Three Minute Drill.

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1 Surgical Palliative Care Workgroup February 2002 Three Minute Drill

2 It took Sir Frederick Banting 11 minutes to present the discovery of insulin. If you have something more important than that to say, by all means take longer. - Advice to a young surgeon

3 1996 George Burns dies TWA 800 crashes Olympic Park bomb Menendez brothers convicted Byock introduces Dunn and Milch

4 1997-2000 The Surgeon and Palliative Care –Milch & Dunn, Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons, 4/97 Formation of the Surgical Underground –Dunn, Easson, Huffman, Lee, Milch, Mosenthal Palliative Care for the Surgeon –Plenary session, 2000 Fall Clinical Congress ACS The Surgeon and Palliative Care –Dunn, ed.; Surg.Oncol.Clinics of N.Am., 1/01

5 2001: Surgical Palliative Care Workgroup RWJ Foundation & American College of Surgeons Peter Angelos, MD Karen Brasel, MD Timothy Buchman, MD Susan Jo Bumagin, MEd Ira Byock, MD Joseph Civetta, MD Geoffrey Dunn, MD Alexandra Easson, MD Daniel Hinshaw, MD Joan Huffman, MD Wendy Husser, MPA Dennis Johnson, MD Olga Jonasson, MD Thomas Krizek, MD Robert Krouse, MD K. Francis Lee, MD Laurence McCahill, MD Robert Milch, MD Anne Mosenthal, MD Gretchen Purcell, MD A. Reed Thompson, MD David Weissman, MD H. Brownell Wheeler, MD

6 Surgical Palliative Care Workgroup Goals 2001-Present Describe current state of palliative care in surgery, barriers to its growth and opportunities for change Disseminate workgroup results in multiple venues with engagement of surgical specialists and educators Increase presentations and publication of information related to palliative care principles and techniques in surgical practice Adapt palliative care practice guidelines to surgical care Develop a research agenda Develop educational materials

7 Projects 2001 - Present Plenary session, Fall ACS 2001 Clinical Congress ACS Journal series “Palliative Care by the Surgeon” –15 original articles Sept. 01 ff. ACS website development Palliative care education for surgical training programs (Weissman)

8 Future Liaison with American Board of Surgery and Association of Surgical Educators Representation, ACS Committee on Cancer and other ACS standing committees Plenary Sessions, Spring and Fall ACS Clinical Congresses 2002 - 2004

9 Conclusions Though late to the table of palliative care, surgeons are proving to be among the most avid of eaters Certainly they will be the ones with the sharpest utensils

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