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The International College of Neuropsychopharmacology.

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1 The International College of Neuropsychopharmacology

2 About CINP 1

3 About CINP 2

4  CINP International Mentoring Programme  CINP is committed to encourage and promote international scientific study, teaching and application of neuropsychopharmacology.  To do this successfully we need to nurture young scientists and clinicians embarking on a career in this field of study.  To this end we are re-establishing the CINP Mentoring Scheme; this will provide young neuropsychopharmacologists with an international mentor to provide guidance and support in their career.

5  Who is it for?  Early career scientists often have limited opportunity to connect with experienced neuropsychopharmacologists worldwide. Furthermore, many scientists in post-doctoral or clinical specialty training may not have access to formal support structures that are often available to graduate students.  The scheme is aimed at providing mentoring for these young scientists. Initially we shall focus on "mentees" from developing countries in South and East Asia, areas that are experiencing rapid growth in scientific and medical research but with limited international connections.

6  How will the CINP Scheme work?  Those wanting mentors will be paired with CINP members agreeing to act as mentors and accepting the conditions and scope of the Scheme. In pairing mentors and mentees, the background and experience of both parties will be taken into account, as will any specific needs of the mentees.  Given the international nature of this Scheme, the opportunity for face-to- face meetings will be very limited. We envisage the use of email and/or social media for regular mentor-mentee contact, and the CINP is committed to developing a social media platform to facilitate this. Following initial contact, mentors and mentees should be in touch (e.g. by email) on at least a monthly basis. It is expected that the mentor-mentee relationship would continue with CINP support for approximately two years, although contact can of course continue for as long as both parties wish.

7 To find out more about our Mentor/Mentee Programme please visit the CINP website

8 Executive Committee 2014 - 2016 Past President Prof. Anthony Phillips University of British Columbia Canada President Prof. Shigeto Yamawaki Hiroshima University Japan President Elect Prof. John H. Krystal Yale University USA

9 Executive Committee 2014 - 2016 Vice President Prof. Pierre Blier University of Ottawa Canada Vice President Prof. Toshikazu Saito Hokujinkai Medical Corporation Japan

10 Executive Committee 2014 - 2016 Secretary Prof. Siegfried Kasper Medical University of Vienna Austria Treasurer Prof. Brian Dean The University of Melbourne Australia

11 CINP Central Office Executive Secretary Mrs Gill Moore Contact Email: Website: Congress website: Project Manager Miss Kirsty Sanders

12 To receive up to date information on all CINP activities please visit

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