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1996 AM A Annual Fall Symposium. SCAMC (Symposium on Computer Applications in Medical Care)

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1 1996 AM A Annual Fall Symposium

2 SCAMC (Symposium on Computer Applications in Medical Care)

3 AM A '96 Beyond the Superhighway: Exploiting the Internet with Medical Informatics

4 AM A '96 teledoctor slide

5 AM A '96 photo of zapper

6 AM A '96

7 Internet & WWW in Medline CitationsCitations

8 AM A '96 Medical Informatics Internet and World Wide Web Exploitation Information Science Two Themes:

9 AM A '96 Exploiting the Internet Networks in education and training Community health information networks Electronic medical records and the Web Expert systems via the Internet International health Internet publishing Uses of the Internet by care givers

10 AM A '96 Information Science and the Internet Digital libraries Telemedicine IAIMS and the Internet Sharing health information Extending the Web paradigm Collaborative research

11 AM A '96 Commerce and Telecommunications Health care is commerce How does the commercial world exploit telecommunications? How is the commercial world shaping telecommunications?

12 AM A '96 "InfoStructures" of Tomorrow Tim Wild Vice President, Tandem Computers

13 AM A '96 The Review Process 590 submissions –290 papers (53% acceptance) –32 panels –268 posters, demos, tutorials, etc. 9 track chairs + 3 specialists 388 reviewers 840 reviews (2.9 per paper) 63 sessions 1910 e-mail messages

14 AM A '96 1910 E-mail Messages 881 24 505 143 357

15 AM A '96 photos of program committee

16 AM A '96 The Program Committee E. Andrew Balas Randolph C. Barrows Christopher G. Chute Suzanne B. Henry George Hripcsak Gil J. Kuperman Daniel R. Masys Alexa T. McCray H.C. "Moon" Mullins Mark A. Musen Vimla L. Patel Mark S. Tuttle

17 AM A '96 The AMIA Staff Jeanne Nevin Janice Kennedy Vernell Henry Sharon Jadrnak Andria Brummitt Gwyn V. Roberts Y. Michelle Daniels Kristina Sims Debbie Preusse Monica Jonas

18 AM A '96 The Authors

19 AM A '96 The Authors (continued)

20 AM A '96 The Reviewers

21 AM A '96 Meeting Logistics I Paper Presentations Student papers Panels Theater Demonstrations Poster Sessions Track Keynotes

22 AM A '96 Meeting Logistics II Tutorials Exhibit Hall Meet the Experts Workshops Working Groups Sessions Closing Session

23 AM A '96 Meeting Logistics III First Timers' Breakfast Membership Meeting Working Group Meetings Committee Meetings Reception

24 AM A '96 capitol steps home page

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