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Coach Michele’s Group Coaching November 9, 2011. 2Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Today’s Topic Techniques – The Enneagram.

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1 Coach Michele’s Group Coaching November 9, 2011

2 2Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Today’s Topic Techniques – The Enneagram

3 3Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 How to Participate If you’d like to participate in the call, please press 5* If you’d like to just listen, don’t press 5* If you change your mind, you can always press 5* again to change your status If you’d like to follow along with things, there is a PowerPoint available in the client area

4 4Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Opening Q’s Before we start, I’d like to open the call to questions…It can be a follow up to last week, a success or personal development question, a question about your own life, a question about coaching, a comment or observation, or anything at all!

5 5Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Introduction The Enneagram is system for psychological and spiritual understanding and growth It describes 9 personality types or styles These types really have to do with the core ego motivators and attachments of each type In understanding and releasing your ego patterns, you discover and become your Essence This is a system with applications for yourself and in use with your clients

6 6Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Introduction Continued My favourite general Enneagram Resource is “The Wisdom of the Enneagram” – The Complete Guide to Psychological and Spiritual Growth for the Nine Personality Types by Riso and Hudson Great book on the Enneagram Even greater book on spirituality and becoming present

7 7Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 The Basics 9 Types, numbered 1 to 9 We all play out all the nine styles with our personalities, but we will have one main type throughout our lives, strongly coloured by one of the types on either side (for example, I’m a type 5 with a 4 wing) The types/styles are about how we cope with life, our ego patterns and also point towards our greatest gifts In more self-developed people, the type may be less obvious

8 8Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Why? Why is it useful to have another tool to help us understand our personalities? What might be some of the potential pitfalls of such a tool?

9 9Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Type 1 – The Reformer A.K.A. Teacher, Activist, Crusader, Moralist, Perfectionist, Organizer The rational, idealistic type: Principled, purposeful, self-controlled and perfectionistic Can lead through integrity and reason OR be hindered by perfectionism and resentment Basic Fear: Being bad, corrupt, evil or defective Basic Desire: To have integrity Distortion: Desire to have integrity deteriorates into critical perfectionism (of others but especially the self!) Lost childhood message: “You are good.” Gandhi, Al Gore, Noam Chomsky, George Will, Jane Fonda Do you think you might know anyone of this type?

10 10Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Type 2 – The Helper A.K.A. Altruist, Lover, Caretaker, Pleaser, Enabler, Special Friend The caring, interpersonal type: Generous, demonstrative, people- pleasing and possessive Can shine with generosity and healing power OR struggle with people-pleasing and possessiveness Basic Fear: Fear of being unworthy of being loved Basic Desire: To be loved Distortion: Desire to be loved deteriorates into the need to be needed Lost childhood message: “You are wanted.” Mother Teresa, Desmond Tutu, Barbara Bush, Merv Griffin Do you think you might know anyone of this type?

11 11Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Type 3 – The Achiever A.K.A. Motivator, Role Model, Paragon, Communicator, Status Seeker, “The Best” The success-oriented, pragmatic type: Adaptable, excelling, driven and image-conscious Can become an inspiring example of excellence and authenticity OR blindly pursue success and status Basic Fear: Fear of being worthless or without inherent value Basic Desire: To be valuable Distortion: Desire to be valuable deteriorates into chasing after success Lost childhood message: “You are loved for yourself” Tony Robbins, Bill Clinton, Sharon Stone, Madonna, Dick Clark Do you think you might know anyone of this type?

12 12Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Type 4 – The Individualist A.K.A. Artist, Romantic, Melancholic, Tragic Victim, Special One The sensitive, withdrawn type: Expressive, Dramatic, Self- absorbed, temperamental Can model creativity and intuitive power OR be held back by moodiness and self-consciousness Basic Fear: Fear of being without identity or personal significance Basic Desire: To be oneself Distortion: Desire to be oneself deteriorates into self-indulgence Lost childhood message: “You are seen for who you are” Judy Garland, “Prince”, Bob Dylan, Anne Rice, James Dean Do you think you might know anyone of this type?

13 13Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Type 5 – The Investigator A.K.A. Innovator, Observer, Specialist, Radical, Expert The intense, cerebral type: Perceptive, innovative, secretive and isolated Can demonstrate visionary intellect and inventiveness OR become increasingly eccentric and isolated Basic Fear: Fear of being useless, incapable or incompetent Basic Desire: To be competent Distortion: Desire to be competent deteriorates into useless specialization Lost childhood message: “Your needs are not a problem” Tim Burton, Kurt Cobain, Vincent Van Gogh, Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates Do you think you might know anyone of this type?

14 14Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Type 6 – The Loyalist A.K.A. Guardian, True Believer, Doubter, Troubleshooter, Traditionalist, Stalwart The committed, security/safety-oriented type: Engaging, responsible, anxious and suspicious Can exemplify courage and commitment OR struggle with anxiety and rebelliousness Basic Fear: Fear of being without support (safety) or guidance Basic Desire: To be secure (safe) Distortion: Desire to be secure deteriorates into an attachment to beliefs Lost childhood message: “You are safe” Malcolm X, Mel Gibson, Janet Reno, Tom Hanks, Ellen DeGeneres, “George Costanza” Do you think you might know anyone of this type?

15 15Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Type 7 – The Enthusiast A.K.A. Generalist, Multi-tasker, Wunderkind, Dilettante, Connoisseur, Energizer The busy, fun-loving type: Spontaneous, versatile, acquisitive and scattered Can become highly accomplished and spirited OR be waylaid by impulsiveness and impatience Basic Fear: Fear of being deprived or trapped in pain Basic Desire: To be happy Distortion: Desire to be happy deteriorates into frenetic escapism Lost childhood message: “You will be taken care of” Jim Carrey, Timothy Leary, Howard Stern, Bette Midler, Jack Nicholson Do you think you might know anyone of this type?

16 16Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Type 8 – The Challenger A.K.A. Leader, Protector, Provider, Entrepreneur, Maverick, Rock The powerful, dominating type: Self-confident, decisive, willful and confrontational Can be a powerful, magnanimous leader OR control and intimidate others Basic Fear: Fear of being harmed or controlled by others Basic Desire: To protect oneself Distortion: Desire to protect oneself deteriorates into constant fighting Lost childhood message: “You will not be betrayed” Donald Trump, Frank Sinatra, Don Imus, MLK Jr, John Wayne Do you think you might know anyone of this type?

17 17Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Type 9 – The Peacemaker A.K.A. The Healer, Optimist, Reconciler, Comforter, Utopian, Nobody Special The easygoing, self-effacing type: Receptive, Reassuring, Agreeable and Complacent Can bring people together and heal conflicts OR be held back by passivity and stubbornness Basic Fear: Fear of loss of connection, of fragmentation Basic Desire: To be at peace Distortion: Desire to be at peace deteriorates into stubborn neglectfulness Lost childhood message: “Your presence matters” Ronald Reagan, Carl Jung, Walt Disney, Abraham Lincoln, Gerald Ford Do you think you might know anyone of this type?

18 18Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 So much more… Superego messages Common addictions Themes: Instinctive, Feeling, Thinking Triads Levels of Development Healing Attitudes Warning Signs Directions of integration and disintegration Important Suggestions for Development The core Essence quality each type embodies in their ideal And more!

19 19Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Final Thoughts Any final thoughts? How will you use this information?

20 20Copyright (c) Michele Caron, 2011 Next Call Next call is a mastery call Wednesday November 16th at 7 pm

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