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Medical Terminology Unit 12 Prefixes of Location and Medication Administration.

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1 Medical Terminology Unit 12 Prefixes of Location and Medication Administration

2 Breathing Re/spir/ation: Breathing Ex/pir/ation (n.): Breathing out Ex/pire, Ex/hale (v.): To breathe out In/spir/ation (n.): Breathing in In/spire (v.): To breathe in

3 In- = In, Into, Not In/compatible: Do not mix with each other In/compet/ency (n.): Not able to perform its function. –In/compet/ence (n.). In/compet/ent (adj.) In/continence: Lack of control of waste removal –In/continence (n.). In/continent (adj.) In/sane: Not sane In/somnia: Inability to sleep In/coherent: Not coherent

4 In- = In, Into, Not In/cise (v.): To cut into –In/cised (past tense verb) In/cision (n.): Cutting into Vs. Ex/cise (v.): To cut out (remove) Ex/cision (n.): Cutting out

5 In- = In, Into, Not In/ject (v.): To introduce a substance into the body (usually through a needle) –In/jected (v., past tense) In/jector: One who (things which) injects In/jection: Procedure of injecting

6 In- = In, Into, Not In/fusion: Solution introduced into a vein In/stillation: Putting medicated drops into an eye or body cavity. –Stillare = To drip In/semin/ation: Process of placing semen into the opening of the cervix

7 In- = In, Into, Not In/fested: Organisms living within or on another organism In/flammation (n.): Condition with such symptoms as a red, swollen, and warm area –In/flamed (v., past tense)

8 Mal- = Bad, Poor Mal/odor/ous: Having a bad odor Mal/aise: General feeling of illness or feeling poorly Mal/formation: Poor formation Mal/nutrition: Poor nutrition Mal/absorption: Poor absorption

9 Eating disorders Malnutrition may take the form of overnutrition or undernutrition. –Hyperphagia –Anorexia –Anorexia nervosa –Bulimea –Compulsive overeating

10 Malari/o = Malaria –Disease caused by a parasite, Plasmodium vivax, carried in mosquitoes. Initially thought to be caused by “bad” night air. Mal/ari/a (n.): Bad air Malari/al (adj.): Pertaining to malaria Malari/ous (adj.): Having malaria Malari/o/logy (n.): Study of malaria Malari/o/therapy (n.): –An obsolete method of treating syphilis of the central nervous system by injecting malarial organisms into the body. Organisms produce hyperthermia, which is then terminated by antimalarial medication.

11 Tri- = Three Tri/ceps muscle has 3 heads Tri/cuspid valve has three cusps Tri/genim/al nerve has 3 branches Tri/plets: 3 infants during the same pregnancy

12 Bi- = Two Bi/furc/ate (v.): To divide into 2 branches –Furco- = Branching or dividing Bi/furc/ation (n.): The part of a structure that divides into 2 branches Bi/sexual: 1.) One who is sexually attracted to both males and females. 2.) A person with physical characteristics of both male and female (hermaphrodite). Bi/polar: Affective disorder with severe mood swings from a manic (excited) to a depressive state. Having 2 poles.

13 Bi- = Two Muscle of 2 bellies Tooth with 2 cusps Lenses with 2 areas of focus  Bi/ceps  Bi/cusps  Bi/focal

14 Uni- = One Uni/corn has one horn Uni/ovular: Pertaining to twins who develop from one ovum Uni/vers/al: Combined into one whole

15 Later/al = Pertaining to the side Pertaining to: One side Two sides Three sides Uni/later/al Bi/later/al Tri/later/al

16 Multi- = Many Multi/cell/ular: Made of many cells Bi/cell/ular: Made of 2 cells Uni/cell/ular, Mono/cell/ular: Made of 1 cell

17 Nucleus Having one nucleus Having 2 nuclei Having many nuclei oUni/nucle/ar, Mononuclear oBi/nuclear oMulti/nuclear

18 Semi-, Hemi- = Half Semi/circle: Half circle Semi/conscious: Half conscious Semi/private: Half private

19 Semi-, Hemi- = Half Half circular Half normal Half comatose Semi/circul/ar Semi/normal Semi/comatose

20 Semi-, Hemi- = Half Hemi/cardia: Presence of only half a heart Hemi/gastr/ectomy: Removal of half the stomach Hemi/plegia, Hemi/paralysis: Paralysis of half the body (on one side).

21 Semi-, Hemi- = Half Paralysis of half (one side) of the body Half of a sphere Anesthesia of half the body Hemi/plegia Hemi/sphere Hemi/an/esthesi/a

22 Genit/o = Reproductive system –Genesis = Beginning, Formation Genit/al: Reproductive system structure

23 Con- = With Con/genit/al: Born with –Congenital deformities or anomalies including Congenital cataract, scoliosis, kyphosis, glaucoma, syphilis –Hydr/ophthalm/os is increased fluid pressure in eyes due to congenital glaucoma Con/sanguin/ity: With blood, Blood relationship. A relationship by descent from a common ancestor –Sanguin/o = Blood –-ity = Quality

24 Sanguin/o = Blood Sanguin/ous, Sanguin/eous: Bloody

25 Dis- = To free of To free of, to separate, to undo Dis/ease: Free of ease Dis/sect (v.): To cut a tissue or to undo it for purpose of study –Dis/section (n.), Dis/sected (past tense verb) Dis/infect (v.): To free of infective agents –Dis/infection (n.), Dis/infected (past tense verb) Dis/infectant: Chemical or physical agents that prevent infection by killing microorganisms

26 Dis- = To free of Dis/associate: To break apart Dis/sociation (n.): Separation. Ability to move one body segment independently of another. The breaking off of normal thought processes from consciousness –Dis/sociate (v.) –Dis/sociated (v. past tense or adj.) Multiple personality disorder (MPD) –A split in consciousness resulting in 2 (or multiple) different phases of personality, neither being aware of the words, acts, and feelings of the other

27 Prefixes Post- Ante- Pre-  Behind, After  Before, Forward  Before, In front of

28 Post- = After Post/prandial (pp): After meals Post/cibal (pc): After meals Post/glucose (pg): After ingesting glucose Post/esophageal: Behind the esophagus Post/menopausal: After menopause Post/operative: After an operation Post/coit/al: After coitus (intercourse) Post/part/um: After delivery (refers to the mother)

29 Pre- = Before, In front of Pre/an/esthetic: Before anesthesia Pre/hyoid: In front of the hyoid bone Pre/operative: Before an operation Pre/mature: Before maturity (readiness) Pre/scribe: Write before you can take (Rx) Pre/cancer/ous: Before cancer develops

30 Ante- = Before, Forward Ante/pyretic: Before the fever Ante/flexion: Forward bending Ante/version: Turning forward Ante/part/um: Before delivery Ante/position: Position in front

31 Nat/al = Birth –Natal refers to birth and is related to the baby. –Partum refers to delivery is related to the mother. Peri/natal: Around birth Post/natal: After birth Pre/natal: Before birth Ante/natal: Before birth

32 Febr/ile = Pertaining to fever –Febris = Fever Post/febr/ile: Pertaining to after a fever Ante/febr/ile: Pertaining to before a fever

33 Mortem = Death Before death After death Mort/ality: Mobid/ity: Antemortem Postmortem Death rate. Statistics giving the ratio of deaths in a given population. Rate of occurrence of disease. The ratio of disease in a given population.

34 A.M. = Ante-meridiem = Before noon P.M. = Post-meridiem = After noon

35 Intra- = Within Intra/abdominal: Within the abdomen Intra/cellular: Within a cell Intra/uterine: Within the uterus Intra/ven/ous: Within a vein Intra/spin/al: Within the spine Intra/lumb/ar: Within the lumbar region

36 Intra- = Within Within an artery Within the cranium Within the bladder Within the aorta Within the skin Within the duodenum Within the thoracic cavity  Intra-/arteri/al  Intra/crani/al  Intra/cyst/ic  Intra-/aort/ic  Intra/derm/al  Intra/duoden/al  Intra/thorac/ic

37 Abbreviation Ac Ad lib AID AIH am, A.M. Bid caps CRNA exc GNID Gt/gtt. gtts Before meals (ante cibum) Ad libetum as desired Artificial insemination - donor’s sperm Artificial insemination - husband’s sperm Ante meridiem (morning) Bis in die, twice a day capsules Certified registered nurse anesthetist Excision Gram-negative intracellular diplococcus Drop, drops

38 Abbreviation I&O IABP ID IM inf instill IU IUD IV Intake and output Intra-aortic balloon pump Intradermal, identification Intramuscular Infusion Instillation International units Intrauterine device Intravenous

39 Abbreviation LPN MSN NP pc pm, P.M. PO, po prn RN sc, subcu, sq, subq tab tid (see textbook) † Licensed practical nurse Masters of Science in Nursing Nurse practitioner After meals (post cibum) Post meridiem (after noon) Postoperative, by mouth (per os) Pro renata, as needed or required Registered nurse Subcutaneous tablet(s) Ter in die, three times a day22 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 death

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