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Indonesia Internet Status Onno Bagyo Bobby

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1 Indonesia Internet Status Onno ( Bagyo ( Bobby (

2 Outline zOverview on Indonesia zInternet Service Providers zInternet Commercial Activities zInternet Education & Library Network

3 Indonesia.. z200+ million people. z300+ ethnic groups. z13.600+ islands. z80+ million workforce. z2.5+ % are university / college graduate.

4 Major NII effort zTelematika Indonesia ylead by Ministry of Transportation zNusantara-21 NII Concept y y zWorld Bank IIDP Project

5 Major Regulatory Effort zYayasan Litbang Telekomunikasi & Informatika y zTelecommunication Society y zBottom-Up Internet Regulation Initiative

6 Indonesia ISP z55+ licensed ISP z25+ ISP operational … zUser approx. 300.000 users zISP Association y zIndonesia NIC y

7 Internet Exchange zIndosat IX- 5Mbps to Internet zTelkom IX- 2Mbps to Internet zAPJII IX- no Internet zAI3 Indonesia IX- 1.5Mbps to Internet

8 Indonesia Commercial zSignificant number of Web pages. zMostly (90%) in Indonesian language. z70-80% traffic is from Indonesian site. zNo E-Commerce yet yon going framework at e-

9 Indonesia IT Community zMailing list y200+ mailing lists zInteraction with Gov’t

10 Internet for Education zSelf-finance & self-support zPartner of AI3 y zPart / Interconnected with: yAPII yAPAN ( yWIDE ( yAPNG (

11 Indonesia Edu-Net AI3 Indonesia IIX WIDE AI3 S-One / SingaREN vBNS STARTAP CA*net3 TransPAC APAN

12 Library Network zSelf-finance & self-support z12+ institutions z50+ library catalog zWeb y y zMailing list


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