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GlobalSim Ellen Roland ROLANDS & ASSOCIATES 16 th JTLS International Users Conference 4 March 2014.

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1 GlobalSim Ellen Roland ROLANDS & ASSOCIATES 16 th JTLS International Users Conference 4 March 2014

2 March 2014 JMRM Version 1.1 Released In July 2008 Principal Federates: –JTLS Version –JCATS Version First Use By NATO Exercise SFJR08 –Steadfast Joiner 08 –October 31 – November 14, 2008 U.S. Stopped Program Immediately After 2 ROLANDS & ASSOCIATES Corporation

3 March 2014 Exercise Statistics Aggregate Level Scenario: 4000 units Entity Level: 70,000 combat systems Exercise Duration: 8 days Federation availability: 98 % of duration Air tasking for civilian and military missions JCATS vignettes for joint personnel –Recovery Task (1 per day) –Time sensitive targeting (1-2 per day) 3 ROLANDS & ASSOCIATES Corporation

4 March 2014 Exercise Conclusions JMRM / NTF Works –Good Reliability –Supported Desired Training JMRM / NTF Is Useful??? –Hard to Say – Catch-22 –Scenario Selected Because Impossible To Test Under Exercise Conditions If It Doesn’t Work – Training Objectives Must Be Met Can’t Prove It Was Useful 4 ROLANDS & ASSOCIATES Corporation

5 March 2014 Lessons Learned Database Preparation –Make As Easy As Possible Test Game Invaluable –Advanced order testing was used often Practice Recovery Procedures Don’t Count On Procedural Fix To Problems –Procedures Are Easy To Forget / Ignore / Teach –Implement Code Protections 5 ROLANDS & ASSOCIATES Corporation

6 March 2014 Lessons Learned Don’t Create Non-Standard Procedures –Too Easy To Forget / Enable Errors –SDC Legacy Issues 6 ROLANDS & ASSOCIATES Corporation

7 March 2014 GlobalSim Version 0 Client Country Interested In –Multi-Resolution Federation Principal Federates: –JTLS –GEfechts (Warfare) SImulation (GESI) –MUSE/AFSERS Goal: Return To Original JMRM Capabilities –Biggest Problem – Entity Location Inconsistency 7 ROLANDS & ASSOCIATES Corporation

8 March 2014 Basic Concept JTLS Representation Covers theater area of operations Includes all relevant actors Requires time/distance coordination at theater level GESI Representation multiple interest areas polygonal may be geographically separate 8 ROLANDS & ASSOCIATES Corporation

9 GlobalSim Architecture March 2014 ROLANDS & ASSOCIATES Corporation 9 ELS EODA JHIP HLA – RTI GESI Bridge FMT-R JTLS WHIP workstations JTLS WEB Services: JXSR XMS OMA SYNAPSE MDP Apache Server GESI GESI Player Clients JTLS CEP JODA PACER Timing Federates: (minimum 1 required) JTLS and GESI Communicate via HLA Clients: JHIP and GESI Bridge

10 March 2014 WHAT is the ELS? JTLS component program which disaggregates ARUs into the representative combat system entities Entities available over the entire game board, individually selected in DDS, or filtered by Command Hierarchy Purpose of the ELS: provide a consistent representation of individual combat systems 10 ROLANDS & ASSOCIATES Corporation

11 March 2014 Current Capabilities Transferable Objects –Ground Unit Squadron, Airbase, Support, FARP, and Ground Combat Units –High Resolution Units (HRU) –Air Mission Non-Transferable Objects –Naval Units –Convoys – Reflected Only 11 ROLANDS & ASSOCIATES Corporation

12 March 2014 Current Capabilities Transfer Negotiated –Do you want the object? –Yes I do! –Here it is! –Thank you! 12 ROLANDS & ASSOCIATES Corporation

13 March 2014 Current Capabilities Damage –Types Represented Air-to-Air Surface-to-Air Air-to-Ground Surface-to-Surface –Inflict and Reflect Damage in both models –Cross-model damage through interactions Force-on-Force not represented 13 ROLANDS & ASSOCIATES Corporation

14 March 2014 Database Preparation Correlation of data is critical to GlobalSim –No Work Has Been Accomplished Yet 14 ROLANDS & ASSOCIATES Corporation

15 March 2014 Limitations Federation Requires Specific Model Versions New Units During Game Play Not Available –Dynamic HRUs –Detachments –Attachments –Cross-attachments Transfer of Naval Units Not Fully Functional Representation Of Personnel 15 ROLANDS & ASSOCIATES Corporation

16 March 2014 Advantages to GlobalSim Training at Theater and Tactical Levels Overlapping Regions Increases Tactical Awareness Within Theater Commercially Available Federates –Makes Federation Feasible Direct Link To MUSE Supported Shadow Federations Easily Utilized 16 ROLANDS & ASSOCIATES Corporation

17 March 2014 Future Enhancements Coordinate Database Creation Dynamic HRUs Detach/Attach Capabilities Naval Units Cross-Simulation Counter-Fire Improved Battle Damage Assessments 17 ROLANDS & ASSOCIATES Corporation

18 Questions March 2014 ROLANDS & ASSOCIATES Corporation 18

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