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3 $100 $400 $300 $200 $400 $200 $100$100 $400 $200$200 $500$500 $300 $200 $500 $100 $300 $100 $300 $500 $300 $400$400 $500







10 ATTRIBUTION & ATTITUDES – $100 After attending math class, Tanya labels her teacher as uptight and strict, even though she has never seen him outside of the classroom. According to social psychologists, Tanya has made the ____________.

11 ATTRIBUTION & ATTITUDES - $200 Rhonda has just learned that her neighbor Patricia was involved in an automobile accident at a nearby intersection. The tendency to make the fundamental attribution error may lead Rhonda to conclude: a) “They need to improve the visibility at that corner.” b) “Patricia’s breaks must have failed.” c) “Patricia’s recklessness has finally gotten her into trouble.” d) “Patricia’s children probably distracted her.” e) The road must have been wet and slippery.”

12 ATTRIBUTION & ATTITUDES - $300 Fernando’s favorable attitude toward capital punishment began to change when he was asked to offer arguments opposing it in a college debate class. His attitude change is best explained by what social psychology theory?

13 ATTRIBUTION & ATTITUDES - $400 What are Kelley’s 3 components of her attribution theory?

14 ATTRIBUTION & ATTITUDES - $500 After Manny’s father refused to let him use the family car on Friday night, Manny let all the air out of the tires. Manny’s angry action is best explained in terms of what social psych term?

15 COMPLIANCE - $100 Mrs. Weinerschutzel’s teenage son wants her to extend his curfew from 8:00pm to midnight. He first asks her to extend it to 10:00pm. When she complies, he then asks her to push it back to midnight. What sequential request strategy did he use?

16 COMPLIANCE - $200 Slick Greaseball is a used car salesman. He is trying to sell Mrs. Weinerschutzel, mother of 3, a car. Initially he tells her that it will only cost her $4,000. Knowing this is a steal, Mrs. Weinerschutzel accepts the offer. However when she goes to sign the papers, Slick informs her that there will be an extra $2,000 processing fee. What sequential request strategy has Mrs. Weinerschetzel fallen prey to?

17 COMPLIANCE - $300 Suzie Creamcheese is watching late night television. She sees an add for kitchen knives that will cut through metal. Recognizing the necessity for such an item, she thinks about picking up the phone, but does not. Then, the salesman proclaims that if she acts now she will receive a foldable colander for free. Quickly, she picks up the phone. What sequential request strategy is this?

18 COMPLIANCE - $400 Donny Dogooder is trying to raise money for his favorite charitable organization. When asking for donations, he first requests $10,000. When people refuse, he politely tells them that he understands their resentment, and asks them if they would like to donate $15 instead. Which sequential request strategy is he using?

19 COMPLIANCE - $500 COMPLIANCE - $500 After giving in to her friends’ request that she drink alcohol with them, 16 year old Jessica found that she couldn’t resist the pressure they exerted on her to try heroin. Her experience best illustrates which compliance strategy?

20 CONFORMITY & OBEDIENCE - $100 Marvin Muggle is placed in a room with seven Harvard graduates. They are asked to determine the sum of 2+2. Marvin is certain that the answer is 4, but all of the Harvard grads say that it is 22. Marvin then determines that the answer must be 22. What social concept did Marvin experience, who was the man who did extensive research on it, and what decade was his original study?

21 CONFORMITY & OBEDIENCE - $200 Granny is a typical sweet old lady, who does not even kill spiders. However, when commanded by a six-foot tall FBI Agent to inflict lethal pain on other humans, she is willing to comply. Which researcher studied obedience to tasks similar to this and what decade did he do the study?

22 CONFORMITY & OBEDIENCE - $300 The participants in Philip Zimbardo’s simulated prison study: a)were assigned the role of prisoner or guard on the basis of their personality test scores. b)found it very difficult to play the role of prison guard. c)were so endangered by their role playing experience that the study was discontinued. d)became a cohesive unit when they pursued superordinate goals.

23 Participants in an experiment were asked to judge which individual in a slide of a four-person lineup had been presented alone in a slide they had just seen. They were most likely to conform to the wrong answers of two confederates when the task was: a)easy and important. b)easy and unimportant. c)difficult and important. d)difficult and unimportant. CONFORMITY & OBEDIENCE - $400

24 CONFORMITY & OBEDIENCE - $500 Name 3 conditions or variations of the original Milgram study where obedience was observed to go down compared to the original study.

25 SOCIAL RELATIONS - $100 Nora, Ko, Ian, and May each think that Ms. Akey may be a slightly better teacher than Mr. Schwenke. After discussing why each of them believes this to be so, they all conclude that Ms. Akey is definitely a much better teacher than Mr. Schwenke. This episode provides an example of:

26 SOCIAL RELATIONS - $200 SOCIAL RELATIONS - $200 Sally is a middle class college student at UVA and is a devout Buddhist, she is attracted to Bob a William and Mary student who is also a Buddhist from a middle-class family. This represents which theory of attractiveness?

27 SOCIAL RELATIONS - $300 Tyler, a republican, and Alyssa, a democrat, both believe that they know what is best for the country and that the other is wrong. Their beliefs best illustrate __________. OR… During the OJ Simpson trial, a majority of OJ’s supporters were African-Americans. This is an example of what social psychology term?

28 Fred McFreddrick was walking down a crowded street when he saw a distressed damsel tied to nearby train tracks. He did not stop because he was certain that some more burly man would rescue her before the next train passed through. However, the next day he saw her obituary in the newspaper. The damsel in distress was a victim of what phenomenon? SOCIAL RELATIONS - $400

29 SOCIAL RELATIONS- $500 What theory is used to describe how two opposing groups will be able to reduce animosity if they must work together to accomplish a superordinate goal?

30 POTPOURRI - $100 After three months of riding the 8:30 bus to work, Cindy has actually started to feel affection for the gruff and scowling old bus driver. Cindy’s reaction best illustrates what social psych term?

31 POTPOURRI - $200 Instead of retiring, Drew Carey has decided to co-host The Price is Right with Pat Sajak. After several months of working together, Drew is not hosting as well as he used to. He feels that he does not need to work as hard because Pat will pick up his slack. What social phenomenon does this represent?

32 POTPOURRI - $300 An elementary school class is randomly divided into two groups. One group is called the “Smarties” and the other group is called the “Dum-Dums.” The teacher is aware of these labels. At the end of the year, the “Smarties” performed better on the SOL tests than the “Dum-Dums.” What is this phenomenon called?

33 POTPOURRI - $400 Yo Cho is shopping in the grocery story when he sees the manger beating one of the salesclerks. He thinks nothing of the incident, assuming that the salesclerk must have done something wrong. What social principle is he exercising?

34 POTPOURRI - $500 The NASA executive who made the final decision to launch the space shuttle Challenger (which then blew up on take off) was shielded from info and dissenting views that might have led to a delay of the tragic launch. This best illustrates the dangers of what social psych concept?

35 ATTRIBUTION & ATTITUDES - $100 What is the fundamental attribution error? $


37 ATTRIBUTION & ATTITUDES - $300 What is cognitive dissonance theory? BONUS: What social psychologist developed “cognitive dissonance theory”? $

38 ATTRIBUTION & ATTITUDES - $400 What are consensus, distinctiveness, and consistency? $

39 ATTRIBUTION & ATTITUDES - $500 What is the “frustration- aggression principle?” $

40 COMPLIANCE - $100 $ What is foot in the door? BONUS: By what % does this specific strategy increase compliance?

41 COMPLIANCE - $200 Low-Balling $

42 COMPLIANCE - $300 What is “That’s not all folks!” $

43 COMPLIANCE - $400 What is door in the face? $

44 COMPLIANCE- $500 What is foot in the door? $

45 CONFORMITY & OBEDIENCE - $100 CONFORMITY & OBEDIENCE - $100 What is conformity, Asch, 1951? BONUS: What type of social influence explains why he conformed in this situation? BONUS 2: What % of people conformed at least once Bonus 3: what % of trials showed conformity? $

46 CONFORMITY & OBEDIENCE - $200 Who is Stanley Milgram, 1963 BONUS: What % of ppl reached the final level of shocks, 450volts? $

47 CONFORMITY & OBEDIENCE - $300 What is C? $

48 BONUS: What famous experiment do we typically say is the model of an “easy task”? “hard task”? Need both for the bonus $ CONFORMITY & OBEDIENCE - $400


50 What is group polarization? $ SOCIAL RELATIONS - $100

51 What is the matching hypothesis? BONUS: What is the name of the other hypothesis and which one is more supported by the research? $ SOCIAL RELATIONS - $200

52 What is ingroup bias? $ SOCIAL RELATIONS - $300

53 SOCIAL RELATIONS - $400 What is the bystander effect? Bonus: In what city was Kitty Genovese living when she became a victim of the murder and bystander effect? $

54 SOCIAL RELATIONS - $500 What is contact theory? BONUS: What experiment by Sherif demonstrated this effect? $

55 POTPOURRI- $100 What is the mere exposure effect? $

56 POTPOURRI - $200 What is social loafing? Bonus: What kind of person do you want in your group if you want them to do all the work? Looking for someone with 2 specific demographic features. $

57 POTPOURRI - $300 What is a “self fulfilling prophecy”? Bonus: What 2 researchers did the famous study on this phenomenon. They told teachers they were getting the “on the verge of academic growth and success students” when really they were just average students. $

58 POTPOURRI - $400 What is just world phenomenon? BONUS: What local religious leader suggested that Haiti was struck by an earthquake because its people had made a pact with the devil? $

59 POTPOURRI- $500 What is groupthink? $



62 FINAL CATEGORY At what college did Philip Zimbardo conduct his famous experiment? In what decade did this experiment take place? $

63 What is Stanford? What is 1971? FINAL CATEGORY $

64 END OF GAME Daily Doubles and usage notes follow...

65 $

66 $

67 $

68 $

69 Robins Blue Jays Buzzards $ $ $

70 JEOPARDY! Slide Show Setup The font for the question & answer slides is “Enchanted;” a copy of this font in located in the “REAL Jeopardy Template” folder or included in the “” file. (This font will need to be installed in the C:/WINDOWS/FONTS folder of the computer running the show.) In order to keep all of the sounds and fonts together, copy the entire “REAL Jeopardy Template” folder or “” file. To change the categories: –1. Go to the “Edit”menu and choose “Replace…” –2. In the Find box, type CATEGORY X (X being 1 through 5) (all caps). –3. In the Replace box, type the category in all caps (for example, PRESIDENTS). –4. Click Replace All… To change the dollar values (for example to create Double Jeopardy): –1. Go to the “Edit” menu and choose “Replace…” –2. In the Find box, type $X (the dollar value you want to change). –3. In the Replace box, type the new dollar value (with $). –4. Click Replace All...

71 JEOPARDY! Slide Show Setup continued To set up the Daily Double: –1. Choose which dollar value(s) to set as Daily Double (normally, Jeopardy has one Daily Double, and Double Jeopardy has two). –2. Go to the Game Board slide (Slide 8), right click once on the dollar value for the appropriate question, choose Hyperlink, and choose Edit Hyperlink. –3. In the Edit Hyperlink window, go to “Named location in file” and click “Browse…” –4. In the Hyperlink to Slide window, scroll down to the appropriate slide; Slides 64 and 65 are regular Daily Doubles, Slide 66 is an Audio Daily Double, Slide 67 is a Video Daily Double. Click “OK.” –5. Go to the Daily Double slide just linked to, and right click once on the answer arrow at the bottom right, choose Hyperlink, and choose Edit Hyperlink. –6. In the Action Settings window, make sure the Hyperlink button (to the left of “Hyperlink”) is selected, and in the select box underneath choose “Slide…” –7. In the Hyperlink to Slide window, scroll down to the appropriate question slide (the original slide number of the question). NOTE: Using the Audio and Video Daily Doubles requires adding audio or video/picture clips to the question slides. If you are not familiar with doing this in PowerPoint, do not use those Daily Doubles.

72 Running the JEOPARDY! Slide Show On the game board with the categories on top (Slide 8), click on the desired dollar value. (The first game board is used only to blink in the dollar values like the show.) The question slide will pop up; the slides are timed with an eight-second timer. At the end of the timer, an alarm will chime. ICONS: –? Go to the answer screen. –House Go back to the game board. –Right Arrow (on Daily Doubles) Go to the question screen. –Right Arrow w/ Bar (on Game Board) Go to the Final Jeopardy category. –Turned-up Arrow Reload question screen after incorrect guess. –$ Go to the Scoreboard slide. –Left Arrow (on Scoreboard) Go to the previous slide.

73 “Jeopardy!” Powerpoint Template Designed and Created by Jeffrey White Copyright © 2000 Version 1.0 - Last updated 9 June, 2000 The graphics and sounds used in this template are recorded from the “Jeopardy!” television show, were obtained from the “Jeopardy!” website, and are the property of Sony Pictures Entertainment.“Jeopardy!” website Visit for updated versions!

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