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Each student is expected to make an 80 or higher..

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1 Each student is expected to make an 80 or higher.

2 1. What is bullying…in Georgia? a.Not receiving a birthday invitation b.Any willful attempt or threat to inflict injury on another person c.Not having a dancing partner at the Back to School dance d.Sitting alone at lunch

3 2. What do all forms of bullying have in common? a.They all result in physical injury b.They all make victims feel powerless c.They result in the victim losing his or her friends d.They’re directed at kids who are small or weak

4 3. Which of the following is an example of bullying? a.Telling your best friend you don’t have time to get together b.Borrowing someone’s pencil and then forgetting to give it back c.Purposefully preventing one person from playing sports at recess d.Telling a teacher when another student misbehaves

5 4. Where may bullying occur? a. School property (ex: classroom or cafeteria) b. School related functions (ex. athletic event) c. Designated school bus stops d. All the above

6 5. Which word describes the best way to deal with bullies? a.Violently b.Quickly c.Emotionally d.Intelligently

7 6. Which of the following is an opinion about bullying? a.Bullies are terrible people b.Adults can help kids deal with bullying c. Bullying can make people feel bad about themselves d. Bullies often have many friends

8 7. If a student feels bullied, he/she should NOT report the incident to a: a.Teacher b.Administrator c.Friend d.Adult

9 8. “Cyberbullies” are bullies who use digital forums to make people feel bad. Using your understanding of bullying, which of the following is the most likely behavior for a cyberbully? a.Hacking into a computer and starting an email virus b.Emailing someone the directions to a concert venue c.Engaging in a lively discussion on an instant messaging service d.Sending repeated mean or demeaning emails

10 9. What can you infer (conclude) from the fact that bullies usually don’t pick on large groups of people? a.Bullies often back down when they’re outnumbered b. Bullies never have friends of their own c.Bullies only pick on people with no friends d.Bullies never pick on more than one person at once

11 10. In the sentence, “Most adults and kids view bullies with contempt,” what’s the best synonym for “contempt”? a. Admiration b. Disdain c. Enjoyment d. Terror

12 11. What’s the most likely place to find a bully? a.At your local shopping mall b.On the internet c.On the “bad” side of town d.Anywhere that people interact

13 12. What is the consequence for a student if he/she is found guilty of bullying as a first offense? a.Warning b.Break detention c.Afterschool detention d.In school suspension

14 13. What is one tactic to deal with a bully? a.Try to insult the bully b.Try stepping on the bully’s foot c. Try ignoring the bully d. Try forming a gang to fight the bully

15 14. What’s the best thing to do if you find yourself being mean to someone for no reason? a.Try putting yourself in the other person’s shoes before you act again b.Try to ignore the fact that you’re making this person feel bad c.Tell your friends you’re only hanging out with cool people from now on d.Force yourself to be friends with the person you’re being mean

16 15. What is NOT a form of cyberbullying? a.Social media b.Texting c.Sending a note d.Emailing

17 On the following slides determine whether each statement is TRUE or FALSE…

18 16. A form of bullying is not receiving a birthday invitation from a class peer.

19 17. Regardless of the level offense, Dr. Taylor, Dr. Lee, and Mr. Wroblewski will complete an investigation in order to determine whether or not bullying has occurred.

20 18. If found guilty of bullying as a second offense, out of school suspension is the consequence.

21 19. The bully’s and victim’s parents will be notified if a bullying incident occurs.

22 20. Everything IS considered bullying!!!!

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