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Rotor Guard and Exoskeleton Attachment BY TAYLOR SCOTT NELSON (972) 977-3887

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1 Rotor Guard and Exoskeleton Attachment BY TAYLOR SCOTT NELSON (972) 977-3887 TAYLORSCOTTNELSON@GMAIL.COM

2 Introduction I am Taylor Nelson, recent graduate from Texas Tech University with BA in Public Relations. My Senior year I had an internship with Swing Wing Productions, an aerial photography and video company, in which I was the first and sole intern and where I discovered my passion for drones. The internship was cut short due to rising business activity and interstate travel, but while I was the assisting intern I served in the following duties:  Location Scout – Searched for best elevations and locations to shoot commercials and which flight paths and angles would look visually appealing.  Camera Operator – Operated the secondary camera controls on a multisystem drone. Shot stills of a driving range, video for local Hyundai commercial, and worked with real estate projects.  Marketing Assistant – Took the initiative to create marketing and research campaigns pertaining to West Texas and the city of Lubbock. Identified several potential markets for commercial drone applications.  Sales Associate – Tasked as an associate salesman in charge of contacting clients and identifying new prospectives.  Ground Photographer – Took photos and video of the drones in action for original social media content as well as for traditional media purposes and website.  Security & Inquires Communication – Interacted and answered questions from the crowds of people curious about the drones and provided security for the takeoff and landing zones.

3 Table of Contents I.Overview II.How it works III.Side View IV.Top View V.Biomimicry VI.Advantages VII.Disadvantages VIII.Target Consumers IX.Comparable Options I.Propeller Guard II.Round/360 Degree Guard X.Design Options XI.Features XII.Conclusion

4 Overview My idea is a multipurpose attachable guard that provides civilian safety and product protection. This product is designed specifically for multirotor drones, but can also be adapted for helicopter style drones. Other products on the market similar to this concept are limited in regards to purpose and design. This circular guard fits around the drone serving as a bumper between the propellers and foreign obstacles when in flight. Located within the guard are curved brackets that fan out to create a spherical exoskeleton which rapidly deploys during emergencies, malfunctions, or even triggered manually. The purpose of this guard is to serve as 360 degree protection for the drone it is attached to while allowing for unassisted rolling flight recovery, obstacle deflection, and increased in-air visibly. That is what the guard does for the drone within, but it also serves for civilian protection by reducing the surface area of injury an unprotected drone would inflict and prevents heads, hands, and fingers from direct contact with spinning propellers. The guard provides physical safety and also gives piece of mind to those who see falling drones as a concern.

5 How it works The guard attaches to the base or arms of the drone depending on the drone design. After attaching, the guard is either wired to the drone or triggered remotely, which depends on the cost of production, universal drone attachment feasibility, or the overall weight and design of the guard. The lightweight guard is then in fully operational mode. The semicircle brackets are layered behind the bumper guard, similar to a folding Chinese fan, so they do not interfere with each other when deploying. The number of brackets are divided by four, with a set on top and a set on bottom on the right and the other two sets on the left. This division of semicircle brackets keeps the guard proportional and balanced. The brackets will swivel on hinges Once trigged, the brackets will deploy in less than a second for quick and last minute protection. The guard is designed to be aerodynamic and not interfere with flight or with payloads like sensors and cameras. The materials can be altered or substituted for ideal weight and wind resistance. The optimum guard brackets are retractable and are powered electronically, by springs, or a hybrid of both.



8 Biomimicry The drone guard’s concept of mobility combined with instant protection mimics the “Doodle Bug” and the “Armadillo” in nature. Both are fairly mobile and quick for their sizes, and have influenced the design.

9 Advantages The advantages of this drone guard are: 360 degree protection – While in flight or during a fall Prevents and reduces serious injury Retractable – does not constantly interfere with cameras or payloads Increases visibility – in the air and for ground recovery Allows for rolling flight recovery Easily attachable and detachable for transport Can be made to be universally compatible Gives piece of mind to those with drone safety and visibility concerns

10 Disadvantages The disadvantages of this drone guard are: Does not work with fixed-wing drones Adds to the overall weight Adds bulk to smaller drones Replacement parts could suffice versus buying a drone guard in the short-run

11 Target Consumers  Amateur hobbyists  Commercial drone users – Filmmakers, Photographers, etc…  Nature researchers and animal conservationists  Shipping and cargo operators  Military users  Law enforcement users  Professional sports drones  Etc…

12 Comparable Products Solely Propeller Guards These products provide protection for the propellers and even help add protection for crash landings. These comparable products do not have 360 degree protection for both the product and the people around the product. The closest competition to this drone guard design provide a high level of product protection, but does not have an efficient recovery, fails if flipped over, or can loose a single guard and be ineffective.

13 Comparable Products Round/360 Degree Protection These drone guards provide rounded protection or 360 degrees of protection for the internal drone. Most of these designs provide an efficient recovery for a downed drone and even protection for persons involved with the drone, however these guards are permanently attached or get in the way of cameras and payloads. Compared to this drone guard design, these are bulky, restrict drone usage, and are not as effective.

14 Design Options GUARD BUMPER  Plastic Composite – Light, durable  Carbon Fiber – Very light, very durable  Mesh – Very light, durable, porous  Rubber – Shock absorbent, durable  Styrofoam – Light, easily replaceable  Kydex – Light, very durable, malleable SEMICIRCLE BRACKETS  Plastic Composite – Light, durable, strong  Carbon Fiber – Very light, durable, strong  Rubber – Flexible/bounce, impact absorbent

15 Features  Handheld Remote – Pocket or key-chain size gives the user direct control and makes the guard more universally adaptable to various styles of drones. It can also save space on the guard by being hand held.  Reflectors – These can increase visibility during the day giving the operator and civilians a better line of sight of the drone. Reflectors can be put around the bumper guard and possibly on the brackets depending on the size and overall weight.  LED Lights – Light will increase the visibility during both day and night. Lights can be substituted or adjusted between colors and flashing modes. Certain colors, such as red and blue, would be reserved specifically for emergency personal only.  Colors – The guard colors increase recognition and visibility while searching for a downed drone or while flying. Depending on the size of the guards, wraps or decals can be put on for marketing or advertising purposes.

16 Thank you for your time to consider my rotor guard and exoskeleton attachment. Contact me by cell or email for further discussion. BY TAYLOR SCOTT NELSON (972) 977-3887 TAYLORSCOTTNELSON@GMAIL.COM

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