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Knowsys Groups 1-5. A kindergarten teacher needs great ___ because little kids ask hundreds of questions! A. abundance B. memoir C. homage D. agility.

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1 Knowsys Groups 1-5

2 A kindergarten teacher needs great ___ because little kids ask hundreds of questions! A. abundance B. memoir C. homage D. agility E. forbearance

3 forbearance forbearance- patience The gymnastics teacher had to show a lot of forbearance when working with young girls prone to silliness and inattentiveness. Noun Var: forbear

4 We read “Eleven” from The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros. The book is not a novel or a memoir, but a collection of loosely-connected ____ all featuring the same protagonist, Esperanza. A. reprisals B. rejoinders C. vignettes

5 vignette -a short sketch that provides a clear picture The movie begins with a series of two-minute vignettes about life in Los Angeles. POS:N

6 After he left office, the senator decided to write his ___. A. memoirs B. vignettes C. dialects

7 A. memoirs memoir -an account based on the author's personal experiences The newly-discovered memoirs of the general will assist historians in reconstructing the events of the war. POS:N

8 Since the baby cried ____, the mother did not get any sleep. A. phenomenally B. incessantly C. imminently

9 B. incessantly incessant- without interruption or continual The incessant noise of the squirrels gnawing on the bark of the tree kept me awake all night. POS:A

10 ____ by her sense of moral obligation, Christine felt it was her duty to volunteer for the blood drive. A. wreaked B. depicted C. impelled

11 impel 1) to drive or propel or 2) to force The blackmailers impelled me to steal the company's secrets for them. POS:V

12 Kasey _____ disregarded the school rule about chewing gum and always had a wad of Bubblicious in her mouth. A. malevolently B. agilely C. flagrantly

13 flagrantly flagrant -deliberately offensive and shocking She was charged with contempt of court because of her flagrant disregard for authority. POS:A

14 Danger was ____ as the floodwaters began to rise in the house. A. arbitrary B. intricate C. imminent

15 imminent- about to happen The thunder, lightning, and cloudy sky signaled the imminent rainstorm. POS:A

16 Genocide, torture, and other horrendous ___ were committed during the Balkan Wars in the 1990s. A. atrocities B. rejoinders C. indulgences

17 A. atrocities atrocity- an act of great cruelty and wickedness The genocide committed in Cambodia by Pol Pot is one of the great atrocities of the 20th century. POS:N Var: atrocious

18 The police carry ____ in their squad car; they are ready to apprehend dangerous criminals. A. reprisals B. vignettes C. shackles

19 shackle- a ring or band put around the arm or leg to prevent free movement The shackles on the elephant kept it from escaping. POS:N

20 My little brother is a terror; he can ___ a new toy in seconds! A. shackle B. culminate C. dismantle

21 dismantle- to take apart After the party, the chaperons stayed behind to dismantle the background for the photographs. POS:V

22 Tornados are a natural ___ that can cause a great deal of damage to homes. A. atrocity B. phenomenon C. culminations

23 B. phenomenon phenomenon- 1) anything that can be observed or described or 2) something unusual The phenomenon of Halley's Comet appears about every 75 years. POS:N Var: phenomenal

24 The congressman refused to ___ his statement in support of the bill, even though most people thought it was ineffectual. A. recant B. rejoinder C. dismantle D. impel

25 A. recant recant- to take back a statement or to confess to being wrong The senator refused to recant his unflattering statements about the reporter. POS:V

26 In a ___ voice, the child asked the malevolent babysitter for a cookie. A. unseemly B. tremulous C. indulgent

27 B. tremulous tremulous- trembling or quaking Her shaky, tremulous voice indicated the depth of her fear. POS:A

28 Try as he might, Michael Vick could not ___ the idea that he is a terrible person. A. impel B. culminate C. dispel D. recant

29 C. dispel dispel- to clear away, remove, or scatter The politician was able to dispel all the rumors by releasing his military service record. POS:V

30 The girl’s outburst was not _____; she had been planning for days to tell off her friends. A. rhetorical B. intricate C. sporadic D. spontaneous

31 spontaneous- 1) unplanned or 2) produced without human labor When the puppy bit his own tail and yelped, spontaneous laughter rang out from those nearby. POS:A Var: spontaneity

32 The black clouds were a sure sign of ____ weather approaching. A. inclement B. imminent C. incessant

33 A. inclement inclement- stormy, harsh, or unmerciful Many Northerners flee to the South during the winter to escape the inclement weather. POS:A Var: clement, clemency

34 At first the seating chart seemed _____, but then we noticed that Mr. Hays had seated us alphabetically by our middle names. A. resilient B. arbitrary C. tremulous D. rhetorical

35 B. arbitrary arbitrary- determined by chance or whim The selection of the team leader was arbitrary and completely without reason or forethought. POS:A

36 The parents did not let their children watch TV after nine o’clock because they thought many of the programs are too _____ for children. A. arbitrary B. resilient C. indulgent D. risqué

37 risqué- bordering on being indecent or improper In Victorian England, it was considered risqué for a woman to show a bare ankle in public. POS:A

38 Emily was haunted by a ______ dream; every night she woke up in a cold sweat. A. reticent B. rejoinder C. recant D. recurring

39 recur- 1) to happen again or 2) to come to mind again When the symptoms began to recur, the parents took their daughter to the emergency room. POS:V Var: recurrence

40 The _____ way she treated her little brother changed my opinion about Julie; I did not want to be her friend anymore. A. atrocity B. ineffectual C. overt D. indulgent E. despicable

41 despicable- deserving contempt or scorn The man was arrested for his despicable treatment of his cat. POS:A

42 Lola’s grandmother made her a beautiful quilt with an ornate, ____ design sewn into the squares. A. inclement B. incessant C. intricate D. imminent

43 C. intricate intricate- complicated German watchmakers pride themselves on creating analogue watches with intricate gears, cogs, and springs. POS:A

44 As witty as he was good looking, Eric always had a clever ___ to reporters’ questions. A. recant B. rejoinder C. dialect D. vignette

45 B. rejoinder rejoinder- a reply to what has been said What made the comedian so popular was his unscripted rejoinders to the audience's questions. POS:N

46 In the nanny’s opinion, the child’s parents were too _____; they bought her every new toy and video game. A. intricate B. imminent C. inclement D. indulgent

47 indulgent - 1) inclined to give in easily or 2) lenient The indulgent parents bought their child every new computer game that came out. POS:A Var: indulge

48 Evie is an _______ reader; she read thirty-six library books this summer! A. agile B. atrocity C. avid D. dire E. overt

49 C. avid avid - eager or greedy Avid for the promotion, Abe continuously went out of his way to please his superiors. POS:A Var: avidity

50 Begging and crying were ____; the teacher would not accept the late work. A. impelling B. indulgent C. ineffectual D. intricate

51 C. ineffectual ineffectual- not bringing about the desired result My attempts at breaking the boulder with my small hammer were ineffectual. POS:A

52 The _____ on the door was rusted and needed to be oiled. A. rejoinder B. pivot C. latch

53 B. pivot pivot- the hinge on which something turns (can be a person) The pivot on the gate made a squeaking noise whenever the gate opened or closed. POS:N Var: pivotal

54 Fearing _____, Joan did not voice her outrage at the children in the neighborhood for wrapping her house on Halloween. A. rejoinder B. reticent C. reprisal D. atrocity

55 C. reprisal reprisal -a retaliation for an injury The judicial system was created in order to prevent individuals from exacting reprisals whenever they are injured by others. POS:N

56 An armadillo’s shell is remarkably ____ and is able to withstand all kinds of attacks by predators. A. reticent B. resilient C. risqué D. rhetorical

57 B. resilient resilient- able to recover quickly from misfortune or to return to the original state The women proved herself resilient in the face of misfortune; she quickly recovered and went on to be quite successful. POS:A Var: resilience, resiliency

58 We tried to convince Paul that his idea for a solar powered car was brilliant, but not ____ with current technology. A. imminent B. arbitrary C. feasible D. sporadic

59 C. feasible feasible -possible or likely Due to advancements in technology, it is feasible for the U.S. to send a manned mission to Mars in the next decade. POS:A Var: feasibility

60 I find my little sister to be incredibly ____ when my friends are over! She never leaves us alone. A. irksome B. inclement C. indulgent

61 A. irksome irksome -annoying and tedious The irksome task of cleaning the bathroom always fell to Irma. POS:A

62 The man did not commit the crime in the heat of passion; his ____ plans were found on his computer and the receipt for dynamite was on his desk. A. risqué B. unseemly C. malevolent D. sporadic

63 C. malevolent malevolent -producing harm or evil With all of the bad things happening, Melody was sure there was a malevolent spirit haunting her. POS:A Var: malevolence

64 The coach was disappointed because his new quarterback performed well only _____________. A. reticently B. sporadically C. recurrently D. flagrantly

65 B. sporadically sporadic -happening occasionally The sporadic power outages gave us an excuse to tell ghost stories around a lone candle a few times a year. POS:A

66 Sam’s ___ nature was the opposite of his reticent sister. A. intricate B. feasible C. glib

67 glib -insincere or superficial The insincerity of the clerk's glib apology angered the offended customer. POS:A

68 After his ___ behavior at the office party, George was fired from his job. A. combustible B. indulgent C. unseemly D. glib

69 C. unseemly unseemly -inappropriate or improper Nguyen and Toni began an unseemly argument at the reception dinner. POS:A

70 Even after he pored over the map for years, Jack Sparrow was unable to _____ Blackbeard’s clues. A. dismantle B. decipher C. dispel D. depict E. dub

71 B. decipher decipher-to decode or to solve Duong was unable to decipher the secret note Cheryl had written him in code. POS:V Var: cipher

72 The squirrel perched ______ on the end of the tree limb. A. reticently B. malevolently C. precariously D. dangerously

73 C. precariously precarious -dependent on uncertain premises The jungle tour guide tried to avoid precarious situations by sticking to the well-known path. POS:A

74 In one of Goya’s famously gruesome paintings, Saturn is _______ devouring his son. A. dispelled B. dismantled C. depicted D. deciphered Waldo as Saturn’s son. Goya

75 C. depicted depict -to describe or give a picture of The person I know is not the same person you depict in your journal; your descriptions make him out to be greedy and cold. POS:V Var: depiction

76 The imminent hurricane put us in a ____ situation. If we stayed, we might be trapped in the house, but if we left we risked being caught by the storm while on the road. A. inclement B. risqué C. glib D. dire E. ineffectual

77 D. dire dire -1) having terrible consequences or 2) urgent or desperate The superhero saved the earth from the dire predicament that threatened to destroy it. POS:A

78 The firefighters were able to ___ all the residents of the burning apartment building. A. execute B. extricate C. decipher D. dismantle E. rescue

79 B. extricate extricate -to untangle or free The man could not extricate himself from the web of lies he told the police. POS:V

80 The candidates campaign promises won some supporters, but most people knew it was just ___ and nothing concrete would come of it. A. rejoinder B. reprisal C. reticent D. rhetoric (example of verbal irony)

81 D. rhetoric rhetoric - 1) the art of using language skillfully or 2) insincere language The rhetoric coming from the candidates was ignored by the voters who were planning to vote the party line. POS:N Var: rhetorical

82 She was so nervous about soccer try-outs that she was only able to sleep ___. A. feasibly B. incessantly C. glibly D. flagrantly E. fitfully

83 fitful -irregular or unsteady Franklin had a fitful night's sleep since he dreamed he was being tormented by mosquitoes. POS:A

84 Barney did not express ____ dislike for the new neighbors, but we could tell he was not happy about living next door to a family with triplets and four dogs. A. imminent B. overt C. ornate D. unseemly

85 B. overt overt -not hidden Her overt reaction was one of disgust at the man's remark; her feelings were plainly visible on her face. POS:A

86 In Raymond’s Run, the writer uses ____ in her characterization of Squeaky. A. depiction B. dialect C. vignettes D. memoirs

87 B. dialect dialect -a particular form of a language spoken in a certain geographical region The dialect spoken in the German Alps is Swabish. POS:N

88 The large dog ran around the house knocking over furniture, tripping people, and _____ chaos. A. recanting B. extricating C. wreaking

89 wreak -to bring about or inflict The heavy rains caused flooding that wreaked devastation on the riverside businesses. POS:V

90 The gazelle is an ____ creature that is able to elude predators with its quick reflexes and speed. A. resilient B. sporadic C. feasible D. agile

91 agile -able to move or think quickly and easily Ballerinas and gymnasts must be athletic and agile. POS:A Var: agility

92 For the theatre students, the months of practice _____ in performances before their friends and family. A. execute B. dispel C. culminate

93 C. culminate culminate -to reach or bring to the highest point The conference is to culminate with an address by the president of the convention. POS:V Var: culmination

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