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ARGENTINA By Quentin, John, Mike and Evan. LA CAPITAL DE ARGENTINA WITH A MAP La capital de Argentina es Buenos Aires.

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1 ARGENTINA By Quentin, John, Mike and Evan

2 LA CAPITAL DE ARGENTINA WITH A MAP La capital de Argentina es Buenos Aires

3 LA PRESIDENTE La presidente de Argentina es Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner


5 LOS COLORES DE LA BANDERA Los colores de la bandera son Celeste, Blanco y Amarillo.

6 FAMOUS PEOPLE, PLACES AND LANDMARKS 740,000 tourists have visited Iguazu Falls in 2013. Iguazu Falls borders Argentina and the state of Panama in Brazil. A famous person from Argentina is Lionel Messi, number 10 on Argentina for the world cup but plays for Espana in the regular season.

7 THINGS TO DO IN ARGENTINA Visit the Perito Glacier Catch a soccer game Eat awesome stuff

8 WHAT DO THE ARGENTINIAN FLAG’S SYMBOLS MEAN? The Blue and white colors were chosen by Manuel Belgrano, the leader of the Argentinian revolution against Spain and represent the blue sky parting to reveal white clouds as is said to have happened when the liberation demonstration began in Buenos Aires Argentina on May 25 th, 1810.

9 EL CLIMA DE ARGENTINA El clima de Argentina es tropical, en el noreste, frio en el sur, templado en la capital.

10 LA RELIGION La religion primaria es catolica

11 LOS DEPORTES POPULARES Los deportes populares son… Tenis Futbol Basquetbol Polo Rugby

12 ANIMALS YOU WOULD FIND IN ARGENTINA You could find a Southern Elephant Seal.

13 LAS COMIDAS POPULARES Las comidas populares son… Chorizo Empanadas Milanesas Alfajores Flan

14 LA MUSICA POPULAR La musica popular en Argentina es… Rock Cumbia Tango

15 UN BAILE POPULAR Un baile popular es Tango

16 THE CURRENCY OF ARGENTINA The currency of Argentina is Pesos. The exchange rate is 10 pesos = $1.00

17 GAUCHO A gaucho is equivalent to a north American cowboy. Gauchos roam the plains of Argentina, southern Brazil and Uruguay.

18 FUN FACTS OF ARGENTINA The official name of Argentina is the Argentinian Republic The name Argentina comes from the Latin word “Argentum” (silver) The Pope is from Argentina (he is also the most influential religious leader) By the land area Argentina is the second largest country in south America, and the eighth largest in the world Spanish is the official language of Argentina, though many others are spoken Argentina shares a land border with 5 countries, including Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia and Paraqauy There are over 30 national parks in Argentina


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