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The Book Thief Let’s Keep Going!. Do Now Quiz review with a partner on Level 1.

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1 The Book Thief Let’s Keep Going!

2 Do Now Quiz review with a partner on Level 1.

3 The Stanley Milgram Experiment In the 1960s, Stanley Milgram, a professor at Yale University, decided to find out by recruiting college students to take part in what he called “a study of the effects of punishment on learning.” In Milgram’s words, “The point of the experiment is to see how far a person will proceed in a situation in which he is ordered to inflict increasing pain on a protesting victim... At what point will the subject refuse to obey the experimenter?” The point of this experiment is to analyze the effects that Hitler had on Germany. We can start making a connection between the things people can be capable of- in fiction and real life.

4 Hitler Youth: A Matter Of Obedience “How do average, even admirable, people become dehumanized by the critical circumstances pressing in on them?” This question is essentially asking: what makes a good person go bad? Before we make deep connections, let’s think in the context of the book: Hitler used propaganda to sway German citizens to hate the Jews. Why did they go along with it? On Himmel Street, there were many Jewish shopkeepers and citizens, but one day, they were considered to be less than human. Rudy wasn’t allowed to emulate a black Olympian. Max had to hide in a basement in order to live. Hans had to pretend to be apart of a hateful organization in order to protect his family. Liesel had to separate from her family because of her parent’s “disobedient” beliefs.

5 IPAD + VOCAB NORMS In groups of no more than 4, you will go through the vocab slides together on the iPad. When we do vocab slides, the expectation is… You are on a Level 1 during this exercise. You log on to the classroom wiki to access the vocab slides. If you are found on any other site, your group will receive one demerit. You still complete ALL the vocab squares (EB, EB, ET)

6 grimace, despair, forlorn, agonize, irretrievable, sacrifice, copious, vindication Vocabulary Set 4

7 Definition: a scowling facial expression, to make a scowling facial expression Synonyms: frown, smirk Antonyms: grin, smile Other forms: grimacing Grimace

8 One or The Other? ←#1 →#2

9 Definition: a feeling of hopelessness or depression Synonyms: misery, gloom Antonyms: cheery, joy, hopefulness Other forms: desperation, desperate DESPAIR (n.)

10 One or The Other? ←#1 →#2

11 Definition: describes something or someone that is sad and lonely Synonyms: abandoned, alone, depressed Antonyms: cheerful, consolable, happy Other forms: forlornly, forlornness Forlorn (adj.)

12 One or The Other? ←#1 →#2

13 Definition: to suffer internally Synonyms: worry Antonyms: not worry Other forms: agonizingly Often used: agonize OVER something Agonize (V.)

14 One or The Other? ←#1 →#2

15 Definition: describes something that is impossible to regain or recover Synonyms: hopeless, irrecoverable Antonyms: able to be saved, recoverable Other forms: irretrievably, irretrievability Irretrievable (Adj.)

16 One or The Other? ←#1 →#2

17 Definition: to give up something (v.), something that is given up (n.) Synonyms: offer up, offering Antonyms: hold, refuse Other forms: sacrificial, sacrificing Sacrifice (N. or v.)

18 One or The Other? ←#1 →#2

19 copious (adj.) Definition: describes something that is large in number Synonym – plentiful, full, abundant Antonym – lacking, needy, poor

20 One or The Other? ←#1 →#2

21 vindication (n.) Definition: a way of showing a person should be free of blame or is right about something Synonym – defense, proof Antonym – blame, guilt Other forms: vindicate, vindicated

22 What do these two people have in common? How might they have felt “vindicated”?

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