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Life Support By: Brianna Antretter, Rosemarie Cammarata, Nicole Beltran, Arianna Sorrento, Christina Caravello, and Joseph Lombardo.

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1 Life Support By: Brianna Antretter, Rosemarie Cammarata, Nicole Beltran, Arianna Sorrento, Christina Caravello, and Joseph Lombardo

2 What is Life Support? - Life support replaces or supports a failing bodily function. - In treatable or curable conditions, life support is used temporarily until the body can resume normal functioning. - In situations where a cure is not available, life support can actually prolong suffering.

3 Medical Aspects - Some commonly used terms for life support are: * Nutrition and hydration * Tube feeding * Intravenous feeding (parenteral nutrition) * Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) *Comfort Care/ Hospice Care

4 What do doctors say? - Life support is recommended if it relieves suffering, restores functioning, or enhances the quality of life. - Some say that this same treatment is harmful because it causes pain and prolongs the dying process.

5 Cases of Life Support - Natasha Richardson: After suffering from a head injury after falling while skiing, the actress was taken off of life support a few days later. The decision was made by her family who did not want to see her suffer any longer. -The Terri Schiavo case- legal struggle lasting from 1998-2005.

6 Cases of Life Support Cont. - A judge ordered that doctors can switch off a young boy's life-support system even though his very religious Christian parents pleaded for him to be kept alive in case of a miracle. - The boy was born prematurely and at 3 months old underwent a surgery to repair several holes in his heart. - After a month on the machine, doctors saw no improvement. - Doctors also revealed that the boy was vulnerable to infection.

7 Church's View The church believes that all ordinary means should be used in order to keep a person alive. Extraordinary means do not have to be used. Ordinary Means o considered to be medicines or treatments that will benefit the patient without excessive expenses, pain, or any other inconvenience. Extraordinary means o are medications and treatment that do not have a high chance of healing a patient. They usually are very costly and inflict much pain.

8 Church's View cont. There are disagreements in the church on the subject of life support. Some say that it is not ethical to "pull the plug" on someone. They feel as though any medical or nutritional help should not be taken from someone. Life should always be sustained. It is not morally right to not be given life support. However, if the life support is not helping the patient whatsoever then the support can be withdrawn.

9 Church's View Cont. Others feel as though life is highly valued but does not have to be sustained in all situations..If a patient would die without help of life support, then they should receive the life support. These people believe that if a person is unable to fulfill life's purposes (happiness, fulfillment, and love of God and neighbors) while on life support, then it is not ethically an obligation to sustain that persons life.

10 Benefits of Life Support Increases Lifespan o Life support offers the advantage of increasing a person's lifespan. This is beneficial for the sick people who need extra healing time. Once that person is successfully healed, then they can be taken off of life support Boosts recovery rates o When a person is on life support, new discoveries can be made in the medical field which could potentially benefit the person. For example, if a new drug is introduced while a person is on life support, that drug can be used to treat the sickness. This can enhance the recovery rates for individuals on life support.

11 Benefits of Life Support Cont.. Benefits the family o Having a person on life support means that they and their families have more time together. It provides an opportunity for families to spend more time with the patient. Sustain Hope o Life support gives the family hope that their loved one will somehow make full recovery.

12 Cons of Life Support Money o Having a loved one on life support is insanely expensive. Families are buried in expenses and have huge hospital bills to pay. Sufferage o Both the patient and the family can both suffer from being on life support. There is never any closure for the person and their families. The patients are in pain and are suffering greatly. Religion o Some people believe that keeping a person on life support may prevent a person's soul from going onto its next journey (heaven, afterlife etc.)

13 Catholic Social Teachings Life support connects to the Catholic Social Teachings for many reasons. 1. The life and dignity of the human person. -This applies because you are taking the persons dignity and it helps a person sustain their identity and if you are hooked on machines you do not have the ability to help yourself.

14 2. Call to family, community, and participation. -This applies because you are putting your life in somebody elses hands so you have the other person has to participate usually a family member taking responsibility of your life on weather you should live or not. and everyone has to get involved on their advice but its really one persons decision.

15 3. Rights and Responsibilities -You have the right to live but since you are most likely already dead you have no choice but to leave the decision in somebody elses hands. Responsibility is a big part because you are taking responsibility for someones death.

16 4. Care for God's Creation -human is God's creation and God decides when its your time to go. You are interfering with god's plan and keeping someone alive making them suffer. There is no reason to have God's creation suffer, when its their time to go it's their time to go.

17 Since life supports inception in August 1999, life support has worked to raise the needed funds to improve the EMS and healthcare communities. Life support, which started out with just five members, has expanded to over 30 volunteers and even has a board of directors.

18 Timeline 1999 - Cheri Marusa creates a vision of Life Support 2000 - Life support is established as a 501 c 3 organization. Board of Directors establishes five member. 2001 - KOMO People Helper airs a story on Life Support. Life Support Board expands to nine members. First Life Support Dinner Auction raises $41,000.

19 Timeline 2003 - Life Supports begins the process of transitioning from grass roots organization to an organization with a governing board of trustee and auxiliary. 2004 - establishes new governing board of Trustees. Life Support announces plans State-of-the-Art non-profit medical center. Over $75000 fitted to EMS.

20 Timeline 2006 - retains architects for preliminary work for medical center and EMS facilities. Life Support launches annual giving program and over $100,000 is gifted to the Upper County EMS. 2007 - 2007 Washington state legislators and governor Chris Greogoire allocates, 2.7 million in budget for Expanded EMS facilities.

21 Timeline 2008 - Ride 4 Life Support Event. First Tinsel and Glitz Holiday Dinner and Auction at Suncadia. 2009 - Purchase of first aerial ladder fire/rescue truck. 2010 - Life Support 10th anniversary underway. 2011 - completed first phase of three strategically placed fire stations for EMS. Providing first time speciality care cardiology in upper county.

22 Timeline 2012 - Life Support secured 2 million dollars from the state capital budget in order to complete Lake Cle Elum Station 78 and continue construction of Golf course. Life Supports hosts tours and Fire/EMS Stations and Swedish Medical Center.

23 Video clip of Euthanasia

24 What is the right decision? Some people feel very strongly against the use of such measures (like mercy killing) and issue a "do not resuscitate" (DNR) order. Sometimes, this treatment is only necessary for a temporary period of time, but in some cases, such as when a person is in a coma, it may be used for years. These cases are often difficult for families to deal with and hard to agree as to whether or not the person should remain on life support indefinitely. Many people refer to the decision to discontinue such treatment as pulling the plug.

25 Survey PRINCETON, NJ -- The latest annual survey on values and beliefs suggests that 75% of Americans support euthanasia - - allowing a doctor to take the life of a patient who is suffering from an incurable disease and wants to die. But the survey also finds that 58% support doctor-assisted suicide for patients in the same condition.survey The apparent conflict in values appears to be a consequence of mentioning, or not mentioning, the word "suicide." When asked if doctors should be allowed to end the life of a patient who is suffering from an incurable disease and wants to die, 75% of Americans say "yes." But when asked if doctors should be allowed to help a patient commit suicide under the same circumstances, only 58% of Americans say "yes."

26 References 1. http://www.amer http://www.amer 2. 3. h ttp:// 4. 5. 6. euthanasia.aspx 7.

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