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Eco-Terrorism...? 11/25/20101Luke Inglis: Eco-Terrorism...?

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1 Eco-Terrorism...? 11/25/20101Luke Inglis: Eco-Terrorism...?

2 Eco-Terrorism Refers to acts of terrorism, violence or sabotage for ecological, environmental, or animal rights causes against persons or their property. From 2003-2008, the FBI has credited eco- terrorism with $200 million in property damage. ($40 million/yr). 11/25/2010Luke Inglis: Eco-Terrorism...?2

3 Eco-Terrorism Many environmentalists believe that the term eco-terrorism would be more appropriately applied to corporations, governments and individuals that cause environmental destruction for personal financial gain. They also believe that the term’s main purpose is to criminalize legitimate civil disobedience by associating it with terrorism. 11/25/2010Luke Inglis: Eco-Terrorism...?3

4 “A vigilante eco-terrorist group ” (Monash University, 2008). “Sea Shepherd uses violent tactics...they are violent extremists” (Green Peace, 2009). 11/25/2010Luke Inglis: Eco-Terrorism...?4

5 “Sea Shepherd adheres to the utilization of non- violent principles in the course of all actions and has taken a standard against violence in the protection of the oceans” ( “I love Sea Shepherd...God Bless you” (Fox News Broadcaster, 2009). 11/25/2010Luke Inglis: Eco-Terrorism...?5

6 Sea Shepherd Mission Statement: “Our mission is to end the destruction of habitat and the slaughter of wildlife in the World’s using direct action to expose and control illegal activities on the high seas.” 11/25/2010Luke Inglis: Eco-Terrorism...?6

7 Tactics Ram Whaling Vessels in the open sea. Use laser devices to temporarily blind wailers. Board vessels to confront wailers. Cut drift nets and destroy harpoons. 11/25/2010Luke Inglis: Eco-Terrorism...?7

8 Paul Watson “We want the whalers to be afraid so they’re feeling the kind of fear they inflict on those they kill” (Watson, Sea Shepherd founder, 09). 11/25/2010Luke Inglis: Eco-Terrorism...?8

9 The Japanese Whaling Industry Every year attempts to illegally slaughter 1,000 whales in the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary. Kill indiscriminately, including whale calves, pregnant mothers, and endangered species. Claim that they are killing whales for research purposes only. 11/25/2010Luke Inglis: Eco-Terrorism...?9

10 International Whaling Commission 11/25/2010Luke Inglis: Eco-Terrorism...?10 Purpose: to provide for the proper conservation of whale stocks. (

11 UN World Charter for Nature: 1982 Sections 21-24: Provides authority to individuals to act on behalf of, and enforce international conservation laws ( Sea Shepherd is the only organization whose mandate is to enforce the international conservation laws of the IWC’s memorandum on commercial whaling ( 11/25/2010Luke Inglis: Eco-Terrorism...?11

12 Paul Watson “Sea Shepherd remains committed to enforcing conservation law” (Watson, 2009). 11/25/2010Luke Inglis: Eco-Terrorism...?12

13 Successes 2007-08: Operation Migaloo saves 483 whales 2008-09: Operation Musashi saves 305 whales 2009-10: Operation Waltzing Matilda saves 528 whales 2010-11: Operation No Compromise to commence in December 11/25/2010Luke Inglis: Eco-Terrorism...?13

14 Whale Wars 11/25/2010Luke Inglis: Eco-Terrorism...?14

15 Do something! “In every historical epoch there will always be those who will rush to the defence of a morally indefensible vested interest” (Mark Twain, 1884). 11/25/2010Luke Inglis: Eco-Terrorism...?15

16 Sources Monash University, 2008. Green Peace, 2009, Fox News Broadcaster, 2009, Watson, 2009, Mark Twain, 1884, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. 11/25/2010Luke Inglis: Eco-Terrorism...?16

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