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FUTURICE. FUTURICE: 3 TOPICS Mikko Viikari 2007-09-18.

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2 FUTURICE: 3 TOPICS Mikko Viikari 2007-09-18

3 Design and development of mobile and web applications Multimedia, community apps, tech demos Roots in Otaniemi Young, innovative, dynamic High profile customers in Europe and US: start-ups, telecom, media corporations FUTURICE

4 3 interesting topics available – Innovation Platform – GPS for Golf Players – Backup Service for Information on Mobile Phones Futurice provides test devices, technical assistance and a team room TOPICS

5 Users play major role in the life-cycle of ”web 2.0” on-line community services Tool for communication between the user community and software developers – Gathering ideas from the community – Rating, organising information – Roadmapping – Discussion area, blog – What else you think is needed? Focus of the project is in concept design and user experience creation INNOVATION PLATFORM (1/2)

6 Web application Preferred technologies: Java/JEE or Ruby on Rails – Re-use existing components if possible – Mash-up Futurice provides server hardware Futurice internal project INNOVATION PLATFORM (2/2)

7 GPS enabled golf application For golf players and golf clubs Client-server: focus of the project on mobile client Parters: map data provider, Golf association GOLF APPLICATION (1/3) Valinna t Poistu Väylät Oma peli Informaatio ULTIMATE GOLF

8 For players: – location data – game data (clubs, locations and score card information) for further analysis, – see the other players on the map For golf clubs: – see the players on the field – send messages to the groups – speed up the playing time GOLF APPLICATION (2/3) TakaisinValinnat Väylä 1 4 33 2

9 Technology decisions up to developer (J2ME, native/C++ S60, Python,...) Futurice provides test devices for the team and guidance on the application design Server interfaces and map material will be available during project The customer will get all the rights for the code GOLF APPLICATION (3/3) Valinna t Poistu Väylät Oma peli Informaatio ULTIMATE GOLF

10 Backup solution for information on mobile phones – Contacts – Photos, video – Messages – Etc. Server + mobile client on one chosen platform BACKUP SERVICE (1/2)

11 Technology decisions up to the team Server: JEE, Ruby on Rails, ? Mobile client on one chosen platform: Java, Windows Mobile, Symbian, ? Customer gets all rights to the results Signing an NDA is not required BACKUP SERVICE (2/2)

12 Futurice Party on Friday 2007-10-12 Other parties to come Job opportunities FUTURICE


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