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Social Media Why should we bother? Carrie Brookes Communications Manager VONNE.

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1 Social Media Why should we bother? Carrie Brookes Communications Manager VONNE

2 Introduction 5 reasons why we should bother How VONNE uses social media Challenges Useful resources

3 VONNE (Voluntary Organisations Network North East) Charity established in 2000 Regional support body for VCS orgs Over 600 members Ebulletin, website, third sector jobs Projects – health policy, policy forums, social impact bonds Campaigns – Surviving not Thriving North East VCS Awards

4 Why bother? Your supporters, stakeholders, service users already are 41m Facebook users in UK 10m Twitter users in UK Watch this powerful video about Social Media in 2013

5 5 ways the 3 rd sector is using social media 1.Campaigning 2.Awareness raising 3.Fundraising 4.Lobbying 5.Building relationships

6 1.Campaigning Reaches greater numbers Engages a younger audience Saves money (but not always time) Can work outside of your group’s ‘reach‘ Increase your speed of communication Good ideas go viral Examples: Pasties tax, #giveitbackgeorge #spit4mum, DanceAid

7 2. Awareness Raising Educational slant Informing about your cause and changing behaviour Examples: Greenpeace deforestation - Ken and Barbie breaking up British Heart Foundation - Vinnie Jones ‘staying alive’

8 3. Fundraising Donating online now normal Text ‘Donate’ to *** to give £5 Link your website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube so supporters can easily donate One ‘like’ on Facebook can be worth £5 Examples: Children North Movember

9 4. Lobbying More charities lobbying MPs and Ministers to legislate for change Never been so easily contactable and public Journalists use Twitter to gather stories Examples: Disabled activists use #spartacusreport Twitter storm to help inflict welfare reform defeats on government in Lords

10 5. Building relationships/communities Reach your supporters, service users Networking – local businesses and groups Online support networks Volunteers Journalists Examples: #northeasthour #nefollowers Most influential NE tweeters list #riotcleanup

11 How VONNE uses social media Twitter: Relationships with journalists, sharing content, interacting with policymakers, promoting North East charities Blog - ‘behind the scenes’ Facebook - awards YouTube - awards videos, speeches, Linkedin - networking

12 Challenges Finding the time Figuring out how it works What to write Growing your audience Getting the chief exec on board

13 Useful resources Social media guides and advice: ‘About that first Tweet’ practical guide for charities:

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