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You fight for your clients. We fight for you! Thank you for your commitment to The REALTOR® Action Fund and organized real estate! Time is of the Essence!

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1 You fight for your clients. We fight for you! Thank you for your commitment to The REALTOR® Action Fund and organized real estate! Time is of the Essence! What can we do during the next 90 Days?

2 Agenda What is REALTOR® ACTION FUND (RAF)? Captain Mission/Objectives What Can We Do Immediately? (During the next 90 Days) –Talk to Your Association… –Staff Education –Reach Out/Talking Points –Phone Banking –R.A.F. Payment Plan Resources Adjourn

3 What is the REALTOR® Action Fund (RAF)? The RAF is the money raised to advance the goals of our REALTOR ® political action committees (PACs) at the local, state and federal levels of government. Every REALTOR® is asked to make this voluntary investment when paying their yearly membership dues. For more information refer to RAF Guide

4 Fundraising Captain’s Mission & Objectives For the next 90 Days Lead by Example: Invest $197! Make sure we all get the word out to invest now during Dues Billing Provide leadership and urgency to your association’s fundraising efforts Encourage participation at levels of $49 and above outside regular dues billing.

5 What Can We Do Immediately? (During 2010 Dues Billing Cycle) Please verify that your association includes the R.A.F. contribution above the line if they are not already doing so. Include Dues Billing Insert w/Dues Billing mailing Educate Association Staff personnel who work directly with members FTC Outreaches: Visit the largest offices w/in your association first and work your way down Phone banking Talk to your colleagues! Post information in your newsletter! Discuss payment plan-- $20 and above can be put on a monthly schedule! NEVER ACCEPT CASH PAYMENTS!

6 2010 Dues Billing Sample With R.A.F. Above the line

7 DUES BILLING INSERT! For more information refer to RAF Guide

8 Now is the time to: REACH OUT ! Reach out to your fellow REALTORS®, wherever they congregate such as new member orientations, office meetings, caravan meetings, and local association meetings When you are given a chance to speak, briefly state why REALTORS® and their allies need to be involved politically. –Tell them why you are an investor. –Thank any recent or high dollar investors. –Ask them to participate in RAF. –Ask them to help you spread the word. A field representative can assist you on your outreach efforts. Please be sure to contact them! For more information refer to RAF Guide

9 2009 Letter to Members: Talking Points Dear Member: Thank you for your continued support of organized real estate and the California Association of REALTORS®. As you know, the 2010 Dues Billing Cycle is now underway. Imagine for a moment, that California Association of REALTORS did not have a Government Affairs Team and REALTOR® Action Fund… The threats listed below could have affected the way you do business! The California Association of REALTORS®: PRESERVED: Property Profiles: Title insurance companies stopped providing property profiles in a reaction to a letter issued by the Department of Insurance; DEFEATED: 3% Independent Contractor Withholding: 3 times in 2009! Politicians proposed a 3% independent contractor withholding requirement that would have forced you to make no-interest loans to the state; and DEFEATED: Point of Sale Bills: Multiple bills were introduced which if passed would have resulted in, as much as, $20,000 of costs per home to close escrow. Given California’s ongoing state budget shortfall, 2010 will be another contentious year. Your support is needed now more than ever. To preserve C.A.R.’s ability to fight for you! Again, dues billing cycle is underway; please invest $49 in the REALTOR® Action Fund! The REALTOR® Action Fund protects you from the politicians. The Fund is non-partisan and supports pro-real estate and business, Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Thank you. Sincerely, Steve Goddard 2010 President California Association of REALTORS®

10 Phone Bank Strategies Phone Banking Guidelines: The telephone solicitation guidelines were created to inform you of C.A.R.’s company policy on placing calls to C.A.R. members; to ensure that your calls comply with federal and state laws; and to make each call an effective pleasant and rewarding experience for both you and the member. Please review the guidelines in your RAF Guide and be sure to follow them and the script when setting up your phone bank. For more information refer to RAF Guide

11 Above All Ask! Again, make a personal investment of $197 to the RAF. This shows others that you are doing your part and makes asking others to contribute easy. Have a one line answer memorized for why you personally felt it was so important to contribute to RAF. Remember To Ask Everyone To Invest On the Spot When surveyed most people say that they don’t contribute because no one has ever asked them to. Always end a presentation with, “Can we count on your support today?” If they say not today, ask when, and always follow up. Why Should REALTORS® Invest in RAF? They get a terrific return on their $197 investment. C.A.R.’s legislative successes, save members over $13,000 a year by defeating costly legislation that threatens their ability to serve their clients and sell real estate. And its easy! REALTORS® can simply contribute in monthly installments! Contributions of $197 may be paid over 12 months at a rate of $16.42.

12 R.A.F. Payment Plan Investment AmountMonthly Payment $ 20$ 1.66 $ 49$ 4.08 $ 98$ 8.17 $197$16.41

13 Resources Government Affairs Field Representatives Laiza Garcia - Northern Coast 916-832-3522 Matt Garth - Greater L.A. 310-809-0372 Rian Barrett - Central Valley 916-248-0981 Julia Parenteau – OC, SD, and the Desert Juliap@car.orgJuliap@car.org714-654-4929 Lynn Movroydis – State Fundraising Field Representative Lynnm@car.orgLynnm@car.org949-218-0387 Lisa Edwards – CREPAC Staff Coordinator lisae@car.orglisae@car.org916-492-5200 David Howard – Political Affairs Director Annly Roman – Administrative Assistant annlyr@car.organnlyr@car.org916-492-5200

14 R.A.F. Statistics Year Total Membership Number of Contributors Per Member/ Per Contributor Total Contribution %of Members Contributing to RAF 2001 103,74532,948$18 / $57 $1,872,15832% 2002 117,15334,193$16 / $56 $1,929,08229% 2003 136,97743,709$19 / $58 $2,553,83032% 2004 161,24556,689$24 / $67 $3,808,11535% 2005 193,93262,667$23 / $71 $4,474,45632% 2006 211,24561,151$25 / $89 $5,466,04629% 2007 207,99956,826$22 / $82 $4,649,21027% 2008 183,83539,690$18 / $83 $3,301,79622% 2009 166,18331,786$15 / $80 $2,540,84219%

15 2010 Threats Webster – “Threat” 1) An expression of intention to inflict evil, injury or damage 2) An indication or warning of probable trouble State Budget $20 Billion?? Service Tax Flat Tax Transfer Tax Split Roll Withholding Mortgage Int. Deduction Bus. License Tax Other ? ? ? Real Estate Finance? Point-of-Sale Agency (Predatory Selling) Independent Contractor Environmental Hazard

16 RECAP Lead by Example Educate Help elevate RAF participation in 2010 Always get C.A.R. staff approval, prior to planning a supplemental fundraising Activity NEVER ACCEPT CASH PAYMENTS!

17 Ideas, Comments, Questions? REALTORS® don’t let other REALTORS® opt out Because…. When every REALTOR® makes an Investment in RAF…Everybody wins! Thank you so much for your time and your commitment. We cannot win without you!

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