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Signs & Wonders by Kornel S. Gyalokay. Signs & Wonders 2 Purpose  To introduce Signs & Wonders  To provide contextual information surrounding Signs.

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1 Signs & Wonders by Kornel S. Gyalokay

2 Signs & Wonders 2 Purpose  To introduce Signs & Wonders  To provide contextual information surrounding Signs & Wonders  To provide a practical guide to the Healing Ministry and equip the faithful to become instruments of Signs & Wonders

3 Signs & Wonders 3 Roadmap of Study  History of Signs & Wonders  Examples of Signs & Wonders  Defining Signs & Wonders  Who Works Signs & Wonders?  Are Signs & Wonders Necessary?  How to “Do the Stuff”, Being Instruments of God.  Why is God not working through me?  What does this mean to you?  Questions / Answers - Session-1 - - Session-2 - - Session-3 -  

4 Signs & Wonders 4 History of Signs & Wonders Context of Human History  The Bible is recognized by scholars as a Primary Source not only because of its origin and co-authorship with the Holy Spirit but also because of its cross-reference able accuracy to history and early authorship. This is an excellent place to start.  While our general surroundings all appear “natural”, we in fact are supernatural and live in a supernatural world. 1 Signs & Wonders precede mankind.  Human history is tightly bundled with the recognition that the supernatural breaks into the natural in response to human activity (sacrifice, behavior & prayer).  Written human history dates back to about 4000B.C, oral tradition however may be traced back as far as 6000B.C.  What we know of reality is either someone else’s account of time or through our own experience. Since our experience is limited, reliance on the accounts of others is important. Thus written records are most useful in tracing out the History of Signs & Wonders. - Session-1 -

5 Signs & Wonders 5 History of Signs & Wonders Biblical Perspective  The Old Testament (Hebrew Text) records a large number of distinct miracles ranging from healings, to multiplying food, bringing forth water from rocks, resurrecting the dead, literal consumption of people by holy fire, and demonstrations of power over nature among others.  In the Old Testament era, the delivery of Signs & Wonders occurred usually through a prophet or a judge appointed by God. At times God would intervene through His sovereign will (omitting the use of human agents).  The New Testament (Greek Text –record of the early Church) also records a large number of distinct miracles ranging from healings, to multiplying food, collaboration with angels, resurrecting the dead, casting out demons, and demonstrations of power over nature among others.  In the New Testament era, the delivery of Signs & Wonders occurred through common converts and believers in Christ (ranging from the newborn Christian to the Apostles). - Session-1 -

6 Signs & Wonders 6 History of Signs & Wonders Middle Ages and Beyond  The Middle Ages lasted from the 5 th Century to the 15 th Century C.E (Common Era). This period was characterized by the breakdown of Roman Society and the Institutionalization of the Church (forgetting about their first love [Jesus]).  The Church in general enjoyed great influence and power, at the cost of spiritual strength and effectiveness. Its sensitivity to our Lord Jesus grew dimmer and colder until the Reformation (1517) and the Counter-Reformation (1545) occurred.  While Signs & Wonders did not completely disappear from sight, the widespread healing ministry experienced in the early Church fell into disuse and became forgotten during the early Middle Ages.  Just over 150 years ago, the practice of healing resumed as the seeds of reformation grew into fruit bearing trees resulting in the Charismatic Movement of the 1960s and the widespread prayer/healing ministries existent throughout the Church body today. - Session-1 -

7 Signs & Wonders 7 History of Signs & Wonders Rediscovering the Faith of the Early Church  Contemporary society in its scientific and humanistic philosophy and worldview struggles with the re-emergence of accepting the supernatural.  Renown author Walter Wick notes “Angels, Demons and the Devil have become unmentionables of western society, and these topics are not tolerated in sophisticated circles”. I would also add that over the past few years, even the name of Jesus and the more generic reference to YHWH as God are now frowned upon.  While the Church is on the decline in Europe and the Western World, the greatest spiritual renewals and Church growth are found in pockets of the Church where Signs & Wonders are embraced and practiced.  With a hunger for the genuine and the true, today’s generation is recapturing what it means to be like the 1 st Century Church… operating in the gifts and breaking the bondages of institutional, cultural and political chains in favor of their first love [Jesus]. - Session-1 -

8 Signs & Wonders 8 Examples of Signs & Wonders Biblical Examples Healing - Restore Sight - Restore Hearing - Cure Poison - Cure Lame/Crippled - Cure Leprosy - Cure Impotence - Casting out of Demons - Restoration from Death Control Nature - Release of Flood - Parting Seas/Rivers - Commanding the Seas to be still - Commanding rain/drought - Sun stood still / moved backwards - Meteor Shower (Sodom & Gomorrah) - Earth opens up and swallows - Animals tamed - Walking on water - Ten Plagues Miracles - Water from Rocks - Manna from Heaven - Burning Bush (without burning) - Consuming Fire - Multiplying Food (Fish & Bread) - Being caught up to Heaven - Session-1 -

9 Signs & Wonders 9 Examples of Signs & Wonders Contemporary Examples  Tried doctors without avail.  Prayed for skin problem without avail.  Continued prayer resulted in “Word of Knowledge”, to pray for Jason’s heart (not skin).  Prayer for heart brought full healing. Jason Paterson (3yrs old)* Niki Ochenski  Head injury sustained in a car wreck  Developed crippling pain throughout body  Developed extreme allergies  Bound to wheelchair full time  Couldn’t feed or take care of self  Had to wait on God’s timing (appointed time)  Renewed prayer of faith instantly healed her ---- 5 yrs ---- ---- 1yr ----- - Session-1 -

10 Signs & Wonders 10 Examples of Signs & Wonders Contemporary Examples Rose Powers (benevolence ministry lead for the Streetlight Ministry in Woodbridge VA) reported God’s response to her need in filling up her gas-tank with gasoline while being stuck in traffic and running on empty. “After praying, the needle actually moved to half way full”… “it was amazing”! Signs & Wonders - Breaking Addictions - Breaking the Power of Strongholds - Healing Emotional Wounds - Restoring Sight - Restoring Hearing - Healing Tumors / Cancer - Cure Lame / Crippled - Cure Impotence - Freeing individuals of the Demonic - Freeing individuals of Mental Illnesses - Resurrections (reported in Africa) - Multiplying Food - Receiving Words of Knowledge - Receiving of Visions - Session-1 -

11 Signs & Wonders 11 Defining Signs & Wonders Definitions Signs & Wonders – (Sign) sēmeion [Greek] meaning “a sign, mark or token that by which a person or a thing is distinguished from others and is known” or “miracles and wonders by which God authenticates the man sent by him, or by which men prove that the cause they are pleading is God’s.” 1 - (Wonder) teras [Greek] meaning “something so strange as to cause it to be ‘watched’ or ‘observed’” or an occurrence so out of the ordinary as to be a miracle. 2 Signs & Wonders in the Context of Kingdom Theology - Signs and Wonders are the natural outpourings of the Holy Spirit in the “here but not yet” age we live in [the veil has been torn, we have been washed clean]. 3 Signs and Wonders occur either at the direct will of the Father or by the graces of the Father in response to human petition. They are always accomplished through the Holy Spirit to further the Kingdom of God by empowering the citizens of the Kingdom to truly “be” and reflect the image in which they were created (enabling them to perform signs & wonders). - Session-1 -

12 Signs & Wonders 12 Defining Signs & Wonders Categories Healing Ministry Control over Nature Miracles  Although there are no limits to the many ways in which God can and does demonstrate His power and love; three main categories may be observed in order of frequency recorded in the Bible (Miracles, Control over Nature and the Healing Ministry).  As disciples we are encouraged to pray to be vessels for all of them, however the most frequent by far even today is the Healing Ministry of God which is the primary focus of the rest of this presentation. 1)Miracles – Signs & Wonders related to neither healing nor demonstrated control over Nature 2)Control over Nature – Signs & Wonders that demonstrate God’s sovereignty over Nature and natural forces. 3)Healing Ministry – Signs & Wonders that demonstrate God’s heart in bringing about restoration, reconciliation, spiritual and physical wholeness - Session-1 -

13 Signs & Wonders 13 Defining Signs & Wonders Healing Ministry  “Healing is the most convincing demonstration to most people that God is truly with them – indeed, one of the names of God in the Old Testament is “Emmanuel” meaning “God with us”.  “Jesus did not promote a ‘signs and wonders’ ministry. He himself was the sign. The ministry was not divorced from the person.” His greatest work of healing was that of reconciling humanity back into the presence of the Father (healing the sting of sin/death).  There are four general areas of Healing needs, see graph below Sickness of Spirit (Soul) Sickness of Emotions Sickness of Body Sickness Spirit (Demonic) - Session-1 -

14 Signs & Wonders 14 Defining Signs & Wonders Healing Ministry Continued  Sickness of Spirit (Soul) – Deals with the effects of personal sin Remedy – Repentance / Seeking Forgiveness  Sickness of Emotions – Deals with the effects of shame, anger, self-pity, unforgiveness, bitterness, emotional trauma, childhood abuses usually resulting from the sins of others. Remedy – Prayer for Inner Healing / Counseling  Sickness of Body – Deals with physical injuries, deformities or disabilities, chemical imbalances, diseases and psychological stress usually resulting from circumstances. Remedy – Prayer of Faith / Medical Care  Sickness of Spirit (Demonic) – Deals with the effects of demonic influence, which ranges from being vexed or harassed by demons to full blown possessions [Christians can never be possessed, however the unsaved have that possibility]. Remedy – Prayer of Deliverance Doing the Diagnosis - Session-1 -

15 Signs & Wonders 15 Who Works Signs & Wonders? The Good Guys Who is on the side of Good?  God (Father, Son & Holy Spirit)  Heavenly Hosts God’s Angels  Children of God The redeemed Chain of Command  All power and authority rests with God, the heavenly hosts and the children of God simply reflect God’s power and glory (as delegated authority and power).  God’s Angels are under Jesus’ command (not ours), our prayers need to be directed at the Father through the name of Jesus.  The redeemed have direct access to the Father through Jesus. - Session-2 -

16 Signs & Wonders 16 Who Works Signs & Wonders? The Good Guys Continued  While all power and authority resides with God, Jesus said “anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” (John 14:12)  God’s Motivation: Preach the Good News (Salvation is at Hand) Bind up the Broken Hearted Proclaim Freedom to the Captives Release from Darkness for the Prisoners Anoint with Oil of Gladness Take away shame and disgrace Heal the sick Raise the Dead Cleanse those with Leprosy Drive out Demons --- Isaiah 61 --- -- Matt 10:8 -- “…that you may be sons of your Father in heaven” (Matt 5:45a) “…that you may have life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10b) - Session-2 -

17 Signs & Wonders 17 Who Works Signs & Wonders? The Good Guys Continued Methods Employed: Intercession (Rom 8:34) Compassion (Matt 20:34) Mercy (Micah 5:8) Blessing (Mark 10:16) Love Joy Peace Patience Kindness Goodness Faithfulness Gentleness Self-Control Self-Sacrifice (Isaiah 53 / John 19) Obedience (Philippians 2:8) Etc… (see Word of God) -- Galatians 5:22-23 -- - Session-2 -

18 Signs & Wonders 18 Who are the Miracle Workers? The Bad Guys Who is on the side of Evil?  Satan & His Demons  “the authorities… the powers of this dark world and the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” (Eph 6:12)  By default, the children of Men (even unknowingly) 1 Chain of Command  Lucifer rules over the fallen angels (aka. Demons, approximately 1/3 of the host of heaven. (Rev 12:4)  Hierarchical chain of command, with delegated power/authority (limited by God’s protective influence, yet permitted by God). - Session-2 -

19 Signs & Wonders 19 Who are the Miracle Workers? The Bad Guys Continued  Satan – “He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” (John 8:44)  Satan’s Motivation: Spite God by despoiling his human creation Proclaim a “new” Gospel (be self-centric, independent and uncouth) Exalt self (worship offered to anyone besides God is worship offered to Satan) Stop the advance of the Kingdom of God Exert enslaving control over humanity Defile that which is Holy Tear down and destroy Distort the truth Cripple and induce sickness Weaken and kill “…sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you…” (Gen 4:7) “… your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. (1 Peter 5:8) - Session-2 -

20 Signs & Wonders 20 Who are the Miracle Workers? The Bad Guys Continued - Session-2 - Methods Employed: Speak his natural language (lie) Incite self-reliance Incite addictions Incite rage and anger Incite dissatisfaction Inflate pride/arrogance Erect false gods Create busyness / distractions Entice through temptations Encourage utilitarianism Inflict sickness and disease Demonically Oppress Demonically Infest Demonically Possess Etc… (see Word of God)

21 Signs & Wonders 21 Who are the Miracle Workers? The Bad Guys Continued - Session-2 - How do I know its demonic? If its based on the power of idols/gods: - Witchcraft: Inherent quality of psychic act (usually requires familiars/demons) - Sorcery: Employment of rites/spells (calling on familiars/demons for power) - Wizardry: Practice of both Witchcraft & Sorcery Possibly demonic of origin if someone is exhibiting:  Knowledge of a language previously unknown to the speaker.  Knowledge of secret and remote things  Unnatural or supernatural strength  Extreme aversion to the things of God/Church  Evidence of multiple personalities, clairvoyance and transience  Evidence of Extra Sensory Perception  An abiding love for evil/perversion  Addictions they know they need to quick, but cant.  Unnatural hate/aggression towards others

22 Signs & Wonders 22 Who are the Miracle Workers? The Bad Guys Continued - Session-2 - Non ChristiansBothChristian  Can be drawn away from the truth of the Gospel  Can be enticed and tempted  Can be demon harassed, oppressed, infested or possessed  Can be demon harassed, oppressed or infested but cannot be possessed  Garbage in one’s life has direct relationship to openness to demonic attack [crack in the armor]). Where they are permitted or tolerated, they appear. Obedience matters!  High Payoff Target (child of God)  Low Payoff Target (already in the bag) Limits on demonic power and reach  Are subject to the after-effects of original sin on this world (decay, sickness, poverty, injustice, aging/death…)  God can always overrule/overpower any past or present lost territory… ultimately, demons cannot overreach the boundaries set before them by God.  Can be affected by generational curses

23 Signs & Wonders 23 Are Signs & Wonders necessary? - Session-2 - We are naturally geared to be supernatural, so ABSOLUTELY!  We (Christians) are commanded to expect and operate in them… “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons.” (Matt 10:8)  We (Christians) have been given a promise and a prophecy, “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father”. (John 14:12)  Conventional warfare against Satan and his minions is futile, God’s intervention is required, “For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with have divine power to demolish strongholds.” (2 Cor 10:4)  Expecting Signs & Wonders and being vessels of God’s works is organic to being a Christian, the ministry is integral to our being (just as it was to Jesus’ ministry).

24 Signs & Wonders 24 Are Signs & Wonders necessary? Continued - Session-2 - “Healing is the most convincing demonstration to most people that God is truly with them.” (Dr. Prosser, Healing Manual p. 6 ) “The ministry of healing lifts the central doctrine of redemption and salvation from the realm of the abstract to the realm, where the real person lives and suffers.” (Dr. Prosser, Healing Manual p. 6 )

25 Signs & Wonders 25 Being Instruments of God The Basics - Session-2 - God can use anyone or anything to see His will come to pass:  Angels: Hezekiah Saved; Devastated Assyrian Army (2 King 19:35)  Believers: Entire Book of Acts / Segments of New Testament  Non-Believers: Casting out Demons (Mark 9:41)  Animals: Balaam & Talking Donkey (Num 22:21:33)  Stones: Stones Crying Out (Luke 19:40) “One of the keys to being used in the gifts of the Spirit and Gifts of healing is a willingness to be an instrument in the hands of God, willing to be nothing if that pleases Him.” (Dr. Prosser, Healing Manual p.32) Being used consistently in the service of the Lord streams from a personal relationship with Jesus for it is by His Name that we are empowered. “The ideal situation is for us to have such an intimate and continual communication with God that we have His mind on an individual situation. In studying Scripture, we see that Jesus was so close to God that He merely spoke into being that which he already saw the Father doing.” (Dr. Prosser, Healing Manual p.32)

26 Signs & Wonders 26 Being Instruments of God The Basics Continued - Session-2 - Faith needs to be in the person of God, not faith-in-faith! (Dr. Prosser, Healing Manual p.31) Obedience and self-surrender are foundational, “If you love me, you will obey what I command.” (John 14:15) “No man can do a great and enduring work for God who is not a man of prayer and no man can be a man of prayer who does not give much time to praying.” (E.M Bonds, Power Through Prayer) “Holiness energizing the soul, the whole man aflame with love, with desire for more faith, more prayer, more zeal, more conservation – this is the secret power.” (E.M Bonds, Power Through Prayer)

27 Signs & Wonders 27 Being Instruments of God Types of Prayers - Session-2 - Prayer of Repentance Also known as praying the sinners prayer, it confesses and surrenders specific sins (as convicted) so that the Lord may do a great work and wash spiritually clean the person doing the repentance. Prayer of repentance is prayed to heal “sickness of the spirit” caused by sin (can bring emotional, physical and spiritual healing). Prayer of Petition This prayer voices needs for self or others and requests divine intervention on behalf of resolving the need at hand. Prayer of petition is best administered through the laying on of hands when praying for others. Prayer of petition is prayed to heal “physical sickness” and bring about miracles to meet earthly needs.

28 Signs & Wonders 28 Being Instruments of God Types of Prayers Continued - Session-2 - Prayers which elevate needs of others to the attention of the Father, usually done in prayer groups on a periodic basis (a daily or a couple of times a week). Intercessory prayer is prayed to meet the needs of others (physical, spiritual, financial) and bring about miracles to meet these needs. Intercessory Prayer Prayers which focuses on and elevate a specific need of an individual over an extended continuous period (20-45 minutes) of time. Soaking prayer is best administered through the laying on of hands and in a prayer group. Soaking prayer is administered most often in order to break free from strongholds and progressive illnesses. Soaking Prayer

29 Signs & Wonders 29 Being Instruments of God Types of Prayers Continued - Session-2 - Prayer of Command (There are two types of payers of command) This prayer is usually prayed to command nature and introduce epic type miracles. Praying God’s Specific Will This prayer is unique as it is specific to time, place and circumstance… it is literally speaking into being with authority what the Holy Spirit has revealed (doing that we see the Father doing). This is based on a clear vision and understanding of the divine will as is revealed by the Holy Spirit. Prayer of Deliverance This prayer is prayed when suspecting demonic harassment, oppression, infestation or possession is at hand. This type of prayer should be done by a prepared prayer group and requires follow on prayer and visitations. This prayer is usually prayed to free individuals from demonic influence.

30 Signs & Wonders 30 Being Instruments of God Preparedness - Session-2 - Prayer offered from the heart with conviction and faith is all that is needed on our part, yet there are some general pointers worth observing when praying for others to increase our chances of seeing God’s blessings poured out. Personal Preparedness: Spend time in the presence of God so that you may know His voice. “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”(John 10:27) Live a life of Holiness and do not give the Devil a foothold in your life… so that when you pray your prayers would quickly rise to God. “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” (John 5:16b) “if I had cherished sin in my heart, the Lord would not have listened.” (Psalms 66:18) Remember that you are not the healer, Jesus is. So, let God be God and don’t worry about the outcome… pray in earnest in obedience and love.

31 Signs & Wonders 31 Being Instruments of God Preparedness Continued - Session-2 - Praying to Take the Land For those that have already prepared themselves and are ready to go on the offensive, “prayer mapping” and “prayer walking” are useful tools/methods to utilize in support of continuous intercession in order to break down strongholds over towns, cities and other local in need of a spiritual awakening. Prayer Mapping: Literally mapping out a geographic location and observing the spiritual state of businesses, homes and families. This is usually accomplished through observation and “Prayer Walking”, whereby a believer walks the geographic zone and through spiritual discernment identifies spiritual strongholds. Spirit of Greed Spirit of Lust Spirit of Anger Adult Store Abortion Clinic Fortune Telling Night Club Spirit of Addiction Sample (Not Real)

32 Signs & Wonders 32 Being Instruments of God Prayer Model (Praying for Others) - Session-2 - Praying for Others There are no magic formulas to getting God to move on our behalf… God seeks to have His will done on earth as it is Heaven. To the extent that we can know His general and specific will, is the extend to which we need to be praying. Recommended Steps to Follow:  Approach person with expectation (God will intervene)  Accept the person as they are (Jesus does)  Put aside worrisome or anxious thoughts  Interview the person to determine need and root causes  Welcome the presence of God and give Him praise  Wait on the Holy Spirit  Lay hand(s) on person if so led (especially for physical healing)  Pray as specifically as possible about need and root causes.  Pray for discernment and repeat previous step  Pray until you sense a release about it

33 Signs & Wonders 33 Being Instruments of God Staying Victorious - Session-2 -  As we step out in faith and actively pursue the expansion of the Kingdom of God by being ministers of healing, let us not be ignorant of the fact that we become primary targets for spiritual attacks. The devil will attempt to discredit the minister… thus Money, Love of Power and Sexual Immorality are the greatest threats to watch out for. How to Stay In the Ministry Establish Accountability Partners… Practice the Spiritual Disciplines… Do not be too busy to be corrected… Do not be too big to be corrected… Raise up others to share in the work… Stay in Prayer… Make sure you have a covering, be in the Church… Refused to be rushed…

34 Signs & Wonders 34 Why is God not working through me? Contributing Factors “Healing is ordinary and normal, but does not always occur.” (Dr. Prosser, Healing Manual, p.25) - Session-3 - The Healing Ministry belongs to God, it is not of our own power or effort (can’t be done in our own strength). Healing takes places when our prayers align with God’s specific will, not just general will… at times what seems right to us in a temporal context, is foolish from an eternal perspective. God’s Sovereignty God’s Timing While it is God’s general will to heal and restore, in some circumstances God is working out deeper things and thus the timing of our petition may be premature. Lack of Faith of Minister If the Minister does not have faith that Jehovah Jireh (God who provides) will in fact provide, God needs a working in us first before He can use us. We must believe.

35 Signs & Wonders 35 Why is God not working through me? Contributing Factors Continued “Healing is ordinary and normal, but does not always occur.” (Dr. Prosser, Healing Manual, p.25) - Session-3 - Sin operates as an inhibitor to the flow of the Holy Spirit, thus an active lifestyle of sin will separate the Minister from God’s presence… leaving the Minister powerless. Sin in the Life of the Minister At times un-confessed active lifestyle type sins (bitterness, un-forgiveness, addictions… etc) not only inhibit the move of the Holy Spirit but in fact be the cause of sickness itself. In this case, the prayer of repentance should be used before praying for physical healing. Sin in the Life of the Recipient Lack of Faith of the Recipient The gift of healing is packaged by God for the recipient through the minister, but if the recipient does not have faith enough to receive it (does not want it or holds to a sarcastic attitude)… God more often than not waits for a more opportune time to bring healing.

36 Signs & Wonders 36 Why is God not working through me? Contributing Factors Continued “Healing is ordinary and normal, but does not always occur.” (Dr. Prosser, Healing Manual, p.25) - Session-3 - When we pray for the wrong thing and there is nothing to fix in the area we prayed for, it is no surprise that healing of what did not pray for does not occur. We must pray to the root cause and thus specifically for what we desire for God to heal. Incorrect Diagnosis by Minister It is much like an Incorrect Diagnosis, being vague and asking God to simply heal without pointing out what needs to be healed is equivalent to not praying for the needs the prayer recipient has. We must pray specifically for what we desire for God to heal. Unspecific Prayer A negative spiritual environment (loud, disruptive, opposing… etc) surrounding the ministry area can distract both minister and recipient and lead to dullness in sensing and responding to the Holy Spirit. Spiritual Atmosphere

37 Signs & Wonders 37 Why is God not working through me? Contributing Factors Continued “Healing is ordinary and normal, but does not always occur.” (Dr. Prosser, Healing Manual, p.25) - Session-3 - There are descriptive and prescriptive curses. Living an unhealthy lifestyle of say chain smoking results in a descriptive curse, meaning it’s a natural outcome of practicing bad habits (stress, food… etc). An unwillingness to give up such practices undermines healing in that even if it is granted, due to natural causes it will reoccur again. Social Factors / Environment It is much like an Incorrect Diagnosis, trying to pray against the symptom of alcoholism or violence but not realizing the curse that is in effect through the passing down of generations. Once diagnosed properly, we can pray to break the chain which then lifts the curse and allows the healing to take place. Law of Generations (Heredity) Negative Attitudes Negative attitudes infiltrate the heart and numb sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, they include (fear, doubt, un-forgiveness, pride, lack of self worth, gossip/rumor and bodily neglect).

38 Signs & Wonders 38 Why is God not working through me? Misconceptions God negate himself, since He is righteous/holy He cannot also be malicious/evil. God however permits the existence of evil, suffering and sickness at least for now. - Session-3 - Misconceptions can get in the way of our practice of the Healing Ministry by undermining our Faith. God has sent the Suffering/Sickness Stereotyping of Healing Ministry The Healing Ministry is not the same as the TV Faith Healers that give Christianity a bad name. Overcoming this stereotype takes a little research, but “the cure of abuse is proper use” (Dr. Prosser, Healing Handbook, p.7) Only the Super Saints can do it. “Many will come to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles? … I never knew you. Away from me you evildoers!’ (Matthew 7:21-23)

39 Signs & Wonders 39 Why is God not working through me? Misconceptions The Charismatic Movement provides sufficient data to indicate that sicknesses that progressively developed tend to also progressively get healed (although some do get healed instantaneously… we must leave it up to God). - Session-3 - Misconceptions can get in the way of our practice of the Healing Ministry by undermining our Faith. Early Church Phenomena (Not for Today) We would not be talking about the Healing Ministry if it were not a reality today. The Charismatic Movement provides a nice paper-trail of Signs & Wonders over the past fifty years. Left over from Pre-Scientific Thinking Actually, there is a rather large deposit of documented cases by doctors (scientists by definition) who have records of patients with both a “pre” and “post” diagnosis of miraculous healings without possible explanations as to how they occurred. Healing must be Instantaneous

40 Signs & Wonders 40 What does this mean to you? Live a Life of Adventure - Session-3 - There is more to life than being a powerless / nominal Christian! In a Christian Framework, the question “What is the meaning of life?” is well answered in realizing who we are and whose we are! We are the children of God, a Royal Priesthood… called into being to be in the image and likeness of our Abba in heaven. The meaning of our lives is defined by and directly linked to God himself… we are naturally supernatural and we can boldly live as Jesus did (through the Holy Spirit). Be not afraid, but instead submit yourselves to the Holy Spirit and live a life of adventure that truly battles to expand the reign of God’s Kingdom. In such a life everyday chores become divine appointments in disguise, with the tension of the “here but not yet” in each breath and where the Kingdom of God can break in at any moment. Each Day!

41 Signs & Wonders 41 What does this mean to you? Next Steps - Session-3 - Grace is more than unmerited favor, it has to be demonstrated. Each Day!  Get Committed to a Solid Prayer Life  Get an Accountability Partner  Abandon your Fears & Reservations  Let the Lord be Responsible for the Outcome  Go and “Do the Stuff” (John Wimber)  Learn from your Mistakes  Leave room for Grace  Build the Kingdom  Raise up more disciples of Jesus CHECK LIST “The rule that governs my life is this: anything that dims my vision of Christ, or takes away my taste for Bible study, or cramps my prayer life, or makes Christian work difficult is wrong for me, I must, as a Christian, turn away from it.” (Dr. Wilbur Chapman)

42 Signs & Wonders 42 Questions / Answers Open Discussion - Session-3 - 15 Minute Question / Answer Session

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