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Pimp My Build, by Rospaseta Hi, my name is Rospaseta from Skrakan server and guild called Klaani. I play normally melee warden with 2h mace+Painshock.

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1 Pimp My Build, by Rospaseta Hi, my name is Rospaseta from Skrakan server and guild called Klaani. I play normally melee warden with 2h mace+Painshock. Why this way? Well i'm always try to be make different than others, and i like to play like this. This build is for my playstyle and i like it. Bad on this build is that Vortex what we have to cast. 2Handed melee should have strike which give also Painshock effect rather than casting Vortex. I don't care what ”pro”wardens or players say, what should i take or what to use. If your build is fun to play and makes you happy then like nike commercial says ”Just Do It”. After new patch Lord of Destiny we get 2 new skill. Chain Lightning – 2,5sec cast time inflict damage target and 5 other in 10yards. Rip up! - instant cast, command pet attack the target for 3.5sec and stuns 0.5s, hit every 0.5sec damage.

2 Talent Grid I've have use 1 Scroll of sacrament wich give 1 talent point more, and 1BattleGround ruby+1mage page scroll. Basic build here. I've had 2 talents point on reserved 'cause need 1 more to get chain ligtning rank3. Wolf's Blow rank3 → Clout rank3. Must for this build. Lightning Strike rank3, to get off balance effect → Open Wounds → Pain shock. Maul! → Grab!, Good damage and better change to get Open Wounds if Lightning Strike fail to give off balance. Boar's Blow rank1, for stun and get off balance if first lightning strike fail to give off balance. Great hunt rank3, must have every build increase pet damage and threat. Renew rank3, why i take Renew rank3 well that skill saves me sometimes on bad situations. Vortex rank3, must have on this build to get Pain Shock effect which increase Shred! Damage. Aqua Vitae → Healing Balm rank3, EVERY WARDEN should have these, there is no reason why not. Aqua morte rank1 for just need to use 1 point somewhere Chain Lightning rank2 – only AOE damage to me and good one actually if get blue Dragon tears. Why rank2 need 1 more talent point to get rank3.

3 Ruby Grids There is some rubies which i didn't take for reason like Bark Shield for pvp. Well it's ok when getting hit by physical damage but when there comes fire damage well i can kiss goodbye to life. Wolf's Blow grid. Aura of Ferocity – 1 of 2 auras we got. For melee it's kinda must have, increased all physical attacks damage for party but lower Wardens armor. Brutality - increase Critical strike damage 30%. Fighter - increase melee strikes damage 15%. Swing up - increase Clout and Wolf's blow damage 18% when use 2 handed weapon. Pilgrims way - decrease all Melee swing Cooldowns 15% when using 2 handed weapon. It's average ruby. Predator urge, 25% change to increase pet luck 10% stack up 3 times. Good ruby Primal inspiration, Wisdom increase 6%, to me it's good ruby to spent 'cause my gear won't give that much wisdom. Enhanced Reflex – increase you're current dodge 100%, good for melee warden we need more dodge.

4 Lightning Grid Well here is nothing much but one MUST HAVE rubies. Medley Mastery – Increase effect of Aqua Vitae/Healing Balm 45%, also Refreshing potion and lethargy potion 45%, Must have rubies. Beastial Synergy – pet attack have 25% change to increase wardens luck by 5% stack up 3 times. Really good. Also there is 1 ruby on Preadator urge and Enhanced Reflex so that i get those Rank3. Next rubies what or when i get i take Force of Nature what increase Intelligence 3%/rank

5 Maul Grid Here is some that i didn't want to take like Nature's Grip which is really good Crowd Control ( CC). Some takes it some don't. I don't like it because too long cast time and i always prepare Vortex rather. Using – Increase your pet reneration speed while on ghostly form 100%. Really good, 'cause always you run out of energy on pet. Feral instict – Increase your endurance 3% /rank, good rubie also, you don't get so often Critical strikes on the face. Severe Wounds – Increase effect of Open Wounds 120%, which is really good. Dirty Paws – Increase your pet damage 15% also rage. Battle Training – Decrease pet skill CoolDowns 30% which is good, more attacks in short time. Innate Rage – Increase your pet Critical damage 40%, also good 'cause your pet is your main damage. Thrill of the Hunt – Increase duration of Great hunt 40%, also good. Shred! - Pet attacks inflict damage, and if Pain Shock is on it makes lots of more damage and gives vulnerable buff to Clout which makes then 100% more damage. So really good burst damage. Acute Pain – Increase change inflict Pain Shock, with your Vortex and Tiger's Strike abilities by 90%. Good rubies 'cause on this build you depend on to get painshock effect.

6 Some final words Stat points Perceptions should be high around 10% or lower change to enemy dodge, every dodge mean loss damage. Intelligence should be high as possible. Luck around 60%, +-10% without Beastial Synergy. Now there's wardens who said too low. To me it's fine my pet hit every fight almost 90% all critical. And myself about 70%. Wisdom should keep that it says INCREASE, haven't seen any effect on damage or healing. And Most important thing, BUILD your warden like you like to play. Not that someone else want you to play. If you like Storm,Tornado, Call of the Wild and you like them, then you should use them as much as you like. OK some might laugh to you but remember you might be unique, and you've courageous to make your own build.

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