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Chapter 5, The American Revolution By: Desiree Lewis.

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1 Chapter 5, The American Revolution By: Desiree Lewis

2 Era Acts 1Political Rebellions Acts 2Random 100100100100100 200200200200200 300300300300300 400400400400400 500500500500 500 Final Jeopardy

3 British Act required that colonists purchase stamps to validate documents. What is the…….. Stamp Act of 1765

4 Act that was ignored by colonists, mostly protested by merchants and gentry, was an attempt for England to reduce debt from war and was an extension of the Molasses Act of 1733 at a reduced rate from 6 to 3 pence per gallon. What is the……. Revenue Act of 1764(Sugar Act)

5 British Act that says Parliament sovereign over America “in all cases whatsoever” What is the………. Declaratory Act of 1766

6 British act that banned settlement In trans- Appalachian West What is the………… Proclamation of 1763

7 Act the British used to blockade colonists trade (1775) What is the………… Prohibitory Act

8 The body that had ultimate authority over Britain and British colonies. What is ……. Parliament

9 Colonists would not allow taxation without this, which they did not get. What is ….. No Taxation without Representation

10 Colonial Assembly in September of 1774 in response to the Coercive Acts What is the……… First Continental Congress

11 Colonial assembly that appointed George Washington as commander in chief, issues paper money to pay war debt, and debates whether or not to declare independence. What is the…… Second Continental Congress

12 Monarch ascended the throne in 1760 and wanted a more active role in government despite limited ability Who is….. King George III

13 Rebellion in reaction to the Tea act, in which the colonists dumped tea in to the Boston harbor on Dec 1773 What is the …... Boston Tea Party

14 Rebellion that exposed the British armies weakness, revealed the desperate situation of Native Americans after the withdrawal of the French, and revealed frontier racism from people like the Paxton Boys. What is....... Pontiac's War

15 British troops fired on rebelling colonists in Boston on March 1770, victims(colonists) seen as martyrs What is the......... Boston Massacre

16 The shots heard around the world, which started the American Revolution were fired here. What is......... Lexington

17 Battle in which Colonists inflict heavy Damage on British Army What is the........ Battle of Bunker Hill

18 Act that forced colonists to supply British troops with housing and other items What is the……… Quartering Act of 1765

19 Treaty that recognized U.S. Independence, gave U.S all territory east of Mississippi River, between Canada and Florida, fishing rights in North Atlantic, Says U.S will help British merchants and Loyalists collect debts, and Ended the American Revolution What is the..... Peace Treaty of 1783

20 British acts that closed the Boston Port, restructures Massachusetts government, restricts town meetings, quartered British troops in Boston, and sent those who were accused of a crime to either Canada or Britain for trail (1774) What is the……… Coercive Acts (Intolerable Acts)

21 British Acts that put taxes on glass, lead, paper, paints, tea, and also tightened tax collection(1767) What is the……… Townshend Revenue Acts

22 British Act that established an authoritarian government in Canada, gave control for settlement north of Ohio River to Québec government, and thought by colonists to be a final act by Parliament to enslave America What is the…… Québec Act

23 Group of men who protest though mob violence, riots and boycotts What are the...... Sons of Liberty

24 Written by Thomas Paine in 1776, convinces colonists to server ties with England and that Europe and not England is the mother of America What is......... Common Sense

25 Voted on July 2, 1776 but was officially issued on July 4, 1776 What is the...... Declaration of Independence

26 Battle which convinced the French to ally with the Americans and help them win the war What is the....... Battle of Saratoga

27 British act that gave the East Indian Company the right to sell reduced tea directly to colonists?(1773) What is the……… Tea Act

28 Final Jeopardy Topic

29 The British used these people to cause dismay in the colonies, these people were loyal to Britain though the actual British saw them beneath them Who are the........ Loyalists

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